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We are at the Full Moon in this series on the phases of the Moon at birth and what it means for your personality and purpose. This week I’ll give you the western and Vedic version of what it means when the Moon is full on the day of birth.

The meaning of the full Moon birth differs between western and Vedic astrology. I thought you might find it interesting.

From the Kepler Program on the Full Moon

It is possible that in the development of your personality there may have been a pull between the mother and father functions in your life and that until you came to a “conscious realization” of what you were projecting as an individual, your identity could have been somewhat unstable.

It is apparent in your direct and concise manner of speech that you communicate clearly and openly with others. Your interest in astrology goes deeper than most people and this shows your need for meaning in your life.

Anything in the Full Moon phase implies an inherent instability in that function UNTIL the person integrates the opposing pulls of the “parts” of his personality that make up that total function.

He may be torn between two ways of handling things in that part of himself. This happens so that he can come to SOME NEW AWARENESS.

The phase also implies that the function is, of itself, perfected as a function. It merely needs a purpose, a meaning, a CONTENT, outside of itself, that the ILLUMINATION the opposing pulls can bring could provide.

Instability is the result of NOT integrating two polar forces. When one DOES integrate opposites he has reached a culmination of perfecting complimentary forces, an ability to operate for a common goal.”

The Vedic Version of the Full Moon

Mentally put your birth Sun in the New Moon position, then locate your natal Moon to see what Moon Phase you were born under.

The Moon is the mind, not the intellectual mind, but the part of us that experiences everything through the five senses. It’s through the experience of all of the senses that one is receptive to creation and all of the good that life wants to give.

The Moon has no light of his own, but reflects the light of the Sun. The more the Sun shines on the Moon, the more light the Moon has. When the Moon is full, the Moon is receiving all of the light possible from the Sun.

The Sun and the Moon are planets of consciousness; the Sun being a natural ruler of the soul and the Moon the mind. The more light the Moon receives from the Sun, the more the soul can be expressed in the world through the mind and the senses.

A person born during the full Moon tends to be outgoing, friendly and socially adept. There is a warmth and immediacy to an exchange with the full Moon person. They are considered to be powerful, most likely because of their ability for connection, their popularity and social influence.

The Moon is the part of us that is receptive to the good in life, to opportunities, and can use the imagination to imagine the best circumstances for success in any situation. Full Moon people go with the flow and tend to be more relaxed about life because they know if they miss out on something now, there will be another chance soon.

Another important trait of the full Moon person is that they will not stay in a situation that feels bad to them. If the environment is unsupportive, they will leave it as soon as they can. Providing, of course, that the Moon is not influenced too much by Saturn, Mars, Venus, Rahu or Ketu.

The Full Moon in Transit

The full Moon in transit gives. It’s the new Moon that requires letting go of something, but the full Moon brings light and fruition to area of life that the full Moon is transiting through.

Get your birth chart, and follow the full Moon through 2018 and see what it brings you this year. If you don’t have your birth chart, use the free chart calculator from my site

On that page is a chart with the basic meaning of each of the 12 houses written inside of each house. When the full Moon transits through the houses, you can read what it is likely to be about for you.

Here is the schedule of all of the full Moons for 2018. Watch your birth chart to see where they will be this year:

  • January the 31st full Moon in Leo (the 1st one was in Cancer on Jan 2nd)
  • No full Moon in February 
  • March 2nd full Moon in Virgo
  • March 31st full Moon in Libra
  • April 30th full Moon in Scorpio
  • May 29th full Moon in Sagittarius
  • June 28th full Moon in Capricorn
  • July 27th full Moon in Aquarius
  • August 26th full Moon in Pisces
  • September 25th full Moon in Aries
  • October 24th full Moon in Taurus
  • November 23rd full Moon in Gemini
  • December 22nd full Moon in Cancer


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