Monday Moon Message: Find Your Moon Phase & Waxing Crescent Moon

In this continuing series on the phases of the Moon, you asked me to show you how you can know which Moon phase you were born under. I’ve done lots of research and I think the simplest way to explain it is the way Molly Hall explains it on (scroll down to the bottom for a good guide). To use a another calculator to find your natal Moon phase (the one on her site is not working), go here:

In Vedic astrology, it’s mostly important to know whether your Moon is Waxing or Waning. Here is a simple video to show you how to know if your Moon is Waxing or Waning with some chart examples:

The Waxing Crescent Natal Moon Phase:

If you were born during the Crescent Moon Phase of the Lunar Cycle…

Having passed through the darkness of the new Moon, a sliver of light has just begun to illuminate the path as the Moon embarks on it’s new cycle.

Your greatest challenge is to become independent of belief systems and concepts that are part of the past. This is necessary in order to fully realize selfhood and individuality. Be aware of comfortable ruts and habitual behavior. They represent the chains of the past. As you break free, opportunities will open up to you. The first is the hardest. It may feel as though you are going against the grain. In many ways you are.

As you take the initiative to make changes you may find a lot of resistance in those who are used to relating to you in a certain way. They may feel threatened by your breaking from the status quo. By asserting your will and determination you will foster belief in yourself and develop creative new vision.

You have a pioneering spirit and a strong sense of wonder about everything in life. In many ways, you are still enjoying the learning time that we all enjoy when we are children and everything is new. You bring this excitement into all of your relationships and people like your forward-striving energy, it’s inspiring! 

Famous People Born During the Crescent Natal Phase:

The Dalai Lama, Galileo, Clint Eastwood, Ronald Reagan, Bill Cosby, Neil Young, Warren Buffet, Rush Limbaugh, Britney Spears, Mae West, Heath Ledger, Frank Sinatra, Charles Manson, Leonard Nimoy.

Note:  Some of this content comes from the Kepler Software program, and some of it is my original content.


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