Monday Moon Message: The 2018 New Year “Bright” Moon

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The waxing bright Moon is a giving Moon and is considered to be auspicious. Today, on New Year’s Day 2018, the Moon is in the bright Gibbous phase, just before Full.

The meaning of the Gibbous Moon is maximum outpouring, manifestation and involvement in the world, conceptualizing ideas and planning. The waxing Gibbous phase is the culmination of the Moon’s waxing cycle, just before it becomes Full.

The Full Moon is actually tomorrow, January 2nd in the sign of Cancer, it’s own sign where it can really express it’s Moon qualities of growth, imagination, and connection. Today starts out with the Moon in Gemini and moves into the sign of Cancer at 1:00 pm Greenwich, United Kingdom time.

The Moon and the Imagination

The Moon in the sign of Cancer, it will be directly opposite Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn is a planet that “looks down” which means he is a survival planet and so focuses on fear. It’s fear that usually causes us to plan for a rainy day and for the winter, symbolically speaking.

When the Moon is full, it’s also opposite the Sun. The Sun is what inspires us, the Sun “looks up.” If you always move towards your inspirations, Saturn’s downward looking negative orientation can’t keep you afraid.

Of course, the positive side of Saturn is simplicity, the ability to see the simple truth of any situation and the ability to persevere. And without this quality of Saturn, nothing great can be accomplished through the Sun. They are actually a pair (Saturn is the son of the Sun) that need to work together when creating something your soul (the Sun) must create in the world before you die.

The key is to not let the imagination of the Moon run rampant with fears and all the things that COULD go wrong. If you’re worried about something like a lack of money or loss of love (lack and loss being Saturn things), imagine the worst case scenario (you will anyway), and then figure out how you would deal with it so it becomes a solved problem in your mind. 

Affirmations help to harness and direct the imagination of the Moon (the mind) and are especially fruitful when started during the fertile sign of Cancer and when in the bright Gibbous phase.

Affirmation work is Moon work as the Moon represents the mind. It is the subconscious mind that has the strongest influence on the quality of our lives, and affirmations positively affect the subconscious mind through sheer repetition. With affirmations we can make the LASTING changes we most want to make. 

The Alternating Method of Affirmations

I found this in a book titled Success Rituals 2.0: Winning Habits of High-Achieving Women in the chapter by Linda P. Jones,  Building Wealth from the Inside Out with Affirmations. This is a book of essays written by different entrepreneurs (the Sun is the entrepreneur planet) compiled by Gina Bell.

I’ve had this in PDF form on my computer for ages and I don’t remember where I got it from, but you could Google the title and find it. It’s well worth the effort, I find it inspiring and energizing.

In this chapter, Linda recommends alternating between one-sentence statements that are true now and one-sentence statements that you want to affirm as being true. For instance:

  • Money is coming to me easily and effortlessly. (affirmation)
  • My name is Karen. (true)
  • I eat the most nutritious food everyday and am healthy, fit, and energetic. (affirmation)
  • My dog’s name is Olive, Mamma Dog, Widget, Pencil, and whatever else comes to mind in the moment. (true)
  • I am consistent in writing my weekly blog posts (affirmation)

You get the idea. For the Gibbous Moon phase in the sign of Cancer, going back to the fears about a lack of money or the loss of love, some example affirmations could be:

  • I honor my intuition and magnetize all forms of prosperity to me (affirmation)
  • Love is within and all around me at all times (affirmation)

Alternating with true statements, of course. Linda suggests that we read them twice a day, morning and night, for 30 days in a row, and our brains will create new pathways and start believing the affirmations. They will be in our subconscious minds directing us. Then will come true in our lives. 

These sound like fun to me, I’ll be doing them myself and I’d love to hear about your experience with them too!


The Moon is the part of us that is receptive to whatever good life wants to give us. It’s a big part of the feminine aspect of ourselves and if the Moon has hard influences such as from Saturn, Mars, Venus, Rahu and Ketu, our ability to be receptive, trust our feelings and intuition, and see how we can find better circumstances is hampered.

The Moon and Mind consultation will tell you if you have blocks to your feminine, intuitive side, and how you can positively influence that to help you to magnetize love, prosperity, and whatever else your heart desires.

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  1. Once again, beautifully written and easy to understand. LOVE THE AFFIRMATION of toggling between affirming and saying what is true. so brilliant for the mind. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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