Love Preventing or Love Destroying Blemishes in Vedic Astrology

Here is the second video in the three-part series with the lovely Nicole Brenny at her YouTube channel Listen to the Stars. Nicole is asking me questions about the Vedic Compatibility Technique and we talk about what makes a relationship great and what can get in the way as shown in the birth charts.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to email me and tell me what they thought about the videos. I find that very encouraging and it makes me want to do even better videos. If there is anything you’d like to see me do, let me know, I’m always looking for good ideas.

It seems I always have a funny look on my face at the beginning of the video!

SPECIAL OFFER: Who is Your Husband, Who is Your Wife??

In the Ready-for-Love reading we look at Jupiter in your birth chart, the D9 chart (marriage), and the D7 chart (long-term relationships outside of marriage), as well as the Darakaraka planet (the spouse), and 7th house of partners lord to see who your future, present husband or wife is.

Personality, general physical description, ability to be a good spouse/partner, if he or she is from a different culture and religious tradition, wealth, talents, capabilities, character, timing, and more.

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