Jupiter & How to Have More Luck in Life & Love – Part III

Today, I’ll talk about Jupiter, the sweet taste, and your health, then I’ll talk about the main Jupiter yoga I see in my practice that makes finding the right husband very difficult for a woman (and what to do about it).

French PastriesJupiter rules the sweet taste. Jupiter “matures” at age sixteen, meaning that when a person is sixteen years old, the Jupiter in their birth chart matures and starts giving his effects. This where the “Sweet Sixteen” birthday idea comes from.

Interestingly, I met my current husband (Jupiter is the natural ruler of husband in a woman’s birth chart) when I was sixteen! He told me that the thought he had when he first saw me was that he would think that I was beautiful for the rest of our lives. Isn’t that sweet??

(Humm, if you’re single, maybe you could get out your high school yearbook and remember the guys you met when you were 16 years old, maybe someone you had a crush on back then is available now).

The sweet taste is associated with the sweetness life gives when we are engaged in purposeful work and when we are living in alignment with our philosophy of life, our values, and through pursuing knowledge.

If you have a “sweet tooth” craving sweets all the time, it’s likely that your Jupiter needs strengthening and that your liver (Jupiter rules the liver and the pancreas in the body) is not operating well enough to keep your blood sugar steady. You crave more and more, but more doesn’t satisfy for longer than 20 minutes or so.

Eating sweets is a quick fix and adds to the problem, but connecting to your inner Jupiter, your spirituality, and “feeding” yourself with spiritual food can help you to break the cycle. Cultivating a connection with the divine will give the sweetness you’re really looking for, one way being through writing in your Jupiter Journal on Thursdays during the Jupiter hour, naturally!

For your physical health, just making a point of eating your sweets with a protein rich meal, instead of by themselves in between meals, will go a long way towards stabilizing your blood sugar and getting rid of the constant cravings.


Adding other naturally sweet food such as garbanzo beans, a Jupiter food, after soaking and sprouting, will help get you off the sugar roller coaster and promote endurance and true fulfillment.

The Guruchandala Jupiter-Rahu Yoga

The Guruchandala yoga is created when Jupiter is with Rahu (Rahu is the north node of the Moon, it’s not a planet) and is also influenced by Mars and/or Saturn. For instance if Jupiter is with Rahu in the signs of Aries or Scorpio, or in Aquarius or Capricorn, and is with, or aspected, by Mars or Saturn (aspects are based on the positions the planets are in from each other).

It basically means that the native with this yoga needs to define their purpose and beliefs on a deep level (this is why I created the Your Great Work reading below as it is designed for this), and that their spiritual upbringing was not adequate in some way. This can cause the person to not be interested in spirituality.

If there are other strong spiritual indications in the birth chart, however, Rahu with Jupiter can inspire the person towards spirituality, but it often takes the form of teaching spirituality to others to compensate for their own lack of spiritual understanding, they are actually teaching and preaching to themselves.

If the person doesn’t find the meaning and purpose in life, they suffer from constant discontent and a lack of direction. They may get involved in something that they are overly enthusiastic about at first, but then discontent and purposelessness sets in again.

Rahu Symbol
Rahu Symbol

In a woman’s chart, the Jupiter/Rahu conjunction can create suffering around children and for not being able to find a suitable and worthwhile husband. As an astrologer, this is the yoga I see the most in women’s charts when they are looking for answers about love.

The good news, however, is that this yoga is not as severe as many other difficult yogas. Jupiter’s influence on Rahu eventually alleviates a lot of the trouble caused by Rahu. The native will eventually be able to understand the areas Rahu is influencing and learn to do what is needed to maintain happiness.

For a woman, this is understanding what you really need in a husband, what your non-negotiables are, rather than what you want (Rahu causes obsessions and intense desires).

But why wait for eventually when you can make a tremendous amount of progress in knowing your purpose, through astrology, now? Check out the special offer below:

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Jupiter is the main planet of purpose, and of course, all the other planets have an important role to play, but in the reading, Your Great Work, we examine Jupiter in the chart, and in your varga charts (several divisional charts) revealing the path to your greatest happiness.

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FOR WOMEN: Add these questions to your weekly Jupiter Journal:

  • What do I most need in a husband and what do I want, but am okay with not getting? Is the husband I’m hoping for best for me, or what my parents, society, friends say is best for me?
  • If you already have a fiance or husband, write about how he brings a enlarged perspective to your life, how his wisdom adds happiness to your life, how he provides for you whether that be in financial terms or in other ways, and in what ways he adds to the sweetness of your life. If he does none of these things, contact me!
  • What am I willing to commit to, and perhaps give up, in order to have the husband I long for?

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His personality, his general physical description, his ability to be a good husband, if he is from a different culture and religious tradition, his wealth, talents, capabilities, and character, and more.

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Do you have any questions about Jupiter or anything else? Your questions will help me to figure out what my next blog post will be about. There is always a LOT more to say about any one planet and I may, or may not, write more about Jupiter next week, but you can influence what I write by your questions and comments. Just HIT REPLY this blog email and ask me. May you have all the goodness that Jupiter has to give!


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