Free Birth Chart Calculator

Here is the Free Chart Calculator to get your birth chart. The video below will show you how to get your chart and how to read it. Please notice below that I’ve included tables to explain the symbols and the simple meanings of the 12 houses of your chart. Get your chart and then follow along in the video as I explain everything on the chart pages.

**YOU MAY HAVE TO TURN UP THE SOUND. Sorry, for some reason the volume came out lower than I intended. Here are the links mentioned at the end of the video:

IF FOR SOME REASON you can’t get your chart, email me with your birth data (day, month, year, time, city, state, or city & country), and I will create a chart PDF and email it to you.

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Ayanamsa and House System Used on This Free Chart Calculator:

**IF YOUR CHART COMES OUT DIFFERENT than what you are used to, it’s because the Ayanamsa setting is Dhruva Galactic Center, Middle of Mula, using Tropical signs for the planets, but the Sidereal position for the Nakshatras. The house system used is Campanus.




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