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Western-friendly Vedic astrology uses the tropical zodiac for most astrological techniques except for fixed-star nakshatra techniques.

Are You “Magnetic”, or “Dynamic?” It’s ALL in the Sex of Your Planets

In my last corporate job, I had two bosses. One was Magnetic and the other was Dynamic. The Magnetic one was the one everyone liked to talk to, and hang out with, including me. One day he seemed bummed-out and I asked him why. He said he wished he was more ambitious, more willing to… Continue Reading


Are You A Psychic? How You Can KNOW

One of my favorite TV shows was Medium, about the real psychic, Allison DuBois, who worked for the Phoenix, Arizona district attorney’s office as an intern and helped the police solve murder cases. While I enjoyed watching Medium, and was alternately fascinated, entertained, and worried for Allison, I was SO glad that I’m not psychic like she… Continue Reading


“A Little Known Secret” to Get MORE From Your Favorite Horoscope Column

We all do it, we read our Sun sign horoscope in the newspaper, in the back of magazines, or on-line. Sometimes it seems relevant, (if we were born at sunrise there’s a better chance it will be), but unless it directly addresses something we are going through, we forget it a few minutes after reading… Continue Reading


Chart Example: How to Tell if Your Venus Needs Help

ADDENDUM to the article titled Venus Series Part II: How to Tell if Your Venus Needs Help & What to Do About it if it Does. I won’t be able to explain WHY Venus is considered to be damaged in certain signs and circumstances because it too much to write about here, but this will… Continue Reading


Father’s Day: What Does the Sun and Venus in Your Birth Chart Say About Your Dad?

Whether you love your dad, hate your dad, or don’t even know him, your father’s influence stays with you for your entire life. If you’ve never met your biological father, if you lost him through death at an early age, if divorce took his steady presence away, or if you have a difficult relationship with… Continue Reading


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