Monday Moon Message: The Critical House for the Full Moon, Blue Moon, Blood Moon, SUPER Moon Eclipse!


Wow, what a mouthful of Moons! What I’m talking about today is the CRITICAL HOUSE for the Full Moon when transiting through your birth chart.

The critical house for the transiting full Moon is the second house. On January 31st, the Full-Blue-Blood-Super-Moon and Lunar Eclipse (I like writing that) will be in the second house for Cancer Rising people. If your rising-ascendant-lagna sign (writing that was fun too) is in the sign of Cancer, then this is a very important transit for you.

If your rising sign is Capricorn, the sign opposite to Cancer, then this full Moon transit is very important for your spouse, partner, or even business partner. Of course, this full Moon is strongly affecting people with Leo Sun, Ascendant or Moon too, since the full Moon will be in the sign of Leo. (I’ll list what house the full Moon will be transiting through for all rising signs below).

The Critical Second House for the Moon

The Moon is about getting our personal needs met. This is the job of your natal Moon for your whole life. The Moon is about being receptive to what the world has to offer in order to carry out our responsibilities. The Moon, being one of the feminine energy planets, helps us to find fulfillment in doing that. It’s about developing resourcefulness and using the imagination to imagine better ways to get our personal, emotional, needs met.

The second house in the birth chart represents our resources, our family, and our close friends. It’s our wealth, all kinds of wealth, it’s prosperity and our security needs. Prosperity is getting what you need when you need it. You can be a billionaire, but if you’re stuck in the middle of desert, your money won’t help you. But, if someone comes along with a camel and a canteen of water before you die of dehydration, you’re prosperous.

The full Moon is a great time to contemplate all of the things of the Moon; the mind, growth, your personal emotional needs and if they are, or are not, getting met. You may want to change your MINDSET if the one you have is not leading you to fulfillment and prosperity.

Is your mindset a ‘fixed’ mindset or a ‘growth’ mindset? (Growth is a keyword for the Moon). I’m reading a great book on this very subject right now that I highly recommend: Mindset, the New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. It’s surprising, entertaining, and inspiring.

If you are an astrology student, the Hora, the second Varga (divisional) chart (the harmonic chart in western astrology), is an important chart when the full Moon is transiting through the second house too. The second house in that chart could be in a different sign than the sign ruling the second house in your main birth chart.

If you want to look at that, get a copy of your birth chart with the most important varga charts shown, with my free chart calculator here:

The Moon Rules Writing, Writing & the Mind

If you’ve been reading my blog posts for awhile, you know how much I value journaling as a way to anchor and develop the mind. On January 31st, even if Cancer is not your rising sign, writing down your personal needs (as they relate to the house the full Moon is transiting through, see below). Writing about how they are, or aren’t, getting met, would be a great way to make the most of this Full-Blue-Blood-Super-Moon and eclipse transit.

If you find you’re not getting your needs met, the GIVING light of the full Moon will help you figure out how you can, and the eclipse can be an important TURNING POINT in your life for making the changes you need to make.

Where the Full Moon, Blue Moon, Blood Moon, Super Moon, & Lunar Eclipse Will be for Each Sign:

This works best for the Ascendant Sign, though it still has meaning for the Sun and Moon sign too:

  • ARIES: The 5th house of creativity, the mind, and children
  • TAURUS: The 4th house of your mother, inner emotional happiness, your home
  • GEMINI: The 3rd house of learning new skills, communication, siblings
  • CANCER: The 2nd house of resources, wealth, family & family name, close friends, speech (the Moon speaks sweet words…), security
  • LEO: The 1st house of the Self, the body, the path you are on
  • VIRGO: The 12th house of expenses (they can be expenses for your happiness too), the unconscious, research
  • LIBRA: The 11th house of peer associations, income from your job/career, side ventures
  • SCORPIO: The 10th house of job/career, sphere of influence and responsibilities
  • SAGITTARIUS: The 9th house of father, higher knowledge, guru, spirituality
  • CAPRICORN: The 8th house of your partners (marriage or business) resources, other people’s money, inheritance
  • AQUARIUS: The 7th house of partners, foreign countries, sex, and the other end of the path you’re on
  • PISCES: The 6th house health routines & regiments, overcoming enemies (from within or without), figuring out how to overcome obstacles and delays 

LINK for the Astronomy of this Full Moon:

Rare ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ Coming – First in 35 Years


The Ready-for-Love Consultation and what it covers (the Moon is THE most important planet in relationship, even more than Venus):

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  • Karmic Connections (Rahu and Ketu Contacts) – This shows past life connections, future karma and areas of life you will be involved in because of the relationship.
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  • Muhurta (optional) – For choosing the best time to marry, consummate the relationship, buy a house together, etc.
  • Fertility Report (optional) – Used either as a form of birth control or to get pregnant.

If there is a question about whether or not you will actually marry a particular person, how the other person really feels about you, or a question of fidelity, then I would also do a Horary chart (FREE WITH THIS READING), as these types of questions cannot always be answered with the birth chart.

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