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With Horary astrology it’s possible to ask questions about nearly anything on earth! The chart is cast at the time you ask the question (your birthday information is not necessary), and the answer can be read in great detail!

Horary Astrology: “How does he feel about me?”

By far the majority of questions people ask are questions about relationships. In my online course, Learn Horary, we spend a lot of time on romantic relationship questions. I’ve kept most of the Horary charts I’ve done over the years for clients and the stack of romantic relationship questions is about three times higher than… Continue Reading


About Registration for the “Learn Horary” Online Course

Well, we worked all day on the registration page for the course, but it’s still not done. The technology is much more complex then we expected, but we have high hopes that it will be available for you tomorrow. I’m working on the course materials download and the course syllabus as well. The course materials… Continue Reading


Horary Example: “Will I Get the Job?”

THIS IS VIDEO two showing some basic principals of Horary astrology. Horary questions about jobs – getting a job, what is going on in a job, losing a job, questions about problem co-workers or bosses, which two job offers to choose between, and more – are a very large portion of questions you get as… Continue Reading


Learn Horary Astrology: Who Will Win, Hillary or Donald?

NEW Horary Astrology Course Coming Soon! Here is a demonstration of how simple Horary astrology can be:  STAY TUNED for details on the upcoming Horary Astrology, An In-depth Course and Practice that will be opening for registration on June 29th at noon, Pacific Time. More Horary examples to come! Continue Reading


Upcoming: HORARY Astrology Workshop

If you want to learn more about Horary astrology and how to do it, you’re invited to attend this four-hour beginners workshop. If you want to learn an essential skill as a practicing astrologer and be of practical assistance to your clients, friends, family and yourself, come to this Horary workshop. I’ll be giving this Horary workshop next… Continue Reading


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