DTA Episode 10: Forecast for March 2014 with Karen White & Dr. Steve Moreau

Divine Time Astrology Podcast logoMarch 2014 Astrological Forecast with astrologer Karen White and guest astrologer Dr. Steve Moreau. The general placement of the planets and their relationship to each, as well as the Nakshatra placement of the New and Full Moon affecting February is discussed.

Dr. Steve Moreau is a traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and a Neuro-Feedback practitioner, as well as an astrologer. We will be talking about what the planetary signs and positions are for the month of November, as well as health recommendations based on Chinese medicine.

Being passionate about pure, organically grown foods, and organically raised cows, chickens, and other farms animals, Steve has been delivering fresh raw milk products, fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables from local Florida organic farms to people in his area of Orlando, Florida for the past nine years.

In this month’s forecast we discuss:

  • Pisces New Moon in Purva Bhadrapada and the theme of purification
  • Virgo Full Moon in Uttara Phalguni – a GREAT wedding day!
  • The Season of the Liver
  • How to do a simple and safe Liver cleanse
  • Good foods to eat for the spring season
  • Saturn goes direct
  • Mars goes retrograde, Mars in Libra sign and how it affect relationships
  • Mercury direct

Resources Mentioned in Podcast:

  1. The Nakshatras-The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology by Dennis M. harness, Ph.D.


To contact Steve for a Skype medical consult or for a health astrological reading, email him at kmt205@gmail.com.


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