Monday Moon Message: The “Good Mother” Project

In college I took a psychology class where the professor told us about The Good Mother Project. With our eyes closed and our heads down on our desks, he led us in a guided meditation where we imagined that we could feel the Sun warming our bodies in a pleasant way.

When we were relaxed, he said phases one-by-one that a good mother would say to her child. The meditation lasted about 15 minutes, but the effects of it stayed with me for days and days. I felt so good! I felt grounded, happy, outgoing, expressive, and safe in the world, and it impressed me deeply.

The Moon is the mind, the emotions, and the natural ruler of mother. Since the Moon in my birth chart is waning and only a few degrees away from changing signs and joining the Sun, plus it is aspected by Rahu, Mars, and Saturn, my experience of mother wasn’t so nurturing, safe, or pleasant.

My mother was not able to say these wonderful things to me as she didn’t experience that kind of unconditional love herself (she had many personal challenges and when I became a mother myself, I was more able to forgive her for her human failings). 

Hearing these Good Mother phrases for the first time in the guided meditation and the wonderful feelings it gave me indicates how important the Moon is in our birth charts. The Moon-Mind is adaptable and able to continue growing throughout life, and if your experience of being mothered as a child was not so great, you can positively affect that NOW.

NOTE:  No one can be a perfect mother, there is no such thing. If you are a mother and your child’s birth chart shows difficulty with the Moon, remember that your child was born with the chart he/she has before you had a chance to make any mistakes in raising them! There is much more going on than first meets the eye in the birth chart.

How to Work With the Good Mother Project Phases 

Choose what you like from The Good Mother phases listed below and work with them by saying them to yourself every day, writing them out several times every day, or make a audio recording where you guide yourself into a relaxed state and listen to the phases. This is one of the ways you can grow your Inner Moon Mother, the one that will be emotionally supporting you for the rest of your life.

The Good Mother Project phases:

I will always love you and be there for you
Your feelings are important to me
Taking care of you gives me joy
I love to see you grow and thrive
You can depend on me, I will never abandon you
I wanted you and I am glad you are here
I want to hear anything you want to tell me
You can be anything you want to be
I don’t mind if you are messy
I enjoy being with you & playing with you is fun
It is okay if you make mistakes
You are perfect just as you are
I will love you even if you are different than me
I will love you even if you are more successful than me
I will love you even if you are more attractive than me
I will love you even if you are more talented than me


If you’d like me to help you craft the best Good Mother Moon phases for you based on the Moon and the particular planet that may represent your mother in your birth chart, (Saturn is the planet, in particular, that produced my mother), there is much rich insight and self-knowledge available through the special Moon reading I have created for you. (I will make other types of recommendations for you too that will help you to make the most of your Moon).

What Benefits Will You Get from Understanding and Working with Your Moon?

  • An understanding of your emotional experiences & how your Moon affects your
    love relationships
  • Know what your deepest needs are and how to get them fulfilled on your own
    and in your relationships
  • How to ground yourself when you’re upset to deepen and protect
    your relationships
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Know your mental/emotional strengths and how to maximize them
  • Know your mental/emotional weaknesses and how to minimize them
  • Good Moon days of the month for you
  • The special power of your lunar nakshatra
  • Your temperament & what that means (angel, human, demon)
  • Your level of innate receptivity to the goodies in life & how to increase
    your capacity to receive even more of the good that life has to offer
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