How to Have More Luck in Life & Love – Part II

Jupiter Statute St. Petersburg
Jupiter Statute St. Petersburg

In my last blog post (How to Have More Luck in Life & Love) we started talking about the questions you can ask yourself each Thursday (Jupiter’s day), during the Jupiter Hour to write about in your Jupiter Journal.

Today, I’ll continue with the questions that are designed to help you strengthen Jupiter within you and deepen your connection to greater luck, grace, happiness, wealth, creativity, understanding, and compassion for yourself and for humanity. And if you’re a single woman, to drawing your husband to you.

By the way, a male client asked if this applied to men also, and it definitely does (he was also asking if the READY-FOR-LOVE consultation would be good for men, and it definitely is – read the description of it as it pertains to men HERE).

If you’re a man, Jupiter is everything to you that he is to a woman except he doesn’t represent the husband for you (Venus represents your wife). I don’t know for sure how it would work if you were gay, if Jupiter would be the husband for you too just as he is for women, but Jupiter is important for everyone anyway (we would depend on the Darakaraka, 7th lord, and planet/sign in the 7th from the Atmakaraka in the navamsa chart to describe your partner). Article continues after the special offer below.

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His personality, his general physical description, his ability to be a good husband, if he is from a different culture and religious tradition, his wealth, talents, capabilities, and character, and more.

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Jupiter is wisdom and understanding, something we all need and want. Jupiter is also our philosophy of life, our faith in life, in love, and the benefic nature of the universe. You’ve probably heard before that the only question we need to ask ourselves about life is whether or not the universe is friendly, right?

That is what the “condition” of Jupiter in the birth chart reveals, whether or not we can trust life enough to surrender to it and decide to be fully here now, come what may. When Jupiter is unconscious, we tend to be more anxious and aimless, not able to relax and believe that life is conspiring for our highest good.

More Questions for Thursdays & Your Jupiter Journaling Hour

  • What do I believe in, what is my manifesto?
  • If I believe in the divine (God), what is my current understanding of this divine presence and how has that understanding grown and changed over time?
  • Have I noticed any synchronicities in my life recently? Such as, exactly the book I need falling off a bookshelf after I had asked for guidance? Or overhearing a conversation about the very thing I’m needing, or something equally as “coincidental”?
  • Do I remember my dreams and consider them to be important messages from my higher self?
  • Have I given freely with no strings attached this week just for the joy of it?
  • What am I inspired about right now?

That’s probably enough questions for this week! If you wrote even just a paragraph on each of these questions you will have plenty to write about. The act of thinking about these questions and taking the time to write out the answers will begin a discovery process and you will be surprised by what you know that you didn’t know you knew :-) Over time, you will see yourself evolve rather rapidly and the areas of life ruled by Jupiter will get better and better.

You don’t need to write about every Jupiter question, just the questions you feel drawn to, the questions that you’re not sure about the answers to, have you noticed that unexpected stuff always comes out when you write about something? (Article continues after the special offer below)

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Jupiter is the main planet of purpose, and of course, all the other planets have an important role to play, but the Your Great Work reading we examine Jupiter in the chart, and in your varga charts (several divisional charts) revealing your path to your greatest happiness.

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Husand Carrying Wife
Look! He’s not straining at all, are they sitting down??

More About Jupiter as the Husband

Another client asked a Horary question about whether or not she would ever meet a “good” man. It seemed that the men she did meet and get involved with were lacking in integrity, honor, or they were completely unable to be trustworthy and faithful.

The Horary chart showed that the next man she would meet would be just as lacking in integrity as the previous guys were. Well, this told me that Jupiter had to be weak and/or afflicted in her birth chart. I asked her for her birth data (you don’t need to give me your birthday info to ask a Horary question), and her birth chart revealed that Jupiter was both debilitated and afflicted.

When I see a married female client who has a strong Jupiter supported by planetary friends in her birth chart (Jupiter has friends and enemies, though he is an enemy to no one), I’ll mention to her that she has a good husband, and every single time her answer will be that she has a great husband that she is very happy with.

Another interesting thing I’ve noticed, is that women with a strong Jupiter always seem relaxed about their good fortune in the great husband they have, there isn’t any anxious fear of losing him, worry that he will leave her for a younger, more beautiful woman, or that he doesn’t really love her. She has faith in their relationship, the character of her husband, and her own ability to deal with whatever comes.

If Jupiter is not very strong in your birth chart you are not doomed to have a man who brings only grief into your life! You can tell how strong your Jupiter is by how innately happy you are, your sense of purpose, how lucky you are, the quality of the men you get involved with, how grateful you are for the good in your life, how more pessimistic or optimistic you are, if you have faith in life and love or if you are fearful about live and cynical about love, and your attitude about wealth and abundance (you can get the Ready-for-Love reading if you want to know for sure).

You can strengthen Jupiter with spiritual practices that you love, including keeping a journal where you ask yourself these Jupiter questions every week, and do the Jupiter mantra that I mentioned in the previous blog post on this topic, (How to Have More Luck in Life & Love), as well as prayer, meditation, belonging to a spiritual community, getting a spiritual coach, and whatever else makes you feel good and increases your happiness set-point.

Recommended Resource:

If you are interested in learning all about Jupiter and the other planets, the Graha Sutras by Ernst Wilhelm (a translation and commentary of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra’s Sutras) is the book I turn to all the time in my practice. It is by far the best book I’ve ever read on the planets and he has included the numerology of the planets, how to work with the planets, and much more!

NEXT WEEK, I’ll tell you some interesting characteristics of Jupiter (such as, Jupiter rules the “sweet” taste) and discuss some special Jupiter yogas, some difficult Jupiter yogas, and some more questions for your Jupiter Journal.

Jupiter-journalQUESTION: Have you started writing your answers to some of these Jupiter questions? I’d love to hear about your experiences, insights, and surprises!


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