How It Works

First We Find Out Where You Are and What You Need to Know Right Now.

We have a brief conversation, either via email or on the phone, to talk about what you want to know, what area of your life you want to examine, and together, we get clear on exactly what your questions are (even if you choose a specific type of reading from my Get A Consultation Page, I still need to know what specific issues unique to you that you want to address in your reading.

We set-up an appointment, you go to the SERVICES page and hit the PayPal button for the reading you want  (or you send me a check), and then I get to work.

On the day of your consultation appointment (phone or Skype) I record our conversation and send the recording to you. Sometimes I do written email readings, though they are for Horary questions that are not really complicated.

The Three Types of Astrology Charts I Use

Horary: If you have a question that can be answered with a Horary chart, then I cast a chart for the time you asked me your question, your birth data is not necessary for this kind of chart.
Read more about what Horary can do for you and the types of questions you can ask.

Birth or Natal: If you want more of a whole life reading or to focus on one area of your life, such as love, career, health, children, spirituality, etc., then I cast a chart for the day, month, year, time, and place of your birth. For these charts, I use Vedic techniques with the Tropical Zodiac (your Sun sign stays the same, you don’t go from being an Aries to being a Pisces for instance), concentrating particularly on Vedic Jaimini techniques.
Read more about Vedic Jaimini astrology.

Relationship Capacity & Compatibility: If you want to check out the compatibility between you and another person, I will cast a chart using both people’s birth data (same data used for the birth chart). This chart uses the original ancient astrological system of Nakshatras (also known as Lunar Mansions), which is a star based astrology. In this system, your Moon sign usually does change from the one you have in the Tropical Zodiac; so if your Moon is in the sign of Aries in the Western Tropical chart, it will typically change (not always though) to Pisces in the Nakshatra system.

This technique is primarily based on the comparison between the Moon signs of the people involved, but I also look at all of the rest of the planets for compatibility too. The Vedic compatibilty technique is unlike any other you may have already tried, as this one is used in India to arrange marriages between people who may not have even met before their wedding day. Since divorce in India is highly discouraged and marriage is until death, they really work to get it right! It works equally well for same sex couples.
Learn more about the Vedic Compatibililty Technique.

What You Can Expect From Me

A non-judgmental and compassionate attitude. I assume that if you ask me a question, it is because you really want the answer, but I will never be harsh or declare something to be your “karmic fate” and that you just have to suffer. If there is a problem, I will tell you every possible solution for it that I know of. I will even refer you to another astrologer who specializes in solving a particular problem if necessary.

One of the things I really love about Vedic astrology is that there are all kinds of remedies for negative planetary energies. I believe that while God is perfectly just, He is also perfectly merciful, and always gives us a way out of suffering. This is demonstrated very beautifully in astrology and in Vedic astrology, especially.

A high rate of accuracy. Nothing on earth is a 100%, and while astrology is perfect, astrologers are not. 80% accuracy in astrology is considered to be very high, and is much higher than our modern medical doctors are able to achieve when diagnosing an illness (they manage about 30%). The birth chart shows about 70% of what will happen to you in your life, the rest of it is up to you and your Higher Source. I’m always striving to get 80%, or higher, accuracy, and will often contact you later to see if I interpreted the chart correctly (I love it when you let me know what happens).

I’ve made it my business to keep learning the most accurate, practically useful forms of astrology available and thanks to many modern scholars in the field, ancient manuscripts written by astrologers many centuries ago are being translated; deepening, enriching and greatly improving astrology as it is practiced today. We are very lucky to be living in this time!

Quality listening. I will listen as much as I will talk. You will not have that disappointing experience of being talked AT because I will not be ‘performing’ for you, but actually talking WITH you. I make the effort to really hear what you are saying.

Remedies, recommendations and referrals. There are many remedies available, such as focused prayer, mantras, spiritual practices, feeding animals, giving to charity or charity work, gems, Bach Flowers, and Planetary Journaling. I also recommend books relevant to your situation, and/or CD programs, coaches, therapists, and other astrologers for specialized needs (such as fertility or complicated medical questions).

Complete confidentiality and a sense of humor. Many people in my life have told me that they always feel better, more energized and inspired after talking to me. I believe that astrology is meant to comfort and lend light to your path and best of all give a sense of perspective and healthy detachment. When you see the patterns and cycles of your life, you can lighten up and relax, everything really is in order, and if anything is causing problems, it can be influenced.

I don’t tell you what to do. I tell you what the chart says, but the decisions about your life can only be made by you. I will offer suggestions and warnings if necessary, but I don’t try to direct your life. (I’m sure there are already plenty of others in your life who think they can do that better than you can) :-)

Everything we talk about is completely confidential and I will not share your charts or any of your personal information with anyone else. If I want to use one of your charts for an article, a class, research, or a second opinion, I will ask you for your permission first.

What I expect from you.

Just your honest thoughts and feelings and what actually happened or what you really want to happen. It’s like talking to your doctor, the more I know, the better I can help you. I’ve been on this planet a long time and there is not much that shocks me, though you could entertain yourself by trying :-)

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