MARS in the Consciousness aka Kuja Dosha

Yes, finally the famous Kuja Dosha or Manglik affliction. Entirely too much is made of this affliction. By itself, it does not make or break a relationship. And it certainly does not kill the spouse, as is sometimes believed. It is very simple, it just means Mars is in the consciousness of the houses that relate to the partner. And when Mars is in the consciousness in certain places, that means there is aggression, pushiness and will power in these places. When these places relate to the partner or family life, one partner is very vocal about their needs, and likes to exert their will, while the other partner may not be as assertive. Eventually, the partner that is not as assertive will feel put upon or backed into a corner and they will implode. This is what they mean when they say “the partner will die” in certain cases of Kuja Dosha, it is not a literal statement. When assessing Kuja Dosha, one must look at 3 charts: the Rasi, the Navamsa (D-9, the 9th divisional chart derived from the birth chart) and the Trimsamsa (D-30, the 30th divisional chart derived from the birth chart). All three charts must be assessed for the following:

Mars in the 2nd, 4th, 8th or 12th from the Ascendant, from the Moon, and from Venus. This must be done for all three charts and in every instance that Mars has this placement, one point is given. So look at the Rasi first. Count how many times Mars falls in these positions from the Ascendant., Moon and Venus.

Now look at the Navamsa, do the same there and then the same with the Trimsamsa.

Add up the total.

If the couple has more than two points of difference, then one person will be pushier in the relationship than the other, and the person with less Mars consciousness will feel like they are backed into a corner from time to time. The more of the difference between the totals, the more one person is assertive and the other is passive.

It is the duty of the astrologer to point this out to the couple because Mars will make for problems down the road. If otherwise, the compatibility is good, then the difference in Kuja Dosha can be weathered.  If the compatibility is teetering on average, then the difference in Kuja Dosha can push it over the edge. If the compatibility is already less than average, then having a difference of more than two points in Kuja Dosha, will almost certainly end the relationship.

There are exceptions to Kuja Dosha and this must be taken into account when tallying up the totals for Mars affliction:

Mars in the 2nd in Virgo or Gemini

Mars in the 4th in Aries or Scorpio

Mars in the 7th in Cancer

Mars in the 8th in Pisces

Mars in the 12th in Taurus

Some say Mars in Leo or Aquarius, but I have not found this to work at all.

The following is an explanation of Mars in the various houses of the partner and family and a general description of Mars.

Mars is a planet of consciousness because Mars is the will power. The Sun is the Soul and the Moon is the Mind, but Mars takes what is in the mind and puts it into action. The Moon is the perception and the manas, but Mars is the General that takes our perceptions and acts in the world. To assert ourselves in the world is Mars. Mars is logic and he is celibate. He is not swayed by emotion. Mars is swift and jumps into action to get the job done immediately. Mars gets directional strength in the 10th house which is the opposite of the 4th house, the house of the emotions and home life.

Mars in the 2nd house: the 2nd house is a house of family and of our environment. Asserting our will and being logical within the family will cause discord. Anytime logic is used in the realm of the family or partner, there will be fertile ground for hurt feelings and resentment. The family is not a logical place, it is an emotional place, and should be a place of comfort.

Mars in the 4th house:  The 4th house is similar to the 2nd house as being a house of the home. But it is also a house of happiness and emotional security. Mars gets no directional strength here. This will make the person overbearing in their emotions and appear needy. The family members and partner will sometimes feel the brunt of their angry feelings.

Mars in the 7th house:  the 7th house is the house of the partner. A person with Mars in the 7th house will assert their will with their partner. They will be logical with their partner. Emotion will be lacking when it come to romantic relationships.

Mars in the 8th house:  the 8th house is the house of the marital bond and also the partner’s money. Mars in 8th person will assert their will in how their partner handles their assets and finances.

Mars in the 12th house: the 12th house as it applies to relationship life is the sex life. Mars in 12th house person will assert their will and be very logical when it comes to sex.  There can be an element of selfishness on the part of the Mars in 12th house person and his/her partner may come to feel like they are not having their sexual needs met.



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