Pt. 3 – Affairs, Fertility, & Past Life Connections in Relationships

This is Part 3 in the three-part VIDEO series of my conversation with Nicole Brenny of Listen to the Stars. We talk about affairs, fertility, and past life connections. Nicole asked me:

  • If I do readings for people who are having affairs (yes, and why I do).
  • What astrology tells us about fertility and having children (the D7 varga chart).
  • The dangers in thinking that the sexes are the same.
  • What it means when Ketu, the south node of the Moon, is joined to planets in your partner’s birth chart (and visa versa).
  • And more. 

If you are having an affair or you suspect your partner is, SEE the Special Offer on my Ready-for-Love Consultation below the video.


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You can see more of Nicole’s videos on the Cards of Truth and Astrology at Listen to the Stars.

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