SCORPIO Ascendant and Nature of House Lords

The native with Scorpio Lagna (aka Ascendant or Rising Sign) is strengthening any personality weaknesses that may have occurred through lack of development in the past as well as working out many limiting results of their karmas. This makes for a highly vulnerable personality that is so aware of its every weakness. The need to develop these undeveloped areas makes for a generally unstable, crisis orientated, and at times, greatly pained personality.

The natives tend to be introverted or self-absorbed, looking for some strength and security in their tumultuous selves. The natives are very sensitive as long as there is any attachment left in their personalities. At best they are able to make incredible growth in their lives as they have so much strength and energy available to overcome their liabilities.

The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing sign of Taurus. Scorpio needs to develop stability, and consistency in their lives with regards to those things that they find worthwhile. The concrete things they learn to develop and maintain are a reflection of their own inner security and recognized worth.

Partnerships tend to be with those that are more practical, grounded or secure, with those that somehow teach the native these things, or to those whom the native by attaching themselves to finds some worthiness in their activities and themselves. There is also the need to be validated by their partners, if they themselves recognize their value, then their partners will do so as well. If they themselves do not recognize their innate value, then their partners are likely to devalue them, but this also gives the opportunity for the native to validate himself or herself.

Scorpio Ascendant and Nature of House Lords

Sun as 10th Lord

The Sun is the stone the Scorpion hides under, and which affords protection.

The Sun represents the Scorpio native’s strong identification with the karmas they perform in this life, for they understand that it is that which will make them. This manifests as an important relationship to their career, or employer and the status these bring. The Sun inclines them to work for someone of status or whom they respect, but also may give a strong inspiration to acquire status of their own making.

Ruling an angle, the Sun becomes a temporal neutral and other factors influencing the Sun will determine in which manner the native will achieve his professional objectives. As a natural malefic the Sun will separate the native from those things it influences due to their professional concerns.

Moon as 9th Lord

The Moon is the Scorpion’s luminescence.

The Moon, as the 9th lord, represents the Scorpio native’s spiritual mindedness. They have a natural aptitude for perceiving truth. The Moon indicates that their beliefs are dependent upon their attitude. They seek comfort in knowledge, wisdom, spirituality, and philosophy.

Due to ruling the 9th house, the Moon becomes the greatest benefic for the Scorpio native. As a natural benefic, the bright Moon gives pleasant fortune while recognizing grace and indicates the native’s capacity to further things along due to their understanding. As a natural malefic, the dark Moon tends toward more philosophical pondering.

Mars as 1st and 6th Lord

Mars is the poison in the Scorpion’s tail.

Mars, as the 1st and 6th lord, represents the great energy with which the Scorpio native overcomes and improves their personal weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This also creates great strength to fight external obstacles, which once destroyed and overcome, give strength to the native. Mars also tends to make the native very aggressive when confronted, and also makes for a very hard worker, and inclining them towards service professions.

Mars gives a natural talent for military and medical professions, especially those medical professions involving chemicals, needles, cutting, drilling, etc. Mars makes them fight for their own well-being and to destroy opposition.

Ruling the lagna, Mars is responsible for placing the native in his rightful place. The 6th house lordship makes this task one of struggle as the native works out any weaknesses. The 6th house being an upachaya (growing house), however, indicates that the native’s position in life will improve throughout life. Mars is also a planet of austerity that may lead to great personal development.

Due to ruling one benefic house, the lagna, and one malefic house, the 6th house, Mars becomes a temporal malefic according to Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra. Since Mars is the lagna lord, it is nevertheless important for finding the native his niche, and therefore of benefit to the native, even if it does so with difficulty.

As a natural malefic, Mars indicates struggles and difficulties in life that are the result of the native’s strong attachment to their personal thoughts and ideas.

Mercury as 8th and 11th Lord

Mercury is the crevices the Scorpion dwells in.

Mercury, as the 8th and 11th lord, represents the desires the Scorpio native needs to transmute. Mercury is a planet of dealing with others in order to fulfill one’s desires. Mercury gives gains from other’s resources and it is Mercury that gives the “politician” reputation to the native.

Ruling the evil 11th house along with the difficult 8th house makes Mercury the greatest temporal malefic for the Scorpio native and may incline them to pursue their goals in not so socially acceptable ways, or at worst involve them in underhanded activities. But these pursuits will usually benefit those who are involved, as Mercury does indicate fairness and friends.

As a natural benefic, Mercury gives the ability for negotiation that can help them get what they want.

Jupiter as 2nd and 5th Lord

Jupiter is the Scorpion’s protection from its own poison.

Jupiter as the 2nd and 5th lord is a planet of great intuitive intelligence. Jupiter gives a natural speaking ability, great memory and skills in predictive sciences and counseling. Jupiter is also a planet of lucky money and speculative luck, as well as giving a knack for manifesting that which they need.

Their creative ability allows for material productivity as well. Due to the 5th house lordship Jupiter is a temporal benefic and as a natural benefic as well, Jupiter is very much a planet of grace that protects them from material difficulties.

Venus as 7th and 12th Lord

Venus is the Scorpion’s avid mating, and the possible self sacrifice to their spouse.

Venus, as the 7th and 12th lord, is the karma the Scorpio native is to complete with their partners. Venus may give some loss and expense on account of partners as well as strong attractions towards certain members of the opposite sex that pulls them into the relationships they need in order to complete and resolve their karmas.

Ruling two neutral houses, Venus is a temporal neutral, but one that may give loss as the 12th lord. Venus may also cause loss of vitality through sexual overindulgence. As a natural benefic, Venus gives charm, a talent for fashionable trends, and the ability to make long term investments that further the areas Venus is influencing.

Saturn as 3rd and 4th Lord

Saturn is the Scorpions pincers.

Saturn, as the 3rd and 4th lord, is a planet of emotional desire and need that is very much controlled and protected. Saturn is basically the insecure emotional ego of the Scorpio. Saturn gives tenacity and controlling attitudes towards those things they expect fulfillment and happiness from.

Due to ruling the 3rd house, Saturn is a temporal malefic and gives emotional self-centeredness, and as a natural malefic, Saturn causes separation, lack and loss that is due to this self-centeredness and neediness.

This ascendant portrait was taken from Kala Astrological Software created by Ernst & Srishti Wilhelm, and written by Ernst Wilhelm, my awesome Vedic Astrology teacher and mentor.


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