September 2014 Forecast: Pile-up in Scorpio, Mercury Exalted, Jupiter/Venus Conflict

Starting on September 1st, the Sun and Mercury are in the sign of Virgo. This is the sign of exaltation for Mercury, it’s where he is at his best.

This is great for friendship, business, business partnerships, and relatives. It’s interesting that Mercury rules students and it’s back-to-school time too.

Mercury is balanced in all the elements, earth, air, fire, and water, and so he is great at organizing and handling many details at once, making everything come together successfully.

This month is a great time to get organized in your job, career, or vocation (the Sun, which is with Mercury, is the general ruler of career).

Finally, do that filing, clean out those junk drawers, make those phone calls you’ve been putting off, and clean up the desk top you can’t even see anymore (I’m talking to myself here).

Get together with friends and relatives and have that last summer BBQ or bonfire on the beach. Mercury in Virgo will help you make it all come together successfully in the end.

Make it more fun by letting go of the need for perfection. Mercury in Virgo being with the Sun will try to make everything perfect, but that’s not possible as no one can live up to the standards of the Sun.

The New Moon in Purvaphalguni Nakshatra & Full Moon in Purvabhadrapada

The New Moon was on August 25th in the nakshatra of Purvaphalguni, so the Full Moon, on September 9th, will be in the opposite nakshatra of Purvabhadrapada.

These nakshatras are the fierce or severe-energy nakshatras. If you want to end a relationship (burn it to the ground, so to speak) or quit a job, this is a good time to do it. It will be good and over!

The Moon, Saturn, Mars in Scorpio & Vishakha Nakshatra

Well, I’d say we are all getting pretty tired of this by now as we’ve been feeling the Mars/Saturn conjunction since last month.

Now, we have the Moon with this combo in the sign of Scorpio, a sign the Moon is uncomfortable in. The Moon is not having an easy time of it at all starting out this month.

Thank goodness it only stays in Scorpio for a couple of days!

Whatever house is ruled by the sign of Scorpio in your birth chart is the house where you will be feeling the Mars/Saturn/Moon
conjunction the most.

If you don’t know what those houses are, get your Free Birth Chart here, and read the descriptions of the 12 Houses of the zodiac on the same page and how to identify the houses in your chart.

The Moon is the mind, ego, and how we feel about our lives.

Mars with the Moon gives strong opinions about right and wrong and the way things “should” be. The Moon has a hard time with this because the ego can’t live up to the stringent standards of Mars (think of a drill sergeant here).

As you can imagine, when reality doesn’t conform to these ideals, there is usually an angry reaction.

Any planet with Saturn is “starved,” which means it experiences strong feelings of lack and deep unworthiness. Lacking a sense of resourcefulness and adaptability (Moon qualities that Saturn is starving) can lead to resistance to change and the need to prove oneself.

The Moon also starves Saturn in return (the Moon is an enemy to Saturn) and this means the Moon has a hard time adapting to stress and falls apart more easily when with Saturn. There is a feeling of not being able to cope or endure (Saturn helps us weather hard times).

The sign of Scorpio is awareness of vulnerability, and on a spiritual level, transformation. Scorpio is about being emotionally secure regardless of the awareness of what could be lost, damaged, or destroyed.

You’re starting to suspect where I’m going with this, right?

Vishakha Nakshatra & Dharma (Right Activity)

Vishakha is the nakshatra that the Moon/Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio is happening in.

Even the nakshatra is about transformation! The deities ruling it are Indra, the God of transformation, and Agni, the God of fire (representing self-purification).

The only sane way to deal with this particularly intense configuration of planets in the sign of Scorpio is to consciously see it as a chance to transform and transcend some aspect of our ego that is not no longer serving us.

The power of the sign of Scorpio is that it has great spiritual potential for transformation and to help us to become emotionally secure regardless of our circumstances.

Question what you believe about how life should and shouldn’t be. Read, listen, or watch something uplifting and spiritually enlightening.

Since Mars is involved in this (Scorpio is ruled by Mars), the work of Byron Katie is exactly the right thing for this not-so-fun planetary combination.

Check out her videos, her self-inquiry method is fascinating and simple, plus Katie is really funny.

Interestingly, this is a good time to buy a home! When buying real estate, you can expect Mars and Saturn to be involved reflecting the difficulty that seems to always go along with real estate deals.

Somehow though, it’s not so hard when you’re expecting there to be delays, etc.

Mercury, the planet of friends, is influencing the Moon transiting through Scorpio in a positive way. Friends can make any burden lighter, and Mercury is a planet of balance (he contains all the elements) helping us to make better decisions even when you feel like you just can’t cope.

Wisdom and Desire – Can They Work Together?

Venus and Jupiter start out the month together in the sign of Leo. Jupiter is okay in Leo, he can do his Jupiter responsibilities well, such as support your wealth, your teachers, your children, your husband, and your happiness.

But, this is somewhat lessened because Venus is his enemy and interferes to some extent.

Venus interferes with Jupiter by bringing too much personal desire into a situation causing us to lose sight of our greater destiny. The sign of Leo being ruled by the Sun can require us to make some kind of sacrifice for our greater good, but this is more painful than it has to be because Venus is concerned about personal happiness.

If you are single and dating for instance, remembering your “vision of love” will help Jupiter find the right man to be your husband, instead of the desires of Venus leading you into bonding with the wrong man because of chemistry or the need for comfort in the moment.

I really like the work of love coach, Lauren Frances, on this topic and her audio course Legendary Love is profound and moving. When you know what you really want and you stand up for it when dating, you are very likely to get it.

The good part of this conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, is that Jupiter is “delighting” Venus and helping to bring fulfillment through the joys of the material world, and it can be a very romantic time if you are already in a relationship.

If you are single, getting a massage is a Venus activity that brings healing and comfort and can keep you from losing sight of your ultimate long-term happiness goals in love.


Friends, organizing and clearing clutter, spirituality (transformation and transcending the ego), and fun are the antidotes to the Mars/Saturn/Moon conjunction in Scorpio this month!

I’d love to hear your stories about the sign of Scorpio in your life and/or your experiences this month. Just email me at

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