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Vedic astrology reveals your best spiritual path and spiritual practices, as well as your spiritual nature and purpose. Your personal path to enlightenment.

Mars & Spirituality: A Talk with My Mars “Twin” Ryan Kurczak you tried to start a meditation or other spiritual practice but have a hard time sticking with it? Are you afraid of what would happen if you cultivated a closer relationship with the divine? Are you interested in spirituality and enlightenment? If you are, you may be wondering what Mars and spirituality have to do with each other.

Ryan Kurczak and I talk about Mars because we are “Mars twins” – we both have Mars in Gemini at seven degrees. We discuss how Mars plays a big role in enlightenment, even though we usually associate Mars with war.

Spirituality & Enlightenment is Not Just the Domain of Jupiter

Usually, we think that Jupiter is the only planet of spiritual growth, and Jupiter IS the planet of wisdom, knowledge, and happiness. He represents the happiness that comes from a connection to the divine and the sense of purpose that comes from that.

But the other planets, even Mars, one of the ‘cruel’ planets, plays a role in our spiritual unfolding, and our ultimate happiness. Mars is the warrior and the planet of the logical truth. Mars helps us to do difficult things like sitting in meditation (for longer than 5 minutes once a month). Making amends to someone we’ve harmed, or surrendering to a higher power of our understanding takes the courage of Mars.

Is Mars Helping You in Your Spiritual Growth Practices?

Mars Prayer - Do you do your spiritual practices even when you don’t feel like it or when it seems too hard? If so, then your Mars is helping you do do this as Mars is the planet that allows you to execute what’s in your mind. He is the planet that proceeds from the Sun and the Moon, the other two planets of consciousness. The Sun is the rational mind, and the Moon is the intuitive mind, and our intentions are channeled through Mars as he is the conductor.

Remedies for Mars

If you’re having trouble doing the spiritual practices you want to do, then working with the Sun (seek inspiration) and the Moon (follow your true feelings) will help support your Mars. You can also strengthen your Mars directly by feeding the birds on Tuesdays (I know it sounds weird, but it works), doing ab exercises, or doing the ‘breath of fire’ daily.

Being involved in sports (not watching sports) is good too because it requires effort, continual improvement in skills, and includes competition. The martial arts is an excellent example of physical and spiritual training characteristic of Mars.  

Find Out the Best Spiritual Path for You

Your birth chart shows the spiritual path and practices that will lead to the fastest growth for you and your spiritual challenges, lessons, and gifts. Your birth chart can even indicate if you are likely to become spiritually liberated this lifetime! What spiritual path is most suited to you? Find out the best planetary remedies for you. 

In the Whole Life Consultation, you can find out this and anything else that you want to know regarding purpose, relationship, health, timing. You get a free Horary question with this consultation and a recording of our conversation.

Ryan and I talk about Mars and how Mars helps you to discern the truth and to have the courage to go wherever it may take you. I hope you find the conversation enjoyable and informative.


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