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The Astrology of Cuteness

It’s been several weeks since we brought our little dog (a Deerhead Chihauhau) home, but I never seem to get over her incredible cuteness. Everything she does, her very being, seems to be the essence of adorableness and cuteness.

I was musing on the astrology of this and I came to the conclusion that cuteness is under the domain of the Moon and Venus, with maybe a touch of Mercury (for impishness).

Venus and the Moon are the only two planets that are feminine in nature. Femininity is not always cute or adorable, but it is definitely an aspect of it.

I’ve never met a man, for instance, who is flattered by being called cute or adorable (furthermore, my husband told me to never put the word “little” in front of any word describing a man).

Children are cute and adorable, and they are ruled by the Moon. We know how emotionally transparent children are and that openness is what claims our hearts so completely.

In many ways, my cute little dog is just like a child. Her joy is unrestrained and unself-conscious. She is not the least bit embarrassed by wanting what she wants and when she’s done sitting on my lap being petted to within an inch of her life, she jumps down without apology.

When she wants affection, she comes over to me and just wiggles her little body and puts her paw on my leg. Of course, even if I’m busy, I can’t say no to her (even though it’s hard typing with a dog sitting on your lap).

Venus rules pets in general because pets are so close to our hearts and Venus has the most strength in the 4th house of the inner emotional life. Pets are considered part of the family and they bring happiness.

I suspect she’s in love with my husband. She follows him everywhere and gazes at him for long stretches of time with her sweet adoring brown eyes.

It’s the cutest thing ever!


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