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Love Preventing or Love Destroying Blemishes in Vedic Astrology

Here is Part 2 in the 3-part VIDEO series with Nicole Brenny. Nicole interviews me about the Vedic Compatibility Technique. Specifically, about love preventing or love destroying blemishes in Vedic Astrology. We talk about what makes a relationship great and what can get in the way, as shown in the Vedic compatibility (Kuta) technique. The… Continue Reading


If You Have “Mahendra,” But Low Overall Compatibility, is it Worth It?

The Vedic Compatibility Technique & “Mahendra” The Vedic Compatibility Technique shows whether or not a couple has something extra-special called “Mahendra” together. This is a magical, special, and “rightness” feeling you can have with someone. It creates longevity, well-being, gives children, indicates a special affinity and friendship, and most importantly, it adds a deep feeling… Continue Reading


The Surprising Importance of Saturn in Your Relationships

Saturn is surprisingly important to the long-term success of your relationships, especially in marriage. If Saturn is weak or too afflicted in the navamsa (marriage chart), then the relationship lacks longevity and the ability to handle the painful aspects of life, and the inevitable ebbs that are part of every relationship. Here is the final video… Continue Reading


Video: Mars in Love – Will Power, Assertiveness, Sex, & Boundaries in Relationships

This video continues the series of videos I did with Ryan Kurczak of Asheville Vedic Astrology on the role of the planets in love and marriage. In this video we talk about Mars, the masculine stoic soldier planet, in the arena of feminine Venus – the arena of relationships. Also mentioned in this video is… Continue Reading


DTA Podcast: Guest LV Barat author of “The Eye of the Hawk” Available Now!

Laura Barat’s first book of fiction is available now! Laura has been on the DTA podcasts before as a Vedic astrologer and my co-host for various shows. We started out doing Laura’s radio show, Astrology Fundamentals, together (I was her co-host then), and along the line she decided to become a full-time author (she is… Continue Reading


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