Monday Moon Message: What it Means When Your Natal Moon is Waning

The Moon is the growth principle as I’ve been saying in these Monday Moon Messages, but the phase the Moon was in when you were born indicates whether this lifetime is about inner growth or outer growth for you.

The Waning Moon in Your Birth Chart

If the Moon was in the waning phase when you were born (it’s moving back towards the Sun after it was full), then this lifetime is all about inner growth. Mental, emotional, and spiritual inner growth.

The reason why the waning Moon is considered to be a “cruel” planet in Vedic astrology is because it is about endings and letting go.

How much your Moon is waning also indicates how much letting go you are doing this lifetime. For instance, my natal Moon is in the most extreme phase of waning (Balsamic) and it’s in the sign of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. This means that this could be my last lifetime, and if not my last lifetime on earth, then the end of a series of lifetimes.

Therefore, this lifetime is mostly about spiritual inner growth for me. People don’t tend to grow when everything is going well and when they are getting everything they want, right? So, when you’re Moon is waning in your natal chart, you have a more intense inner focus because the outer world doesn’t offer as much fulfillment.

The outer world can be a source of much disappointment, in fact. The soul sets it up this way so that you will turn in the only other direction you CAN, and that is within. This is so you will  grow the way you most need to grow for your ultimate spiritual development.

The Main Lesson of the Waning Moon

In my 20’s, letting go was something I had to learn, and it was not easy, but after a while, I got better and better at it. I didn’t know then about my waning Moon in Pisces, but I was very aware of the impending end of anything and I was always on an intense spiritual search to understand the meaning and purpose of those endings (relationships, dreams, etc). If the answer is “no” then just let go and go with the flow; surrender to it.

If you have a waning Moon in your birth chart, then you will know exactly what I mean about this. The sign your Moon is in will color your experience somewhat, but it will still be about letting go and going within.

The Moon in the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces may feel this most keenly when the Moon is waning because the water element is the feeling element, but the earth, fire, and air element signs will be aware of it too because the Moon represents the mind and the feelings in everyone.

Where the Moon is in your chart affects this as well. If you have the Moon in the first house of the self, or on any of the angles (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th houses) no matter what sign it is in, and it’s a waning Moon, you will be keenly aware of endings, letting go, and the need for inner development.

If the Moon is the “self-producer” planet and it’s waning (the self-producer planet is the planet at the highest degree in your birth chart), no matter where it is in the chart, you will feel this too. Usually, when a person has a waning Moon in their birth chart, they are naturally more interested in inner growth.

They may keep journals, read books about the inner life, or gravitate towards careers that are about spirituality, psychology, coaching, or art (not always, and people with waxing Moons can be in these careers too, it’s not just dependent on the Moon).

Whether the waning natal Moon is in the Disseminating, Last Quarter, or Balsamic phase, you are focused on inner growth and are most aware that everything comes to an end, and then begins again.

Next week, I’ll talk more in-depth on the waning phases of the Moon and what that says about you. Over the coming weeks, we will discuss the waxing, full, and “progressed” Moon too. Knowing this about yourself or someone you care about is one of the pieces of the puzzle of your purpose and of the gifts you bring to the world.


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