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The Surprising Importance of Saturn in Your Relationships

Saturn is surprisingly important to the long-term success of your relationships, especially in marriage. If Saturn is weak or too afflicted in the navamsa (marriage chart), then the relationship lacks longevity and the ability to handle the painful aspects of life, and the inevitable ebbs that are part of every relationship. Here is the final video… Continue Reading


DTA Podcast: 2014 Forecast for United States & World with Laura Barat

The 2014 Forecast for the United States and the World with astrologers Karen White and Laura Barat. Laura has been a Vedic astrologer for 19 years, and is currently a passionate student of Mundane astrology, the astrology of nations and Kings, also known as Political astrology. Laura is also a painter, shaman, and is now… Continue Reading


CAPRICORN Ascendant and Nature of House Lords

The native with Capricorn Lagna (aka Ascendant or Rising Sign) has a life of activities and rewards that is based upon their previous karmas. Capricorn is the natural 10th house of the zodiac, the house of greatest activity as well as the most powerful house. But Capricorn is an even sign, meaning its nature is… Continue Reading


Venus Series Part IV: Five Ways a “Venus Person” Can Drive You Crazy

Last week, a friend who read the previous newsletter about how to recognize a Venus person, asked me, “How will my life change by recognizing Venus people?” Well, I thought that was a really good question! Here’s what I told her: Half the fun and value of astrology, are the insights it gives you into… Continue Reading


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