Mercury: Is Your Life Unmanageable, and Your Dreams Unmanifested? It Could Be You Have an Afflicted Mercury.

If you are so unorganized that you can rarely find things when you need them, and sometimes feel tempted to burn your house, office, garage, or studio, down to start all over, your Mercury, is probably”afflicted,” or  “weak” in your astrological birth chart.

If you have set goals to achieve your dreams, but time keeps going by and you haven’t reached many of those goals, or have manifested few dreams, a weak Mercury is no doubt involved. If you are easily overwhelmed by the details of a big project, or organizing an event, then the Mercury energy in your life needs to be strengthened.

In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is of the earth element, not the air element as portrayed in Western Astrology, and the”condition” of Mercury in your birth chart determines your ability to manage the details of manifesting your dreams and goals.

Best Signs and House Positions for Mercury

Mercury is exalted in the sign of Virgo, and is the reason why Virgos have been teased for their “nit-picking” ways probably since before Astrology existed. Mercury is about paying attention to the details, and Virgos, in general (unless there are other mitigating factors), are known for their attention, or, over-attention, to details.

Mercury is also very at home in the sign of Gemini, and Gemini’s are known for knowing something, about everything. My husband is a Gemini Sun and Gemini Mercury, and I swear, he downloads information from the airwaves straight into his head, because there really is no other way he could know all the stuff he knows. He denies he can download information from the air, but I suspect he’s probably listening, somehow, to NPR through the mercury fillings in his teeth.

Mercury is in its Joy in the first house, the house of the basic self, or body. Considering we live on earth, and Mercury is of the earth element,  Mercury in the first house helps a person live in the concrete world better than if it is in any other house of the birth chart.

Mercury Afflicted Mercury especially hates being in the sign of Pisces (the fishes), because Pisces is the opposite sign to Virgo. Mercury in Pisces is great at conceptual thinking, but not linear, sequential thinking. Mercury is the planet of discrimination; what things are, and are not, but Pisces is about merging with God and the realization that we are all One. People who have trouble with “boundaries” often have a weak or afflicted Mercury.

My daughter’s boyfriend, is a Pisces Sun, and he has Mercury in Pisces too (tuna is also full of mercury, but it’s not the same thing). Anyway, he is brilliant, and according to Jaimini Vedic Astrology, more brilliant than everyone around him, but no one who knows him would ever ask him to help them to remember an appointment, proof a paper for typos, or to plan an event more complicated than going to the beach.

He’s a very accomplished musician, highly spiritual (he can talk for hours about the Bhagavad Gita), and has a phenomenal knowledge of South Park episodes, but my daughter is the one who makes sure that the bills are paid, that things are put back where they belong (she describes him as a really laid-back tornado), and she will probably need to manage his career if he is to make money as a musician.

My daughter’s boyfriend is the archetypal brilliant musician, who would starve without a practical, grounded, Mercury person to promote him and manage the business side of things (my daughter has three planets in earth signs, one of them in the sign of Virgo, AND she has Mercury in the first house, so she’s happy to do it).

Mercury can also be weakened by being too close to the Sun (combust), in one of the “misery” houses in the birth chart (6th, 8th, or 12th), or by being with the Moon, Mars, or Jupiter (Pisces is a sign ruled by Jupiter).

What to Do if Your Mercury is Weak or Afflicted

  • Reciting Mercury mantras is a great way to increase the “vibration” of Mercury in your energy field (Google Mercury mantras to learn more about them and how they work).
  • Wear a Gem. This is highly personalized remedy based on the sign that Mercury is in in your birth chart (and/or the 30th divisional health chart, called the Trimsamsa), and what Mercury house you want to emphasize or strengthen. I’m wearing a Red Zircon gemstone right now to help me write  about Mercury and to better manage the details of my life. Mercury is in the sign of Aries (a Mars sign), in my birth chart, in a “bad” relationship with Mars (an enemy of Mercury), and combust the Sun. In other words, I really hate doing paperwork, and being organized is not that easy for me.
  • Read Books About Organization. A great one is Getting Things Done by David Allen. Even if you don’t make even half of the
    changes suggested, your life will be more manageable than it was.
  • Hire Other People to manage your house, office, or whatever. There are people with a really strong Mercury in their charts who
    would be happy to work for you and take care of the stuff you are not good at. Until I can hire a wonderful Mercury person, preferably, a nit-picking Virgo, I will keep re-reading, and slowly implementing,  the principles in Getting Things Done.

By the way, if you are thinking of hiring someone to help you, you can have a Horary chart done to make sure that they have the appropriate skills for the job, are trustworthy, can get along with other people, and will stay awhile. I know I will certainly run a Horary chart when I’m ready to do that!

As you can see, Mercury is a very important planet to everyone, whether your natal Mercury is in good or “bad” shape. But you don’t have to endure a less than happy Mercury, because there are always remedies in Vedic astrology. Often, it’s helpful just to know where your troubles are coming from. Make Mercury your friend, and Mercury will help you make your dreams come true.


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