FORECAST: A Romantic Full Moon Christmas

CoupleLightsMagicTreesThe full Moon in Cancer on Christmas is pretty rare, the last time was 38 years ago in 1977!

The sign of Cancer is the “home” sign of the Moon. It’s where the Moon can fully express its Moon qualities, especially since the Moon is full. The sign of Cancer is about our feeling nature, what is in our hearts, and our emotional happiness. The full Moon in Cancer is supporting that part of us to a heightened degree this Christmas day.

The sign of Cancer is the natural ruler of the fourth house of family too, and our emotional happiness is so often about our connections to our family, whether they be our parents, siblings, spouse, and children, or the family we’ve created with friends.

Whenever a planet is in a water sign, particularly the Moon, the main theme is emotional security. The kind of emotional security that is not affected by what is going on in our outer lives, including our relationships with other people.

It’s about being able to know what you feel, honor what you feel, to have a way to source, and foster, good feelings on your own, with or without, other people.

We can’t control others, and they will give us reasons to feel insecure frequently, so we need to find a way to be emotionally secure regardless of what other people are doing or not doing. Spiritual practices such as prayer, mantra, meditation, and a journal practice helps to create emotional security that is not easily shaken by the world. Doing one or more of these activities will ground us in our hearts that will act as a compass for the rest of the day.

The Sign of Cancer and Belonging

One of the basic needs of all human beings is a need for belonging, and the full Moon in Cancer is highlighting this. Most of us will have family and friends to spend the day with, to feel a sense of belonging with. The family is emphasized as being the main social unit of any society and it’s emotionally important to most of us to be with family on a major holiday.

However, some of us will be alone for a variety of reasons, but if the inner life is attended to on a regular basis, it won’t be a lonely day, even if the sense of belonging to a group is not being fulfilled in the same way it is for everyone else. The more we can fulfill ourselves emotionally from the inside, the less lonely we will feel if we can’t be with other people, or the people we want to be with, on Christmas.

Cancer is a feminine, receptive sign, and being open to what life wants to give us on this day, rather than trying to make things go a certain way based on an idea of the way things “should” be, will bring the best out of us and others. This is why Mars, the planet of using one’s will is considered to be weak in the sign of Cancer, as exerting an agenda willfully is not usually compatible with emotional connection.

It also means that exerting willpower to stay on a diet on this day is not likely to work either!

A Romantic Christmas

CoupleinFrontofLitesAnother outstanding planetary pattern for this day is Mars and Venus. Mars is in Venus’ sign of Libra, and Venus is in Mars’ sign of Scorpio. In astrology we call this a “mutual reception” and it means that these two planets are “ruled” by each other, or truly “love” each other.

Each on their own is weak being in the others sign, a good example of how vulnerable it makes us feel to truly love someone, yet the strength of the feeling (and this is quite a passionate combination) compels you to love with your whole heart anyway. This is a very romantic energy, especially for Capricorn rising or Capricorn Moon people.

Hang mistletoe from every doorway!

The Moon in Ardra Nakshatra – Passion

The Lunar Mansion (aka Nakshatra) in Ardra is  ruled by Rahu and is symbolized by a tear drop, and the word Ardra literally means “wet.” This made me wonder if it would rain on Christmas day, at least in my area, so I cast a Horary chart to find out. As a rule, weather Horary charts are very simple, so I thought you’d be interested in this.

I’m living in southern California out in the desert area near the base of mountains. This being an El Nino year, and California being in a perpetual drought, we’ve been waiting for the rain.

WillItRainOnChristmasAries is the first house sign, so Mars, the ruler of Aries, is the Ascendant lord, and since I’m asking about my area, Mars represents “here” for me. Mars is in the sign of Libra, meaning he is ruled by Venus. Mars just represents the place, it’s the planet that rules Mars, in this case Venus, that will tell us what the weather will be like where Mars is (where I am).

Venus is in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign, so it’s wet, and it’s not being aspected by any other planet to modify it at all, so Venus being in a water sign means it will rain. Scorpio is a “fixed” water sign, meaning it will probably rain all day. With the full Moon also being in the nakshatra of Ardra, it may even be a storm.

I’ll send you a report after Christmas and let you know what happened!

Anyway, back to the full Moon in Ardra. This is not exactly a soft and sweet Nakshatra, it’s about the clarity that comes after a storm, or the way you feel after a good cry. This star constellation is associated with storms, wetness like teardrops or raindrops (or snow in some places in the world), fierce activity, enthusiasm, and an urge for expansion. Spiritually, it’s very fertile.

It’s primary motivation is desire, and Rahu, it’s ruler, reflects it’s intense desire nature. Well, desire is another way of saying that the day will be full of the pleasures of the senses.

The pleasures of social interaction with your family and friends, the pleasures of sharing food and drink, the pleasures of deep, heartfelt conversations (or light banter with lots of laughter), the pleasures of giving and receiving gifts, and the celebration of the symbolic meaning of the holidays at this time of year.

The Sun begins it’s journey north starting on the day of the winter solstice, and the holidays at this time of year is about celebrating the light and the rebirth of the Sun (and the Son of God, if you’re of the Christian tradition, hence the word “Christ” mas). The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year and the longest night, but from this day forward the days start getting longer, which means more sunlight (the light of life), and spiritual light, for those of us in the north of the equator.

Expect the conversation to be lively, passionate, and sometimes intense, the appreciation for the food and drink to be joyful and exuberant (maybe ask everyone to bring a dish of their own), and if you really want to intensify the pleasure of the senses, ask everyone to dress up. People tend to be on their best behavior when they’re dressed up and feeling good about themselves (and, it’s fun)!

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