One-Topic Horary Consultation

horary-ancient-astrology-clockTypically used for questions on one topic, usually love, career, health, or for getting a second opinion your own intuition.

Very good for on-going life situations such as when starting a new business, buying or selling a home, going through a difficult relationship or career period, when seriously dating and looking for your life partner, when you are training yourself to listen to your intuition, and many other life situations that are unusual.

Horary astrology is different than natal astrology because it’s based on when the astrologer receives and understands your question. The Horary chart is the “birth” chart of your question. The rules for reading the Horary chart are different than the rules for reading a natal chart and it’s great for people who don’t know what time, or day, they were born, or if they just want one question answered.

Here are just some typical questions that Horary is excellent for answering:

  • Will I get the job? Will I like the job? Will the money be good? Will I be able to advance in the job? Is someone at work talking about me? What does my boss really want from me? Will I get a raise or a promotion?
  • How does he/she really feel about me? Is there a future in this relationship? What is going on in my marriage, how can I make it better? Is my spouse cheating on me again? Why did she end the relationship & can I get her back? Will my ex return to me? How will my siblings react if I share my feelings?
  • Will I ever marry, and if so, when? What will my spouse be like? Will I be happy in the marriage? Is it a good time to leave my marriage? Would I be better off if I left? What is blocking intimacy in my marriage?
  • Would it be beneficial to take on XX as a business partner? Would we work well together, can I trust him/her? Is it equally beneficial for both of us and the company? Am I going in the right direction in my business? Am I targeting the right people as my clients and will they pay me?
  • When will I start making more money? Would moving to XX improve my life?
  • Will my friend show up to my party? How can I mend my friendship?
  • Will I graduate from college? Will I do well in college? Will I get into the Masters or Ph.D. program? Will I profit from my knowledge? Should I work now or go to school now?
  • Will I get my visa? Will I be accepted into the work program in XX country? Will I be able to stay in this country, or will I have to return to mine?
  • Will my spouse’s health improve? Is this a good doctor for me? Is this medicine working for me? Will my health improve and/or how can I improve my health? Am I out of balance and how can I get back into balance?
  • Where is my daughter, is she okay, and will she return? Where is my cat/dog?
  • Will I win in court? Will he/she take us to court? Can we settle out of court?
  • If I played the lottery, would I win? If so, how much (a little, a middle amount, or a lot)?
  • Is this a good house for us? Will we get the house? Will we sell the house for a decent amount of money?
  • And, much more. There really is not much under the heavens that you can’t ask about!

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