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Your birth chart reveals your basic temperament and what what foods, drinks, and lifestyle practices are best to create and maintain vibrant health. The planets individually can have an impact on your health too.

The Full Moon in Virgo – Forecasts for All Signs

The Full Moon in Virgo Forecasts for All SignsOn February 19th, the Moon will be full in the sign of Virgo. Neeshee Pandit of Atmaastrology and I give forecasts for all signs of the zodiac. The usual implications of the full Moon in each of the twelve houses of the birth chart is discussed, as well as for your health.

The Critical 2nd House for Leo Rising

The full Moon in Virgo is in the critical second house for Leo rising people. The full Moon transit in the 2nd house happens only once a year.  Take full advantage of this transit Leo rising! 

The Eight of Hearts Card

The Full Moon in Virgo Forecasts for All SignsThis month we added a card, for a regular playing deck, to the forecasts. Neeshee pulled a card for the full Moon in Virgo. The card he picked is the Eight of Hearts. The Eight of Hearts is a Moon and Rahu card. Hearts are fruits, so the Eight of Hearts card is reinforcing the giving, nurturing, healing full Moon in Virgo message.

TimeStamps for the Videos Below

The TimeStamps for each sign is below each video below. In video one (Part 1), we cover the signs Aries through Virgo. In video two (Part 2) we discuss the signs Libra through Pisces.

Watch the forecasts for your rising sign (ascendant/lagna), your Sun sign, and your Moon sign to get a complete picture of what the full Moon in Virgo will GIVE to you this month!


The Spiritual Challenge of Virgo

Be Here Now: The Moon-Mind Way of Being

The Full Moon in Virgo, Part 1 – Aries through Virgo


03:41 Aries
09:47 Taurus
14:00 Gemini
17:53 Cancer
24:49 Leo
30:10 Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo, Part 2 – Libra through Pisces

00:00 Libra
05:10 Scorpio
10:24 Sagittarius
16:29 Capricorn
22:57 Aquarius
27:57 Pisces


LEO Full Moon Eclipse Forecasts

There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo on January 21st, 2019 (Monday). In these astrological forecast videos (Part 1 & 2), Neeshee Pandit and I talk about the meaning of the full Moon lunar eclipse in Leo for each sign. Timestamps are below each video. This time I’m actually feeling the effects of… Continue Reading


Full Moon in Cancer Forecasts: Full Moon with Rahu

Here are your FULL MOON in CANCER with Rahu Forecast videos! The Moon is completely full on December 22nd (in Greenwich, UK), three days before Christmas. In these videos (VIDEOS with TIMESTAMPS BELOW), my special guest Neeshee Pandit and I discuss the implications of the GIVING Full Moon in CANCER for each zodiac sign. Neeshee brings his knowledge of Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India,… Continue Reading


FULL MOON in Gemini for Thanksgiving! Forecasts for Each Sign

Here are your FULL MOON in GEMINI Forecast videos for Thanksgiving!  On Thanksgiving this year, the Moon is very bright and nearly full, giving a light, social atmosphere. Perfect, right? The Moon is completely full on November 23rd, the day after Thanksgiving. In these videos (VIDEOS with TIMESTAMPS BELOW), Neeshee Pandit and I discuss the implications of the GIVING Full… Continue Reading


Full Moon in Taurus: Your Health & the Moon

Taurus is the Moon’s most powerful and nourishing sign for the Moon. The FULL Moon in Taurus will be on October 24th. The Moon will be transiting through the 2nd house for Aries ascendant people, the most critical house for the Full Moon. The Full Moon in Taurus, however, is very fortunate for every rising sign.… Continue Reading


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