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Capricorn Partial Eclipse Jan 5, 2019: RITUALS & Poison vs. Nectar

Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn Jan 5th: RITUALS & Poison vs. NectarThere is a partial solar eclipse tomorrow, January 5th, 2019, in the sign of Capricorn. The eclipse will be happening with Ketu, the Sun, Saturn, and Mercury all in the sign of Capricorn!

In the videos Part 1 & 2 below, I interview Neeshee Pandit of about eclipses and the recommended rituals for getting in tune with nature before, during, and after an eclipse.

We discuss eclipse rituals and whether or not eclipses are poisonous or an opportunity to access the nectar of immortality. This is stuff I’ve never heard before and it’s fascinating.

Capricorn Partial Eclipse Jan 5, 2019: RITUALS & Poison vs. NectarEclipse astrology is not something I use in my practice because I have issues with how vague the results are. And how negative eclipses are supposed to be. I tell Neeshee why I don’t use eclipse astrology and he tells me all the reasons he does. We have a lively conversation and I ask him a LOT of questions!

An eclipse of the Sun or Moon is a chance to access our shadow side. The rituals are for getting into tune with nature before, during, and after the eclipse. We discuss the modern way to do these ancient planetary remedies.

Recommended Eclipse Rituals

Fast – 12 hours before an eclipse
Pray & Meditate (and/or write) – During the eclipse
Cleanse – After the eclipse
Donate – After cleansing

We go into much more detail on these rituals in our conversation about eclipses in the videos below.

Videos Part 1 and 2 are below.

Capricorn Partial Eclipse Jan 5, 2019: RITUALS & Poison vs. Nectar

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Capricorn Solar Eclipse Rituals_Jan 5th, 2019 Pt 1

Capricorn Solar Eclipse Rituals_Jan 5th, 2019 Pt 2


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