DTA Episode 11: Astrology & Authors with Guest Richard Milner, New Author of The Vessel of Kali

Divine Time Astrology Podcast logoThis is the start of a new series of podcasts on writers, their birth charts, and their books. Jaimini Vedic techniques show clear writing yogas and various other indications of writing in the birth chart, as well as the kind of writing, or most likely genre, an author will write in.

The Moon is always involved in writing as it rules rhythm and the mind. The different types of writing depend on the planet that aspects or rules the Moon. Venus and Moon combinations are known for producing writers of science fantasy/dark gothic, science fiction, poetry, prose, and certain types of non-fiction writing.

Richard Milner author of Vessel of Kali
Richard Milner author of Vessel of Kali

Today’s guest is author Richard Milner who has just debuted his first novel in the Dark Fantasy/Gothic genre. The name of the book is The Vessel of Kali and what is so interesting about it is that according to Jaimini techniques, this is because he has Rahu (who represents Kali) with his Atmakaraka, Mars in the birth chart, the navamsa (9th divisional house) and the dasamsa (10th divisional house).

Open an image of his birthchart into a separate window here.

Hear his fascinating story about how he came to be inspired to write about the dark goddess Kali, and how his birth chart reflects his writing perfectly!

Here is more about his new book:

  • Genre: Dark Fantasy/Gothic Fiction novel that draws on real-world mythology
  • Setting: An alternative earth, in New Corinth, a pleasure-obsessed city where fear and anger are censured
  • Conflict: The secret order of the goddess Kali, believed for centuries to be myth, fractures from within by an extremist faction intent on forcing social change
  • Theme: Finding purpose and identity in strife and hardship, in order to better yourself as an individual
Here is the blurb from the back of the book:

An arcane order, fractured from within, threatens to consume a city of drug-induced, religious fever. One woman – caught by conspiracy, hunted by visions – holds the key to salvaging society and tilting the balance of history, even if it means awakening a dormant goddess.

Here are the placements and signs of his planets in his birth chart:

  • Pisces Ascendant occupied by the Sun and Mercury
  • Venus in the 3rd house of writing aspected by the Moon in Capricorn
  • The Moon is aspected by Venus, and occupies the 9th house of telling tales
  • Rahu and Mars (the Atmakaraka, or soul essence planet) are in the 6th, aspecting hs Moon/Venus aspect.


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One Response to DTA Episode 11: Astrology & Authors with Guest Richard Milner, New Author of The Vessel of Kali

  1. This is a podcast I really enjoyed doing as Richard is someone who creates my drug of choice – books!

    If you’re interested in writing and astrology, you will enjoy this podcast too.

    Get his book, Vessel of Kali, at Amazon!

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