DTA005: Forecast for Nov 2013, Line-up in Scorpio

Nov 2013 Forecast with Karen White and Dr. Steve Moreau, and the pile-up in the sign of Scorpio, Mercury Rx, plus an eclipse of the Sun!

Mercury Rx was already in effect when we did this podcast so there are some places in the recording where you can tell a piece is missing. Skype took it! I don’t know what it did with it, but everything you need to know about November is here, it’s just a few tangents and sidebars that we talked about that are “interrupted,” but I’ve edited the recording so you will barely notice it.

Steve tells the story of how he became interested in astrology as the result of watching the effects of eclipses on country rulers and the politics of that country.


Dr. Steve Moreau, traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner & AstrologerDr. Steve Moreau is a traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and a Neuro-Feedback practitioner, as well as an astrologer. We will be talking about what the planetary signs and positions are for the month of November, as well as health recommendations based on Chinese medicine.

Being passionate about pure, organically grown foods, and organically raised cows, chickens, and other farms animals, Steve has been delivering fresh raw milk products, fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables from local Florida organic farms to people in his area of Orlando, Florida for the past nine years.

Steve has his natal Moon in Scorpio, and he sees patients in his practice everyday, so he has a unique insight into the Sun, Moon, Rahu, Saturn, and Mercury Rx transits in Scorpio this month!

You Will Learn:

  • What is happening astrologically this month
  • What the New and Full Moon theme is for the month
  • The Nakshatra positions of the New and Full Moon
  • What the eclipse is likely to be about
  • What the pile-up in Scorpio is about
  • Mercury Rx and your health
  • Jupiter Rx and your sources of inspiration, boyfriends/husbands returning
  • Venus changes signs and makes easy aspects to all other planets and what that means for you
  • and more

Resources Mentioned:

  • Supplements for allergies: Quercitin and Leuthro (aka Eleuthero or Siberian Ginseng)
  • Pranayama Breathing Exercises, Alternative Nostril Breathing
  • Neti Pot


To contact Steve for a Skype medical consult or for a health astrological reading, email him at kmt205@gmail.com.


Here is a manual feed if you want to subscribe to my podcast without going through iTunes: http://divinetimeastrology.com/feed/podcast/



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