Horary Astrology: “How does he feel about me?”

By far the majority of questions people ask are questions about relationships. In my online course, Learn Horary, we spend a lot of time on romantic relationship questions. I’ve kept most of the Horary charts I’ve done over the years for clients and the stack of romantic relationship questions is about three times higher than all the rest.

TODAY’S VIDEO is a love question horary chart, “How Does He Feel About Me?”

STAY TUNED for the next Horary example video, where I will be demonstrating a Horary question about taking an ex-husband to court.

REGISTRATION for the upcoming online course Learn-Horary, an In-Depth Course and Practice, will open on in a few weeks. I will send out a notice as soon as the registration page is available!

OF COURSE, if you want to ask a Horary question of your own and to learn more about what kinds of questions you can ask, go to my One Topic Horary Question Consultation page.

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