GEMINI Ascendant and Nature of House Lords

Horoscope for Gemini Ascendant rising sign

GEMINI as the Ascendant, Lagna, Rising Sign, indicates a curious and experimental approach to life. Gemini natives tend to be multi-talented, and are in a state of determining which of their talents to focus and cultivate. They make their way through life through trial and error, experimentation as it were, based upon that which they understand through their active intellects. They are friendly, communicate, and fair in nature. Most importantly, their intelligence and knowledge direct their life.

The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing quality of Sagittarius. To believe and have faith in those things they do not understand or are unable to measure with their intellect. They must also learn to focus their minds and intellects on those things that will serve some purpose and that are not merely entertaining. This tends to give partners who are more philosophical or idealistic in nature, or partners who teach the native faith through their lives, or by demanding it as a result of not being as rational and explanatory as the native may desire.

Nature of House Lords for Gemini Ascendant

Sun as 3rd Lord

The Sun is the skilled hands of the Twins.

The Sun, as the 3rd lord, is the skills, talents, and abilities of the human race which Gemini so well personifies. The Sun gives the Gemini native original skills and an individual mark to each native’s talents. Under the influence of Mars it gives athletic ability and mechanical skills, under the influence of Venus it gives artistry. Due to ruling the 3rd house, the Sun is a temporal malefic that may exhibit behavior that is self-willed in the pursuit of its desires. As a natural malefic, the Sun may separate the native from those things it influences due to the native’s selfishness or their focus on things that are more interesting to them.

Moon as 2nd Lord

The Moon is the familial closeness of the Twins.

The Moon, ruling the 2nd house, inclines the Gemini native towards familial closeness. The Moon also indicates the need for close friends. The Moon as the 2nd lord also represents the changeable attachment the Gemini native has to their possessions. While a possession fulfills a need or is interesting, it is important, after that it is all but forgotten. The Moon rules wealth for the Gemini native, and as a vaishya, gives commercial ability with which to earn wealth. The Moon also gives ease in speaking and generally makes them skilled speakers. As the 2nd lord, the Moon is a temporal neutral and other factors influencing the 2nd lord will determine whether the native acquires and uses his resources in a self-centered or dharmic manner. As a natural benefic, the bright Moon gives a productive use of one’s resources, and considerate speech that nets those things the Moon is influencing. As a natural malefic, the dark Moon tends to cause less verbal intimacy, which may lead to some difficulties with the things the Moon is influencing.

Mars as 6th and 11th Lord

Mars is the Man with the Club.

Mars, as the 6th and 11th lord, is the aggressive nature of the Gemini native that will not hesitate to fight their way to success. As the 6th and 11th lord, and the producer of accidents and enemies, Mars is a planet of extreme violence, accidents, frustration and enmity for the Gemini rising. It gives impulse and recklessness in seeking one’s goals. Mars gives a competitive nature and great physical and martial skills. Mars also gives the will and strength that leads to success in, and gains through, athletics and competitions. As a natural malefic and the lord of the 6th house, Mars creates a lot of struggles and opposition to the successful conclusion of their greatest desires. Due to ruling two malefic houses, Mars becomes a most terrible temporal malefic, that unless there are alleviating factors, may create selfishness and ruthlessness in obtaining one’s ends.

Mercury as 1st and 4th Lord

Mercury is the human sensitivity of the Twins.

Mercury, as the 1st and 4th lord, gives the Gemini native a natural capacity for inner self-examination; Mercury gives them an impartial eye with which to view themselves, emotionally and behaviorally. Mercury lets them know that their mental state is very much responsible for their happiness and physical wellbeing. Afflicted, Mercury may give nervousness that greatly affects the health. As a planet of the intellect, Mercury gives the ability to influence the body and health by exercising the intellect over the mood and attitude. Mercury is responsible for creating a strong connection with the mother, which is usually friendly. Mercury, ruling these two houses, causes the environment to be important to the native’s wellbeing and focus. Due to ruling the lagna, Mercury is a temporal benefic which serves to place the native in his rightful niche and in so doing gives happiness and mental peace. Afflicted Mercury may cause emotionally based anxieties that damage the health. As a natural benefic, Mercury gives an adaptable, skillful, and intelligent personality that allows them to develop and enjoy those things that Mercury is influencing in the horoscope.

Jupiter as 7th and 10th Lord

Jupiter is human idealism of the Twins.

Jupiter, as the 7th and 10th lord, represents the desire for a noble career that has the capacity to give status. Jupiter becomes a very powerful planet for status and professional success by ruling these two houses, both of which are significant for the career. Jupiter gives skill in career partnerships and indicates that marriage may somehow improve the career or status. Jupiter gives the Gemini native a capacity to give something great through their careers. Jupiter is very much a planet of presenting themselves well to the world, this is usually done in noble ways, the motivation though, may be either egocentric or more dharmic. Due to ruling two angles, Jupiter is a temporal neutral, career and partnership goals may be obtained in a selfish or dharmic manner. As a natural benefic, Jupiter offers plenty of opportunity with which to make a success of partnerships and career.

Venus as 5th and 12th Lord

Venus is the Woman with the Lute.

Venus, as the 5th and 12th lord, gives the Gemini native a natural creative capacity with which to have an affinity with others; this makes them artists of the finest type. Venus also gives a romantic mentality and strong devotional capacity. Venus gives some artistic pride, but not an empty pride, but one of recognizing beauty when they see it. Venus allows them to create beauty that others could never conceptualize and only dream off. Venus ruling the 5th causes the Gemini native to love the process of being creative. Venus also gives an avenue of escape through romance, education or spiritual practices. Due to its 5th house lordship, Venus is a temporal benefic, though as the 12th lord it may give some expense on account of romance, children, education, and their creative pursuits. As a natural benefic, Venus gives happiness and pleasures from those things it influences due to the native’s intelligence, and the ability to surrender and let things go when necessary.

Saturn as 8th and 9th Lord

Saturn is the human dogmatism of the Twins.

Saturn, as the 8th and 9th lord, represents the typical human behavior of seeking spiritually as a result of crisis and difficulties. For Gemini, Saturn is planet of developing faith and religion due to confrontation with mortality. Saturn gives a great need to develop a meaningful belief system in order to deal with the crisis that are a natural part of burning the results of one’s karmas. Saturn is very much a planet of penance and suffering which the Gemini native must undergo before discovering the truth they seek. Saturn, ruling the 8th house of vulnerability, also indicates some vulnerability in their faith, which only time will deepen. This vulnerability may be a source of dogmatism. Saturn, being a delaying factor, indicates that their spiritual life is stronger later in life, preference instead is placed on developing their skills in the early life. The 8th house lordship also makes their fortune somewhat unsteady, particularly in the earlier years, and generally causes some instability or crisis with the father as well. As the moolatrikona is the 9th house, and the 9th house is also the strongest trine, Saturn is a temporal benefic. There is more of an emphasis placed on faith, religion, etc, than on the immoralities, difficulties, etc., indicated by the 8th house, it is just that usually those difficulties necessarily serve to motivate the spiritual life. As a natural malefic Saturn, serves to separate the native from those things it influences due to their need to grow in wisdom and detachment.

**This ascendant portrait was taken from Kala Astrological Software created by Ernst & Srishti Wilhelm, and written by Ernst Wilhelm, my awesome Vedic Astrology teacher and mentor.


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