Dennis Quaid & Meg Ryan: The Moon & The Real Reason It Didn’t Work Out

Actors Dennis Quaid & Meg Ryan

Actor Dennis Quaid said in a recent interview that his most successful relationship with was ex-wife, actor Meg Ryan (Dennis has  been married three times).

Dennis and Meg were married for ten years and he said that it didn’t work out because he was jealous of Meg’s success; he felt like he ‘disappeared’ in the relationship.

But, in the Vedic Compatibility technique, a slightly different story can be seen. Not that he is lying in any way, just that there is another reason for how he felt and even if Meg’s career hadn’t taken off the way it did, they likely would have split up anyway.

If you prefer to read the rest, the text is below the video.

Dennis Quaid

Dennis’ birth time is not available, but you can still see quite a bit about him and his relationship with Meg Ryan. It’s all about the Moon; how far his Moon is from Meg’s Moon in their birth charts.

In order for the energy to flow in the most harmonious way, it’s best if the man’s Moon is at least 14 lunar mansions away from the woman’s (there are 27 lunar mansions in Vedic astrology). There are other considerations too, of course, but the Moon is the most important planet in relationship compatibility.

When the man’s Moon is too close to the woman’s Moon, there is a short-circuit in the creative energy; instead of it flowing from the man to the woman (ideal), it flows from the woman to the man. It’s even worse if it’s less than nine (9) lunar mansions away.

This can make the man feel like he can’t keep up with the woman (her mental process is faster than his and she may be miles ahead of him, trying to pull him along); that she doesn’t respect him for what he does and thinks, and that she doesn’t really need him. It forces her to play the masculine role and him to play the feminine role.

This is on an energetic level, of course, and is all the more difficult because of that. Even if both people in the relationship know what is going on astrologically in their compatibility, it takes a lot of patience, discipline, and compensation to make up for it. If you don’t know what is going on, then you blame yourself, or your partner, often going back and forth between one of the two.

This is especially painful when you have other attraction and compatibility factors that got you together in the first place. You love each other and you feel like you’re supposed to be together, so why is it so painful??

Their son, Jack, with Dennis

Dennis and Meg have another energetic problem in their relationship too that no doubt added to their problems; they have an excess of the Windy element. This is a very chaotic energy that makes it hard to stay grounded and focused and causes the woman to feel more and more insecure in the relationship.

Just the reversal of energy mentioned above can be enough to cause the partners to seek outside reassurance through affairs, adding the excess of the Windy element, and it can tip it over the edge.

The reasons they got together in the first place are quite strong also. The strongest reason is the extra special “wow” thing in their compatibility called “Mahendra.” It gives the couple a deep feeling of meaning when together, a special affinity and friendship as well as longevity and well-being. It can make up for other blemishes between the couple.

When you have this in your relationship with someone, you tend to stick it out a lot longer because you just feel like you’re supposed to be there, that there is a purpose to your relationship. Meg and Dennis have a son together, and that could be part of why they stayed together as long as they did, and now they happily co-parent their son together even though they are no longer married. In an interview, Meg told Oprah that “I should have left sooner.” Mahendra and some other things are why she stayed as long as she did.

The other planets play a role too, and Venus when compared to the other person’s Venus can show how romantic a couple’s relationship is. Dennis and Meg have really good compatibility between their Venus’. He is the masculine energy and she is the feminine and there are no elemental imbalances.

I love astrology because of this kind of healing information, I wish that Meg and Dennis could know that while they individually may have had some relationship capacity issues (I’ll talk about that next week), they had some really difficult energetic strikes against them that made their marriage in the public eye last for 10 years a really remarkable thing.

They didn’t have to blame themselves and each other quite as much as they probably did and it would be healing for them to know that they weren’t crazy for getting together in the first place. It would be good to know that they did very well with the difficulties that were inherent in their compatibility.


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