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FULL Moon in Libra: Spring Equinox, 3 of Diamonds, & Your Health

Full Moon in Libra: Spring Equinox, the 3 of Diamonds & Your HealthThis month Neeshee and I talk about the Full Moon in Libra. The full Moon in Libra is on March 20th – 21st and very close to the Spring Equinox. The card that Neeshee drew for the Full Moon in Libra is the 3 of Diamonds. Spring is the season for cleansing the liver in Ayurveda, and we discuss what this means for your health.

Forecasts for Each Sign of the Zodiac

FULL Moon in Libra: Spring Equinox, 3 of Diamonds, & Your HealthWe do forecasts for each sign of the zodiac about the full Moon in the sign of Libra. Libra is an air sign and falls into a different house for each sign. The Full Moon GIVES and so it’s an auspicious time. Neeshee also pulled a card for the Full Moon in Libra, AND, a card for each sign too. We discuss how that adds to your forecast.

The Critical 2nd House

The Full Moon in Libra is in the critical second house for Virgo Rising. This happens once a year and it’s the most important transit position for the full Moon.

TIMESTAMPS are below each video below. The first video, Part 1 is Aries through Virgo and the second video, Part 2 is Libra through PiscesWatch the forecasts for your rising sign (ascendant/lagna), your Sun sign, and your Moon sign to get a complete picture of what the full Moon in Libra will GIVE to you this month!

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Libra Ascendant and Nature of House Lords



09:18 The 3 of Diamonds Card

13:38  Aries

18:26 Taurus

22:42 Gemini

27:01 Cancer

31:20 Leo

39:18 Virgo


00:00  Libra

06:26  Scorpio

11:27  Sagittarius

16:24  Capricorn

21:55  Aquarius

27:33  Pisces



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Full Moon in Cancer Forecasts: Full Moon with Rahu

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