Love Preventing or Love Destroying Blemishes in Vedic Astrology

Here is Part 2 in the 3-part VIDEO series with Nicole Brenny. Nicole interviews me about the Vedic Compatibility Technique. Specifically, about love preventing or love destroying blemishes in Vedic Astrology. We talk about what makes a relationship great and what can get in the way, as shown in the Vedic compatibility (Kuta) technique.

The Vedic Compatibility (Kuta) Technique

Relationship Compatibility in Vedic Astrology
Eros by Jake Kobrin

Nicole and I go into detail about the Vedic Compatibility technique (Kuta Matching) and the relationship ‘blemishes’ that can prevent, or destroy love. We talk about Obstacles (Vedha), Misfortune (Rajju), Flow of Energy (Stree Deergha), Friendship (Graha Maitram), Constructiveness (Bha), and sexual, or instinctive, matching (Yoni). These measurements can show love destroying or love preventing blemishes in your relationship.

I’ve created, especially for relationships, the Ready-for-Love Consultation. See my Special Offer, under the video BELOW. If you’d like to get a Compatibility or Relationship Capacity Report, the buttons are also under the video BELOW. 

“I have nothing but gratitude to Karen for helping me to get closure with my ex-boyfriend. I couldn’t understand why it was so hard to get over this man who had hurt me on many levels and on multiple occasions, yet my inexplicable constant thoughts for him were consuming my energy and making me question my sanity.” — Lorraine, Mission Viejo, CA

Thank You For Your Feedback!

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to email me and tell me your thoughts about these videos on relationships. It’s encouraging and it makes me want to do more videos. If there is a topic you’d like me to do, let me know, I’m always looking for good ideas!

Nicole Brenny is a long-time card reader and Vedic astrologer. To get an amazing Past-Life reading or Relationship card reading from Nicole, find her at


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SPECIAL OFFER: Who is Your Husband, Who is Your Wife??

In the Ready-for-Love consultation, we look at Jupiter (the natural planet of the husband), Venus (the natural planet of the wife), the D9 chart (marriage), and the D7 chart (long-term relationships outside of marriage). The Darakaraka planet (the spouse), and the 7th house ruler reveals who your husband or wife.

All these factors indicate the personality, general physical description, and relationship capacity of the partner. Your chart shows if he or she will be from a different culture or religious tradition. The chart reveals their wealth, talents, capabilities, and character.

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SAMPLE REPORT Robert and Kirsten

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