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A reader asked me to write about Jupiter, particularly about “remedies” for a weak Jupiter.

jupiter-symbol&planet-starsWhat is Jupiter About?

Jupiter is called the great benefic because certain transits of Jupiter bring good things such as a sense of purpose, happiness, wealth, children, creativity, LUCK, and if you’re a woman, Jupiter can bring a husband into your life if being married is part of your path in life.

Who Jupiter “Produces” in Our Lives

I’ve already mentioned that Jupiter can produce a husband in a woman’s life, and/or children, but Jupiter is also the producer of our spiritual teachers, spiritual mentors, priests, priestesses, ministers, rabbis, imams, or anyone who counsels for direction, purpose and spiritual evolution. This could also be a spiritual director or coach.

Depending on the degree Jupiter is at in your birth chart, he could also “produce” a particular person in your life, or he could represent you if he is at the highest degree of all the other planets (called the Atmakaraka or Self-Producer planet).

Whoever he is responsible for producing in your life, that person is described by the sign and aspects to Jupiter in your birth chart.

A Good Jupiter Makes A Helpful Husband!
A Good Jupiter Makes A Helpful Husband!

If you are a woman, Jupiter’s sign and influences from other planets tell you about the husband or kind of life partner you attract. If Jupiter is strong by being in the sign of Cancer, Pisces, or Sagittarius, then Jupiter is “able” to produce a good husband who always tries to do his best by you.

It’s important to note, however, that the planet that represents your spouse (called the Darakaraka, the planet with the lowest degrees of all the the planets in your birth chart), can help to make up for a weak Jupiter. If the Darakaraka planet is strong, then your spouse can still be a good, or even great person, and well worth the investment of your heart and time.

When Jupiter is Weak

If Jupiter is not very strong, say he’s weak in the sign of Virgo, debilitated in the sign of Capricorn, or with Saturn or Rahu, then he is not able to produce a husband for you that can do the things a good husband does, such as being fully engaged in the relationship with you, leading and protecting, thinking about what is best for your relationship, and generally being an honorable man who is a blessing in your life.

ONE CLIENT asked me why her relationships seem to never last very long. Why they start out strong and promising and things go well for a couple of months, and then the relationship fizzles out or even abruptly ends.

It turns out that she has Jupiter very weak in the sign of Capricorn in both her birth chart and the 9th divisional chart (called the navamsa, also known as the marriage chart) showing that Jupiter was simply not strong enough to “produce” a husband for her. It’s almost like Jupiter just runs out of gas!

Are You STUCK with A Weak Jupiter?

One of the wonderful things about Vedic astrology is that there are planetary “remedies” you can do when a planet is not able to produce particular people or other good things in your life. The most important thing that a weak Jupiter is telling you is that you need to work on your spiritual life if you want more of the blessings that Jupiter has to give.  Continued under Special Offer below.

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His personality, his general physical description, his ability to be a good husband, if he is from a different culture and religious tradition, his wealth, talents, capabilities, and character, and more.

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 JUPITER REMEDIES or How to Inspire Jupiter’s Blessings

Shiva-Lord of Jupiter
Shiva-Lord of Jupiter

Mantras – The most prescribed Jupiter mantra for producing a husband, children, wealth, or happiness and for deepening ones spiritual life is “Om Namah Shivaya.” Go here to learn more about what it means.


Clothes are a good donation for Jupiter. Not the stuff that really should go into the trash, but the stuff you just don’t want to wear anymore. This is a great way to benefit others and to keep your own closet from being over-stuffed and a source of daily irritation. The more that is donated, the better. The gratitude of those that receive your donation return as blessings to you.

Money to a food providing organization is great for strengthening Jupiter too, especially if it benefits children. Rice and milk are specifically for Jupiter, but we may not be able to be that specific in our food donation. It doesn’t matter, we have to go with what is available.

Working Directly With Jupiter Through Journaling

This is my favorite, and most recommended remedy as Jupiter represents a part of our psyche. He’s not just a planet “out there” but a part of our own mind and spirit. When he is weak or afflicted, it means that the Jupiter function is  underdeveloped and unconscious or has been damaged through negative experiences with religion or spirituality.

Since Jupiter has a direct effect on whether or not we feel a sense of purpose in our life and if we believe that we can create a life of purpose and value, working directly with Jupiter through writing is an extremely effective way to stretch our capacity for happiness, abundance, luck, and connection to the divine – the creative force of the universe.

Journal-of-16 yr old from Humans of New York

Jupiter rules “understanding” and a journal practice is one of the quickest and most intimate ways to grow in understanding of yourself and life. “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” -Carl Jung

Thursdays are ruled by Jupiter, and if you want to make it even more potent and effective, write about Jupiter matters during the “Jupiter Hours” of the day once a week on Thursdays. The way to find out what hours of the day are ruled by Jupiter for your location, go to this website ( and put in your location and the date. The planetary hours calculator will tell you exactly the times of the day that are specifically ruled by Jupiter in your location.

Today is Thursday and I’m writing about Jupiter during the Jupiter hour in my location right now (this wasn’t intentional)! It started at 12:57 pm and will end at 13:53 (1:53 pm) today. Then there is another Jupiter period today between 19:46 (7:46 pm) and 20:49 (8:49 pm), and another one when I’m sleeping in the middle of the night (hopefully have happy dreams of abundance!). Continued under Special Offer below.

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What to Write About?

The most essential Jupiter practice is a gratitude practice. You can start your Jupiter Journal with writing down everything you can think of that you’re grateful for. This will energize you for the other writing you’ll be doing and you’ll feel better right away just seeing on paper all the good that you already have.

Then write down what your spiritual practices are. What are they and how often you practice them. These would be practices such as prayer, meditation, a daily counting your blessings gratitude practice, meeting with like-minded others such as going to church, temple, ashram, etc., on a weekly basis.

Meeting with a spiritual director, a guru (guru is one of Jupiter’s names), a spiritual growth coach, or your inner guides on a regular basis. The most important thing is that you have someone that you tell the truth to.

It is also the study of astrology or another divine science such as Vedanta, the holy scriptures of any spiritual tradition, reading other spiritual books, anything that lifts you out of your daily grind and brings a universal perspective (Jupiter “looks all around” and is the planet of higher perspective).

Questions to Ask Yourself Every Jupiter Day (Thursday)

I’ve created a list of questions designed to help you to make the Jupiter function more conscious in your life. I won’t list all of the Jupiter questions in today’s post (this post is already quite long), but I’ll write another post about Jupiter and will list more questions you can ask yourself and write about in your Jupiter Journal. Here are a few:

  • Was I happy this week? Did I choose to be happy consciously, or was it just because of circumstances going my way?
  • Who can I write a Thank You note to? (This can be to anyone, even one of your grade school teachers, or your future husband that you haven’t even met yet)
  • Am I growing my wealth, or depleting it? How?
  • Did I practice acting in faith this past week, when and how?
  • Did I feed my mind and spirit with uplifting books, movies, music this week? (Be specific)

More Coming Up

My next post will be more on how to bring more luck, happiness, abundance, a sense of purpose, and other Jupiter things into your life by bringing them into your consciousness through the Jupiter Journaling process.


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