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Your birth chart reveals your basic temperament and what what foods, drinks, and lifestyle practices are best to create and maintain vibrant health. The planets individually can have an impact on your health too.

Full Moon in Cancer Forecasts: Full Moon with Rahu

Cancer Full Moon Forecasts: For Your Health & MoreHere are your FULL MOON in CANCER with Rahu Forecast videos!

The Moon is completely full on December 22nd (in Greenwich, UK), three days before Christmas.

In these videos (VIDEOS with TIMESTAMPS BELOW), my special guest Neeshee Pandit and I discuss the implications of the GIVING Full Moon in CANCER for each zodiac sign. Neeshee brings his knowledge of Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, as well as astrology.

The Critical House in the Birth Chart for the Full Moon Transit

The Full Moon in the 2nd house is the critical house for the Full Moon. The Moon is full in the 2nd house only once a year. This month, the Full Moon in CANCER is in the critical 2nd house for GEMINI Rising people.

The Moon’s job is to get our personal needs met. The 2nd house represents our resources, close friends and family. When the full Moon transits through the 2nd house, we can see clearly if we are getting our personal needs fulfilled or not.

If we are not, then we can see more clearly how we CAN get them satisfied. When the Moon is Full in the 2nd house the following year, we can see if we have learned more about asking for what we want, saying ‘no’ to what we don’t want, and negotiating. (ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW SPECIAL OFFER BELOW).


For a woman, the Moon is the most important planet for relationships. Where your Moon is in the birth chart, the sign it is in, and the aspects from other planets are critical. The Moon is receptivity, adaptability, femininity, and emotional expression.

Find out how your Moon is situated, how it affects your love life and remedies for the Moon when it’s not doing well. 

I’m offering a FREE Relationship Capacity Report and FREE Compatibility Report with the Ready-for-Love Consultation until mid-January 2019. Normally, they are $14.95 each, so you save $29.90.    

Find out everything you need to know to make the most of your love life and attract your life partner with the Ready-for-Love Consultation. It is only $159 if you come to the consultation alone, and $209 if you come to the consultation with your partner. You can be straight, gay, or lesbian, the stars work for everyone. The reading is 90 minutes long and you get a recording as well as the relationship reports mentioned above.

EXAMPLE REPORTFemale Relationship Capacity Report (Angelina Jolie)

EXAMPLE REPORTMale Relationship Capacity Report (Brad Pitt)

EXAMPLE REPORT:  Compatibility Report (Prince Charles & Princess Diana)

How to Tell Your Psychological Age and (How to Get Your Needs Met)

Cancer Full Moon Forecasts: For Your Health & MoreAccording to relationship expert & psychologist Dr. Pat Allen, if you can ask for what you want, you are one year old psychologically.

If you can say ‘no’ to what you don’t want, then you’re two years old psychologically.

Between ages two and five, if you learn how to negotiate and allow the other person the same rights, you are five psychologically.

Every year when the full Moon goes through the 2nd house of the birth chart, you can evaluate how grown-up you really are :-)

Recommendations & Remedies Discussed for Full Moon in CANCER

Because the Moon is with Rahu in the sign of Cancer for December 2018, the recommended remedies are around emotional health, for the body and the mind:

Happy Holidays and enjoy the Full Moon in Cancer!


The Sun and Moon in Love

Dennis Quaid & Meg Ryan: The Moon & the Real Reason It Didn’t Work Out

VIDEO: Full Moon in Cancer-Part 1, Aries thru Virgo (Time stamps below video)

Aries – 06:44

Taurus – 18:22

Gemini – 26:01

Cancer – 37:18

Leo – 44:44

Virgo – 53:10

VIDEO: Full Moon in Cancer-Part 2, Libra thru Pisces (Time stamps below video)

Libra – 00:00

Scorpio – 17:24

Sagittarius – 26:40

Capricorn – 33:37

Aquarius – 42:35

Pisces – 52:33


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FULL Moon in Aries Forecasts, Astrology & Ayurveda-Sep 2018

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The Sign of Cancer in the Svamsa – Your Spiritual Struggle & Path to Fulfillment

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