Discover the “Spouse Producer” Planet in Your Birth Chart

loverfliesWhat is your type and how do you recognize him or her?

There is a very simple way to find this out. It’s the planet at the lowest degree in your birth chart (not counting Rahu, Ketu, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto) and it’s called the Darakaraka (DK), or the “spouse producer” planet.

Why is this a good thing to know?

Because it tells you how your partner sees the world, the filter that they see everything through. It’s like a pair of glasses, only it’s a planetary pair of glasses.

When you understand how your partner sees the world, their main purpose, their deepest desires, and their greatest spiritual challenges, do you think it would make a difference in your relationship?

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How Knowing Makes a Difference

Does your lover drive you crazy because they just don’t take your word for anything? They have to figure it out for themselves, or they have to see it for themselves, no matter what it is? Do you take this personally and get mad or hurt about it because you feel disrespected?

If you knew that their “sWhatPlanetoul” planet was in the sign of Gemini, you would understand that this is just the way they must be, it’s what the sign of Gemini is requiring of them in order for them to grow spiritually.

You can then appreciate them for being the curious experimenters they are, maybe even be fond of them because of it! And, often amused at their rational, fact-based, “I won’t believe ’til I see it” orientation to the world.

It’s not the Sun sign, or the Moon sign, though these are important, it’s the soul planet we’re looking at, the planet in your chart that is producing your partner. That’s the planet that tells you the most about who your partner really is and what their presence in your life teaches you about yourself.

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Listen & Learn While You Do Other Things

Being a lover of knowledge and astrology, isn’t this something you’d like to know, not only about your partner, but yourself, and other people you care about too?

You can be a total beginner at learning astrology for this class, or you can be an advanced astrologer. Even if you are not normally interested in studying astrology, with this “snapshot” technique, you will be able to recognize every planetary type of person in your life and know the most important things about them.

It’s simple, but profound and you’ll find yourself looking at your partner differently, more deeply, and with more love and appreciation than you did before. You’ll have “ah ha’s” as you learn about each planet, even if it’s not your DK because it’s bound to describe someone in your life.

It’s not a demanding class where you have to look at a lot of charts (and follow a lot of rules or remember a lot of details), though there are several videos showing you how to see the DK in a person’s chart. You can listen while you drive, cook, putter around your house, or whatever.

It has something for every kind of learner: a written PDF version, six videos, seven audio MP3s, and a worksheet.

In a week or less, depending on how fast you learn, you can see your love with new eyes, and if you’re single, you’ll know exactly who you’re looking for.

DOWNLOAD the digital course: “What Planet is He/She From? The “Soul Planet” in Relationships” and learn what your partner (and yourself) is basically all about today (it’s only $69.95). Learn more about it here.

One Student Who Took the Live Course said:

“Really enjoying the Ak Course. Having profound insights
every week and it’s helping me pull the strands of my
astrological learnings together.

Love the dynamic between Ryan & Karen.

The course should be taught at school to enable teens to
understand themselves and relationships more, and [should
also be taught] within the counseling professions.”
-John Trotter


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