Monday Moon Message: The FULL Moon in Scorpio & the Critical 2nd House

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The full Moon in Scorpio, as of today at 1:00 am, Greenwich, UK time, is the most important full Moon of the year for Libra rising sign (or Libra Sun, though it works better for Libra rising).

This is because the full Moon is in the 2nd house from the ascendant for Libra rising. The 2nd house is the critical house for the full Moon because the 2nd house is about being taken care of and getting what you need when you need it. The full Moon is a giving Moon and there is a gift there for you.

Now is the best time to reflect on whether or not you are getting your needs met (the Moon is full here only once a year). Scorpio is a “mute” water sign and if you’re not getting your needs met it could be because you are not letting people close to you know what your emotional needs are, or you may be unreceptive to the nourishment that people close to you have been offering.

The Moon is a bit uncomfortable in the sign of Scorpio because Scorpio is a hidden sign and the Moon can’t hide its needs if it hopes to get them fulfilled. Scorpio is a gentle feminine sign and only has to be receptive to the offerings of others, it doesn’t have to hunt down what it needs like the masculine signs do. The saying “still waters run deep” is no doubt talking about the Moon in the fixed water sign of Scorpio.

Luckily, Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio right now too so is with the full Moon. Jupiter is a manifesting planet and brings perspective (both the Moon and Jupiter “look all around” providing perspective through wisdom and the imagination). The perspective that comes from contemplation (Scorpio is a water sign and water signs are contemplative) and the quest for truth. Jupiter will help you to see your blessings in this area of life and show you how you can increase those blessings.

If you have been feeling way too vulnerable to let your loved ones know that you could use one of those long talks that fill you up emotionally, then choose someone that you trust and let them know you’d like that.

Just keep in mind that they are not likely to be trained in skillful listening (most people aren’t) and may need to be told exactly what you would like. Such as, “I just need you to listen to me and not give me advice so I can work my own way though it, would you do that for me?”

Chances are really good that the answer to that would be “yes” because you’ve told them exactly what you need and exactly what to do. They really just have to be present and say “uh huh” now and then to let you know that they are still following your words and the feeling the emotional needs behind them.

If you’ve been asked to be the listener, it’s actually restful to be fully present and listen to someone. You forget all about yourself and enter into the emotional space of another person (their Moon). It’s an honor to be asked and it makes a huge deposit in their emotional piggy bank that will benefit your relationship for years. 

For some of you, your natal Moon is in the sign of Scorpio and you too will be thinking about how your needs are, or are not, getting met. You are really good at listening to others and being present for them, but are you letting anyone be there for you? Other water sign or earth sign Moon people are usually the best people to talk to because they can enter that space more easily than air or fire Moon people can.

Though fire and air Moon people are great when you want to be inspired or if you want to have fun. If you’ve been working too much and/or dealing with some heavy responsibilities, getting together with some fire and air Moon friends could be exactly what you need right now. Rest, relaxation, and fun are important emotional needs too!

Okay, here is where the full Moon in Scorpio is for the other rising signs (you can also use your Sun sign but this works best from your rising sign or first house). If you don’t know what your rising sign is (also known as the lagna or ascendant), then you can get a copy of your birth chart here for FREE:


ARIES RISING: The full Moon is in your 8th house. This is your partner’s resources and the intimate bond you have with your partner if you are in a relationship. If you are single, it’s a good time to delve more deeply into the metaphysical sciences and the full Moon will reveal something helpful to you that has been hidden from your view and that could make a difference in your relationships.

TAURUS RISING: The full Moon is in your 7th house of partners. This is a good time to focus on your partner and enjoy your relationship. Be there emotionally for your partner, focus on all the good that your partner is bringing into your life. If you are single, go out and be where you can meet someone. Be open and receptive to whatever good comes your way.

GEMINI RISING: The full Moon is in your 6th house. This is a good time to think about re-committing to your health and fitness routines. The full Moon will help you to see the good results of whatever you’ve been doing so far. You are amazed how much better you feel in your skin when you are committed to building and maintaining your health through your daily routines.

CANCER RISING: The full Moon is in your 5th house. This is the house of fun, creativity, and children. Jupiter, the planet of children is there too. Having fun with your children, perhaps doing something creative together, would be very satisfying to you now and fun for them. If you don’t have children, then a creative project would be fulfilling to you, and/or thinking about how creativity in other areas of your life have been bringing you more fulfillment.

LEO RISING: The full Moon is in your 4th house. This is the other important house for the Moon as the Moon loves being in the 4th house of our inner emotional life. Even if you had the mother from hell, you will be able to see the gifts she gave you in the light of this full Moon. It’s a great time to relax at home and enjoy your family or your own company. If you like to journal, you can shed light on some hidden areas that could bring even more emotional happiness.

VIRGO RISING: The full Moon is in your 3rd house. Siblings, neighbors, and communication is highlighted for you. You could have one of those kinds of conversations that deepens your relationship with someone on your work team, a sibling, a neighbor, or some other good thing can come to light because of your highly developed skills.

SCORPIO RISING: The full Moon is in your first house. This is a great time to reward yourself with something new that you’ve been wanting. A good time to reflect upon what you need to maintain your well-being, mental balance and physical health. This is not a relationship house, it’s a self-house, so you can focus just on yourself and bring something new into your life that would be emotionally fulfilling and energizing. This only happens once a year, so tonight and tomorrow, while the Moon is still bright is the time.

SAGITTARIUS RISING: The full Moon is in your 12th house. This is a house of expenses, so you may have some expenses that are related to your mother, or just money that you spend on something that would meet an emotional need. This is also a house where we need to spend time alone in order to further an interest that requires solitude (such as writing a book). The full Moon gives, so it will help you to see if there is something you need to let go of in order to better meet your needs. Perhaps you can clean out a closet; you’ll find something that has been missing for a long time.

CAPRICORN RISING: The full Moon is in your 11th house. The 11th house is your income from your job or business. Jupiter is there too, so you may be enjoying some extra income. A bonus perhaps, or you may have figured out how to meet an emotional need for your clients or customers and you are now enjoying a steady stream of new and returning clients/customers. If not, this is a great time to reflect on how you can increase your income, you are sure to come up with a great idea or two.

AQUARIUS RISING: The full Moon is in your 10th house. Does your work bring you a feeling of purpose and meaning? You may be feeling like it does today because you can see everything in the light of the full Moon. There may be a new opportunity, or perhaps you are acknowledged by your boss for your contribution. Being acknowledged for your work is one of the emotional needs we all have. If your boss or co-workers don’t say anything to you today, why not write out all of your accomplishments recently for yourself? You can give that feeling of satisfaction to yourself too.

PISCES RISING: The full Moon is in your 9th house. The 9th house is the house of spirituality, higher knowledge, marriage, and is a general house of good fortune. The full Moon here could have you deciding to go back to school to add to your knowledge, or you become more devoted to your spiritual path and practices. If you’re married, you will enjoy being married to your spouse and if you’re single, you could meet someone at school, a seminar, or a meeting where other like-minded people gather to deepen their spiritual understanding.


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  1. Fantastic! Time for me to get my whole life reading :)

    I love your guidance.

  2. Hello Miss Karen,

    I was born 9/11/80 @ 08:25.
    I am Libra rising. I just got your moon message.

    I am kind of new to astrology. Well, I’ve just recently gotten into it. And i am wondering, should i be looking at virgo/libra horoscopes? Because i can relate to libra as well.


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