Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, with Eclipse, Rahu & Saturn: Intense!

Mercury Retrograde signAre you being driven mad because your phone/computer/software, etc., is not working right?

Are people completely misunderstanding what you said, or what you meant?

Are you having to do things over that you not only thought you were done with, but that you thought you had done a great job with?

Are you at odds with a relative or friend?

We are in the midst of a Mercury Retrograde (Rx) period, in the sign of Scorpio, and this one is more INTENSE than usual.

The main reason is because he is with Saturn, Rahu, the Sun, and the Moon (briefly) this month. That is a lot of planetary energy mixing with Mercury Rx. When Mercury is with “malefic” planets, then he also becomes a malefic because he is a “neuter” and takes on the qualities of the planet’s he’s with (Sun, Saturn, and Rahu are malefics).

Remember how we’ve been told to choose our friends wisely? Well, Mercury rules friends and relatives in general, and he is with some “bad” companions* right now and is not able to be his usual balanced and helpful self (this may explain a few things about how your friends and relatives are acting).

There is even an Eclipse on November 3, 2013, and Mercury is right there in the middle of it!

What To Do About It

Wait for it to pass before making a big decision if possible, or assume that people will not understand you the first time, or even the second time you tell them something.

Just resign yourself to doing things over, or having to call utility companies, your computer guy, or technical support to get technical glitches straightened out.

Maybe even make it fun (Mercury rules fun too!) by trying to make the service person laugh, or make staying on the phone for hours, talking to 10 different people to solve one problem, or not being able to understand a single thing the tech support person is saying to you, into a game (Mercury rules games).

If you can do this, I want to know about it immediately!

Okay, the sign of Scorpio is not usually associated with FUN, but it does rule the organs of excretion in the body, meaning…

When All Else Fails

There is the poop report.

For some reason, that kind of humor can make most people laugh. Even if you are in a really bad mood because of AT&T, here is a site that will have at least one story that will crack you up, (even though it can be gross too):

When I had a corporate job, I found the Poop at the Office stories so hilarious, I had to explain why I was laughing so hard to co-workers, more than once.

I can’t believe I really just told you that!

Because there are so many planets in Scorpio, and there is an eclipse in Scorpio which involves the Sun and the Moon, there are more houses affected in the birth chart than usual.

Saturn rules two houses (Capricorn and Aquarius), the Sun rules one house (Leo), the Moon rules one house (Cancer), and Mercury rules two houses (Gemini and Virgo), and of course, Mercury, Saturn, Sun, and Moon are in whatever house in your chart is ruled by Scorpio.

This is at least 6 out of 12 houses, so it is likely affecting nearly every part of your life!

You may feel more anxiety right now or you may feel more vulnerable emotionally, especially pertaining to the areas of experience (the house) ruled by Scorpio in your birth chart.

If you don’t know your horoscope very well, or at all, get a copy of your birth chart at my site for free, and there is also a reference chart on this page with the basic meanings of the houses written out so you can look up what house in your chart is ruled by Scorpio on your own.

NOTE: The house with the double diagonal line through it is the first house, also known as the ascendant, rising sign, or lagna, and you count in a clockwise direction from that house to count the rest of the houses.

Eclipses can bring about significant events if it is the same degree of an important place in your birth chart (the ascendant, Sun, Moon, or any planet at the same degree as the Sun and Moon during the eclipse, in this case it is 11:15 degrees.

Or it could signal a shift in consciousness that will result in you looking at recent events, or relationships with friends and relatives, in a different way. You may get some deep insights into areas that have been hidden (Scorpio, the natural ruler of the 8th house, is about everything hidden or secret) from your awareness up until now.

Someone in your world could also make you aware of something about yourself that is annoying, and it may hurt to hear it at the time, but will serve you well if you choose to see it as furthering your progress to self-fulfillment and enlightenment.

When Will Mercury Go Direct?

On November 11, 2013. So, not too long from now. By November 23rd, Mercury will no longer be affected by the Sun, Saturn, or Rahu either.

Zodiac Signs Affected the Most

The natal Moon signs of Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, and Libra are most affected by this Mercury Rx transit.

NOTE: If you don’t know your Moon sign yet, use the free chart calculator mentioned above to get your birth chart and then keep the chart somewhere nearby for future reference.
Also, write down your Moon sign on a sticky Post It and put it on your computer screen. You will be needing it for future newsletters.

I’d really like hear what this Mercury retrograde period has been like for you. Just comment below and tell me about it!


2 Responses to Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, with Eclipse, Rahu & Saturn: Intense!

  1. Hi Karen…Just prior to Mercury Rx my ex called me and said he wanted to take some pictures of me(he’s a photographer)to make a gift give to give our son on his birthday, which is this month. We did the photo shoot on Oct. 12.
    Nothing much happened during the retrograde, although I did talk to my ex a couple of times. But, the day Mercury went direct a lot of the themes you discussed with your guest in your latest podcast emerged.
    At the beginning of the week I began having symptoms of colon problems. You may recall I told you about my previous colon problems in an email a few months back.
    I had colon surgery two years ago and at the time the surgeons said that I shouldn’t have any more problems. So I’m going back over things I thought were taken care of.
    Mercury is retrograde in my natal chart. Sun is in Virgo and Moon is in Scorpio.
    With Mars now in Virgo and four planets plus Rahu in Scorpio I hope this goes well.

    • Hi Gail,
      Sorry, I did not see this comment until today! Mercury Rx is over now, but I really appreciate you telling me how it was going for you. Have you had any relief with your colon problems since Mercury went Rx?

      Thanks for listening to the Divine Time Astrology Podcast, Steve will be happy to hear you’ve been listening too!

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