FREE RECORDING: High Content ‘Making Mars Conscious’ Training Teleseminar

“What we don’t make conscious, comes to us as fate.”  –Carl Jung

If you didn’t attend my Teleseminar, Making Mars Conscious -When Our Inner Warrior Doesn’t Work, here is your chance to listen to it for free.

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • Why you just “freeze” when someone crosses the line with you, instead of protecting and defending yourself right in that moment when it counts? (you’re stunned they would do or say such a thing)
  • Do you overreact, on the other hand, by “killing” anyone who dares to cross you in any way, and end up being embarrassed and having to apologize?
  • Do you have “rules of engagement” for conflict that you follow but that no one else seems to honor?
  • Does it seem like too much trouble to tackle the problems in your life, so you just let them go until they become overwhelming?
  • Is it hard for you to be logical when logic is the best tool for the job?
  • Are you attracted to “go getter” types of people for their many fine qualities, but you also end up getting pushed around and run over by them?
  • Do you have imaginary conversations in your head about what you wish you had said, or done in the past? Do you do this A LOT?

Follow-Up Info on Helping Mars to Work Better in Your Life

Here is the information I mentioned in the teleseminar about how to use your Mars effectively to set boundaries with people, ask for what you want, say “No” to what you don’t want, and be assertive without being aggressive (except when necessary, of course).

From The Want Institute, I heartily recommend Dr. Pat Allen’s excellent training on verbal communication. All of it is fantastic, but for using your Mars energy in a potent and effective manner, get the WANT® Training for Effective Living workbook set, and master these particular sessions:

  • How To Speak Rationally and Assertively
  • Handling Emotional Confrontations Rationally

Her work on relationship communication is the best I’ve found anywhere too (she has several training classes on communication).

I’ve done a LOT of homework on this because my Mars in the sign of Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is not as strong as it needs to be to navigate the tricky waters of conflict in relationship without the help of communication education (just what you would expect from a Mars ruled by Mercury, the ruler of communication, huh?) :-)

When Mars, Your Inner Warrior, Needs Help

Mars has only one planetary enemy and that is Mercury. But Mars can under perform for you in a few other signs too. If your Mars is:

  • in the sign of Gemini or Virgo
  • with Mercury in the same sign as your Mars
  • aspected by Mercury
  • in the sign of Cancer or Libra

Then these training sessions will be invaluable to your relationships and work life.

*If you don’t know what sign your Mars is in, get your FREE birth chart here. Everything is in plain English, you don’t have to know how to read astrological symbols.

If you would prefer to read a book, this is a great one for having the important conversations in your life:

Crucial Conversations, 2nd Edition by Kerry Patterson

This book helps you understand what is typically going through the mind of the person you are trying to talk to when you are setting a boundary, confronting them, or making a request. He teaches you how to stay in dialogue and how to help the other person feel safe, and to notice when that safety is at risk, and how to make it safe to talk about just about anything!

How to speak persuasively, how to listen when other blow up or refuse to speak, and how to turn conversations into actions and results.

Useful for every area of life, from work and talking to your boss or co-workers, to talking to your intimate partner and your kids.

Mars is the LORD of Logic

When you need to WIN an important argument (Mars also rules competition), here is a great book on using logic persuasively:

How to Win Every Argument: The Use & Abuse of Logic by Madsen Pirie

Logic is useful for bringing clarity to confusion, to working out the solution to a complicated problem, for winning a case in court, for persuading a client to work with you, or a boss to give you a raise, and more, but, it’s is possible to use logic as a weapon that will help you win the battle, but lose the war.

This is especially noticeable in male-female relationships when the male person tells the female person that her feelings aren’t “logical.” Oh boy, that is a BIG mistake! Besides, when you understand the language of feelings, they become logical too.


To learn about Making Mars Conscious in your life, HERE IS THE LINK to the Teleseminar:

May the stars bring you hope, healing, and happiness!

Karen White
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