Monday Moon Message: What Phase of the Moon Were You Born In?

Last week I wrote about the last phase of the Moon, the Balsamic Phase. This week I decided to start from the beginning. When you were born, the Moon was in one of the eight (8) phases of the Moon and each phase has a particular meaning. This week we will discuss the New Moon Natal Phase.

NEW MOON NATAL PHASE 0 deg – 45 deg (within about a sign and a half away from the Sun)

You have been born to project yourself into humanity. Because you respond to life more instinctually, you are one who truly lives in the moment, the past having little to do with the decisions you make today. Your intuitive abilities will give you more direction as opposed to conscious, rational reasoning. Because you need total spontaneity, planning ahead is not your best method of operation and may meet with obstacles.

Working best without pre-thinking or an elaborate, organized approach, you can totally plunge into new experiences as long as you have the freedom to explore. You may become confused in complex situations where a specific technique or action is expected of you.

Because you were born when there was no light emanating from the Moon, your lesson is to learn your identity, who you are, and how to project it into the world. You may feel that you need to make your mark somewhere this lifetime. Magnetic and shining with personality, many actors and actresses are New Moon people working to project themselves into the spotlight as a career, having the ability to act on impulse and meeting the challenge of the moment.

Self-centeredness is a necessity for self-development. Although the New Moon person needs a certain amount of attention, as the actor needs the audience to project to, the danger that might occur is that this projection is merely the ego bringing itself into view by casting a shadow over everything or everyone else around it. This can cause the alienation of others.

It is important to remember your associations are more than the drama or symbology in which that person is involved. In a more refined approach, this projection can take the form of a purpose, or goal, an involvement that is more far reaching than the personal ego.

Because the Moon is so close to the Sun, you can’t really see yourself, definitely not the way other people can. Someone can tell you how they see you and you will be surprised by it because it will be something you don’t see yourself.

Any planet close to the Sun feels that it can’t live up to the standards of the Sun and so you may always feel like you are not living up to your potential, it can haunt you at times. If you resolve to NEVER play the “compare and compete” game (where you compare yourself to others in order to gauge where you are), you will make much more progress within your own standards and you’ll be much more peaceful about it too.

Famous People who were also born during the New Moon:

Tom Cruise, Ozzy Osbourne, Pablo Picasso, Carlos Santana, Elvis Presley, Billie Graham, Brad Pitt, Steve Jobs, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Ray Charles, Michelle Obama

Note:  Some of this content comes from the Kepler Software program, and some of it is my original content.


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