Byron Katie & the Moon with Mars: Do You Want to Fix & Improve Your Partner?

Byron Katie & the Moon & MarsDo you want to fix and improve your partner? Does your partner try to fix and improve you? Do you and your partner argue a lot, do you feel pushed around in your relationship? If any of these things apply to you, then the video I just uploaded on the work of Byron Katie is for you. Byron Katie has Mars with her Moon in Scorpio and she misused her Mars terribly before she had her awakening experience.

After her awakening, she developed a meditative process called ‘The Work.’ The Work consists of four questions you ask yourself whenever you are in mental or emotional distress.

The Four Questions of The Work

  1. Is it true?
  2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
  3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought
  4. Who would you be without the thought?

Then turn it around. Find as many turnarounds as you can and find examples of the turnarounds in your life. Katie’s method can be done by oneself or with another person. As soon as you have a problem, you fill out what she calls the Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet, and then you apply the questions. You can download the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet here:

To watch Katie work with someone using this method, you can find several videos on how she works with relationship issues here:

Mars & ‘Assertive Pressure’ in Relationships

Byron Katie & the Moon with MarsByron Katie’s work can restore peace to your love life if you tend to want to fix and improve your partner. Mars in relationship compatibility is our degree of ‘assertive pressure.’ Assertive pressure is how assertive you are in love, whether you can ask for what you want, say no to what you don’t want, and your ability to compromise.

The Compatibility Report (see link below in the yellow Special Offer box) measures the amount of assertive pressure each person has. If one person is much more assertive than the other, this causes an imbalance and discontent over time. If both people have an equal, or close to equal, amount of assertive pressure, then the relationship can run smoothly.

Do you feel pushed around or that you don’t have a voice in your relationship? If so, you may have less assertive pressure than your partner. If your partner seems to be less involved in the relationship and doesn’t tell you how they feel, then your partner could have less assertive pressure than you. Mars is the natural planet of divorce, so understanding your Mars and how you express Mars could save your relationship!

To find out if you and your partner have an equal or unequal, amount of assertive pressure, get the Compatibility Report or the Ready for Love Consultation with me.


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The transcript of the video is below the video if you prefer to read it instead. 


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Video: Mars in Love – Will Power, Assertiveness, Sex & Boundaries in Relationships


Hi, this is Karen White of Divine Time Astrology and this video is about Byron Katie. I’ll show you how her process, called The Work, shows up in her birth chart. If you have the moon with or aspected by Mars, or if Mars is your Atmakaraka, your ‘self-producer’ planet, your essence planet, the work of Byron Katie is especially helpful to you.

Several clients that I’ve recommended her work to have written to tell me how much her work has helped them in their relationships. I’ve been listening and watching her videos on youtube today, probably because Mars is in the sign of Aries now and is transiting through my fourth house of emotional happiness. She’s fun to watch, especially when she works with people on their relationships.

I’ve put some links below this video of one of her relationship video playlists. I don’t have her birth time but that’s okay because I’m just going to work with her Atmakaraka planet and the planets with and aspecting it. That is all we need to see who she is, her essence, and why the work she brings to the world is what it is. So here we see here the moon is the Atmakaraka planet and she has it here with Mars in the sign of Scorpio. Mars is in his own sign here.

Now the Moon speaks sweet words of encouragement and you can hear her do that throughout every session that she has with someone. The moon is also the ego, the mind, and the imagination. She constantly refers to the mind, our thoughts, and the ego. The unquestioned thoughts we think, create a ‘movie’ that we’re watching and it’s not based on in reality most of the time. Attachment to our ideas and thoughts about how things and people should, or shouldn’t be, is the cause of anger and suffering.

If you read about her story or you watch her talk about her story, she suffered greatly and the people around her did too, before she learned to question what she was thinking, and the truth of what she was thinking. Now Mars is a planet that can be very aggressive and and and full of anger and that’s the way she was. She bullied her husband into getting what she wanted the way she wanted it. She basically was a rageaholic. She raged at the people close to her and her family and even her children became afraid of her.

If you just go online, you can google Byron Katie’s story and read about her awakening experience. Before she became a teacher of the work she was in real estate and she made quite a lot of money in real estate too. Mars rules real estate and Jupiter is aspecting Mars and the Moon here. Mars is in his own sign where he’s powerful and Jupiter is in the sign of exaltation as well as it being retrograde, which adds extra strengths to it.

Jupiter/Mars combinations are wealth combinations and she and both of two of her husbands bought real estate, fixed it up and resold them. she made quite a lot of money doing that, however, being wealthy didn’t make her happy at all. When she got married the second time, she descended into a really deep dark depression. It was while she was in this depression that she had her awakening experience. I looked it up to see when that was and interestingly it was during her Ketu time period and Ketu is associated with awakening, spiritual development, and spiritual enlightenment.

Ketu is also liberation spiritual liberation, and freedom is one of the things that she talks about a lot. freedom and peace. now Mars is also the will.and when the will is applied inappropriately when it’s applied to things that are not your business basically is what it comes down to and you use your will in order to try to get other people to be differently to act differently than they are this is typically where an inappropriate use of Mars and interestingly the enlightenment path for Mars is to become innocent minded which is just another way of saying loving things the way they actually are loving reality as it is loving people the way that they are and this is actually how you can change something but it begins with the self of course an interesting – she talks a lot about loving what is she even has a book titled loving what is it’s so fascinating to see how this shows up in people’s charts they’re up macaca on the planets with the Atma Karka and how that informs their life and the way they think and what they do one of the reasons why Mars can cause so much unhappy when it’s with the moon or it’s the epic Erica or it’s ruled by Mars yet macaque is ruled by Mars aspect of my Mars with Mars or Mars is prominent in the chart in some way is because Mars looks up he is idealistic he has very clear ideas in his mind he is very opinionated about the way things should it shouldn’t be and he loves to fix things improve things and kill evils so he’s described as roaming to and fro with torn form and red eyes so he’s always looking for things to fix things to improve and evils to kill so you can imagine you use this kind of energy this kind of power inappropriately and it can wreak all kinds of havoc in your life especially in your relationships because when you train this Mars on your partner and you want to fix him or her and improve them or her and try to get rid of their faults which would be the killing evils part well you can see how this would not be a recipe for relationship happiness okay so anyway back to her at macaca and the planet aspect in it Jupiter is exalted in cancer and is a speck team the moon they have a car commode and Mars now Jupiter is a planet that looks all around and he looks all around and brings perspective through wisdom philosophy and spirituality now because Jupiter is aspect in the moon she is was able and is able to see a different way from a different perspective a different way to use her Mars and this is one of the things that you see her do when she’s working with people on following the work the moon Jupiter Mars the is repeated again here in the de l’homme pia her Mars is in the sign of Aquarius here and it’s with Jupiter and the moon and it’s not aspected by anything else at least not in G many aspects it isn’t the sign of Aquarius has to do with individuation becoming an individual accepting yourself all your flaws and everything about you that’s like everyone else on earth and that which is different than everyone else you know I guess you would call your weirdnesses or your quirks and it’s really interesting because this is something that she’s doing she’s actually doing this while she is doing the work she’s accepting herself exactly the way she is she is loving herself as she is she’s loving everyone else a humanity she is a humanitarian as well which is another thing that Aquarius is about and she’s bringing her message to the people to everyone it’s not just for you know there’s a special few it’s for everyone everyone who who wants it that is now Mars Mars is logic and Katie uses logic in the most interesting way when questioning her thoughts and in guiding others in questioning their thoughts no doubt this is why Mars is one of the planets of conscious consciousness Mars is also a planet that helps us to do hard things to exert ourselves to fight for the life that we want Katie often says that she calls the practice of questioning your thoughts the work for a reason as because it requires writing down the thought and thinking about it questioning it applying the method she teaches until the truth becomes clear and mental peace as attained in other words it’s work now mmm she helps she also herself works really hard I mean you see the fact that she was in real estate and fixed up homes and then sold them again means that she’s a person who’s able to do really hard work and I could I mean I’m amazed when I watch her just work with one person after the next after the next after the next and she does it all and I don’t like maybe five or more people in the space of an hour without seeming to get tired she’s patient she’s encouraging she has a great sense of humor and she you know do we listen to her and watch her work it’s hard to believe that she was ever mentally ill but she was at one time she was very mentally ill so I highly recommend her work loving what is another book that’s great for relationships is I need your love is that true that’s a good one and then you could just watch her on YouTube she’s quite fascinating to watch so that’s all I wanted to talk about tonight and if you would like to get a consultation where we look at Mars in your chart to see if Mars is helping you to fight for the life that you want or if Mars is aspect in your moon and in what way it may be interfering with your happiness then just go due to divine time astrology and look under the services tab or you can just email me directly Karen at divine time astrology calm thank you for watching good night until next time


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