SAGITTARIUS Ascendant and Nature of House Lords

The native with SAGITTARIUS Lagna (aka Ascendant and Rising Sign) guides their life through some belief, philosophy, religion or law. They are very apt to do what they believe and their entire identities are wrapped around their ideals. They aspire to have purpose and meaning in life.

The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing sign of Gemini. The Sagittarius native must learn to test their ideals, beliefs, etc, and be flexible where necessary. In other words they need to investigate what they believe in to test and see if it really measures up and works. The native also needs to learn to have fun and play; that not everything has to have some grand purpose.

Partnerships tend to be with more curious, experimental, and playful types, or with those who bring out these qualities in the native.

Sagittarius Ascendant and Nature of House Lords

Sun as 9th Lord

The Sun is the Centaur’s Bow, his noble weapon that is his namesake (Dhanus).

The Sun as the 9th lord is the Sagittarius native’s identification with their beliefs and ideals. The Sun indicates a virtuous, lawful, spiritual or religious nature. The Sun gives a natural inspiration towards truth, knowledge and teaching, as well as an independence in searching for the same, making them natural self-teachers.

Ruling the 9th house, the Sun becomes a great temporal benefic and is specifically a planet of inspired dharma. As a natural malefic, the Sun may separate the native from those things it influences as a sacrifice to the pursuit of their dharma.

Moon as 8th Lord

The Moon is the Centaur’s incompleteness of being half-human and half-horse, as well as his warrior mentality that accepts the necessity of death.

The Moon is the Sagittarius native’s unsettled mentality and inner discomfort that provokes him to look into the depth of things. The Moon gives an innate ability for psychological analysis. The Moon also gives the ability for the native to be at home in a world of change, difficulties, and death as they have some sense of the underlying need and harmony. They recognize that letting go and moving past things are an essential part of gaining fortune, knowledge and truth.

Ruling the 8th house the Moon is a temporal neutral. The gentle Moon is unable to bring about as much crisis as other planets ruling the 8th house and thus Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra states that the Moon as 8th lord is not harmful. This is completely so in the event that the Moon is bright and thereby a benefic, in which case she gives growth after changes.

As a dark, malefic Moon, however, the Moon may cause difficult and painful breaks and unexpected loses, but ones that are generally easy to let go of, since the Moon is quick to renew and heal.

Mars as 5th and 12th Lord

Mars is the Centaur’s arrows.

Mars, as the 5th and 12th lord, provides a natural capacity for self-learning. The mentality is active and imaginative, but logical. This gives great tactical and mechanical abilities. Ruling the house of spiritual practices and the house of liberation, Mars is a planet of asceticism and secluded spiritual efforts. Mars gives mental power and the knowledge of how to resolve an issue.

Due to ruling the 5th house, Mars is a temporal benefic for the Sagittarius native and gives intelligence. As a natural malefic Mars may cause some conflicts with regards to what they know due to a lack of tact or patience.

Mercury as 7th and 10th Lord

Mercury is the Centaur’s charisma.

Mercury, as 7th and 10th lord, gives a natural capacity for productive partnerships, particularly business partnerships. With this lordship Mercury inclines one to desire a marriage that supports their career, or one that gives status.

Mercury also gives public success, status, and the ability for public speaking. Professions may well involve others. Mercury also balances work and play. Ruling two angles Mercury is a temporal neutral, but as a natural benefic Mercury gives professional skills and partners that support one’s endeavors.

Jupiter as 1st and 4th Lord

Jupiter is the Centaur’s body.

Jupiter, being a benefic ruling the 4th house of happiness and the 1st house of personality, gives a jovial, optimistic personality. Jupiter gives a need for some purpose to their existence in order for the native to be happy. Jupiter gives a strong affinity with their homeland, making them patriots of the finest sort.

There is also a strong identification with the mother, with whom there is generally some shared ideals and beliefs. Due to ruling the lagna, Jupiter is a temporal benefic giving meaning and happiness to the Sagittarius native’s life. As a natural benefic, Jupiter gives increase, fortune and wisdom largely due to the native’s own abilities and manners.

Esoterically, Jupiter is the vehicle of the body, used for the spiritual journey.

Venus as 6th and 11th Lord

Venus is the Centaur’s medals.

Venus, as the ruler of the 6th and 11th houses, gives the Sagittarius native a tendency to become increasingly proud of their success. Venus ruling these houses may also cause overindulgence in the good things their hard work has earned them.

Due to these lordships, Venus becomes a first rate temporal malefic, one that due to pride will involve them in oppositions and competitions. As a natural benefic ruling these houses, Venus gives them a tact and diplomacy to turn difficulties into success, defeat into victory.

Saturn as 2nd and 3rd Lord

Saturn is the Centaur’s strong arms with which he aims his arrows.

Saturn, ruling the 2nd house of possessions and the 3rd house of the intellect, skills and talents, indicates the Sagittarius’ attachment to their intellectual capacity and a resultant rigidity with which the insecure ego protects its few precious bits. Saturn also gives precision to the native’s intellect along with the ability to give a very orderly presentation of ideas, making them great teachers.

Unfortunately, unless modifying factors are there, there will be a lot of rigidity and attachment to these ideas, making them not the best of students, however, they excel at learning from life’s experiences.

Ruling the house of wealth and the house of effort, Saturn gives the ability to acquire wealth through one’s own efforts. Often times this will be lacking or there will be delays in obtaining it and there are some lessons in manifesting wealth that the native is in need of learning. Their family and younger siblings will generally be the areas where they have to make some sacrifice or experience some suffering.

Due to ruling the 3rd house, Saturn becomes a temporal malefic and tends to give some selfishness with what one’s efforts have earned them, or with what they may hope to possess. As a natural malefic, Saturn tends to cause separation and loss that is due to selfishness or lack of needed resources.


This ascendant portrait was taken from Kala Astrological Software created by Ernst & Srishti Wilhelm, and written by Ernst Wilhelm, my awesome Vedic Astrology teacher and mentor.


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