How to Have More Luck in Life & Love – Part IV

Thank you for your questions about Jupiter, in this post I’ll answer them.


“What are people who have a negative Jupiter to do if their Jupiter is simply trashed? For example, my Jupiter is pretty bad; either DB or Enemy/Great Enemy in most Vargas (not to mention starved in the rasi) with 3 Vargas where Jupiter is in own or friend sign. Essentially, that means most areas of my life I WON’T be able to get good advice or wisdom or, somehow, I just won’t hear it? What can be done to improve ones Jupiter in terms of cultivating more wisdom and being able to hear good advice and knowledge?”


friendshipdayThe planets have relationships with each other just like we do. Jupiter is not an enemy to anyone, but he still has enemies, and more importantly, he has friends that can help him to fulfill his responsibilities in your life.

If one of his friends is with (in the same sign), or aspecting Jupiter, and it has some strength of it’s own, it can help a weak Jupiter to produce his significations.


If the Sun, Moon, or Mars is aspecting Jupiter, then he is getting help from his friends. This is true in the main birth chart and all the divisional varga charts too.

The Beatle’s song “I Get by with a Little Help From My Friends” is true in astrology too!

Of course, the stronger his friends are the more help they can give, but even if they are not really strong, they can still give some help.

Here is how they can help:

The SUN can help Jupiter by providing steadfastness, nobility, vision, inspiration, and focus.

MARS helps Jupiter with logic and Mars likes to improve things, solve problems, and do the right thing, or take right action, so he helps Jupiter to find the truth (if it’s not logical, it’s not true) and to “see” more clearly. A Jupiter Mars combination is also considered to be a wealth yoga (it brings wealth).

The MOON helps Jupiter because Jupiter and the Moon have something important in common, and that is both Jupiter and the Moon “look all around.” They are perspective planets and can see a situation from all angles, including from above, and the Moon uses the imagination and can envision a better future. Positive affirmations, and guided meditations are some of the ways the Moon uses the imagination to help Jupiter.

Jupiter may not have friends helping in the main birth chart, but the odds are really good that he has friends to help him in one or many of the divisional charts called varga charts (there are about 16 of them that we use all the time). The varga charts are close-up views of particular areas of life, which means that in some area of your life, Jupiter is producing something good.

If your Jupiter is weak, beset by enemies, with no friends, then you will often find that your friends (your human friends) have planets in their birth charts that are strong where your planets are weak. They can help you to access some of the benefits of Jupiter because of their generosity, wisdom, perspective, creativity, and their sheer joy of living (they’re happy!).

For instance, Jupiter in my main birth chart is in the sign of Virgo, where he is not strong (he’s in an enemy sign), and I get a lot of help from people with the Sun, Mars, or the Moon in Virgo. If they have the ascendant in Virgo, they are a blessing to me in some way also.

My own natal Moon and Mars are helping my natal Jupiter too, but they have issues of their own (neither one of them is really strong), so I get much farther with the help from my Virgo (human) friends.

There really is no such thing as being “doomed” in astrology, there is always another way that grace can come in.

JUPITER RETROGRADE, Another Type of Strength


“What does it mean when Jupiter is retrograde?”


Any retrograde planet is actually stronger because to be retrograde it has to be transiting between the Sun and the earth. It’s closer to earth and, therefore, has more influence.

Context is everything when it comes to Jupiter being retrograde (or any planet) as it means one thing in the birth chart and another thing in a prashna or horary chart. It can be positive or negative in a horary chart depending on the context of the question, even though he is a natural benefic.

In Conclusion:

There is much more on Jupiter and ways he can gain strength other than the sign he is, and one of the best ways is for Jupiter to have friends who can help him.

May the stars bring you hope, healing, and happiness!







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  1. Wow! I just watched the videos of your conversation with Ryan, and it was great! So many good insights. Normally I am quite shy to contact someone who I’ve not met before but now I feel a lot more comfortable to schedule a reading, because of the video I got to see who you were and what you were like and what it would be like to work with you as an astrologer. Just that little bit of personal presence is so helpful sometimes.

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