Q & A: The Best Remedy for Moon-Rahu Aspects

I received this question from a reader:

QUESTION: “I’ve read that the Moon-Rahu conjunction is a VERY problematic conjunction which can cause mental illness in extreme cases. It also means that the main thing the person should focus on in this lifetime is focusing on their mind and emotions.

What is your perspective on this conjunction and what would you recommend for anyone with this conjunction for them to be more stable? Also if the lord of Rahu is in good shape; is it more smooth sailing with this conjunction?”

Any planet with Rahu (in the same sign as) in the birth chart is a planet that is “under construction,” meaning that developing that planet is being required this lifetime as a focus.

Rahu is not a planet but an eclipse point representing the unknown, and when it’s with the Moon, the planet that represents the mind, it means that developing the mind is required this lifetime. The “mind” means the ability to know oneself, to see opportunities in the environment, to use the imagination in a positive way, to be able to maintain focus, and to channel the mind through the heart.

Rahu with the Moon tends to create a mind that needs constant stimulation but that doesn’t necessarily lead to understanding, and Rahu is a strong “vata” (air) influence, bringing chaos and turbulence wherever he is in the chart.

This can make relationship very difficult because the chaotic and “smoky” nature of Rahu can prevent the person from being receptive to positive opportunities that present themselves in their environment (the lord of Rahu in good dignity does help Rahu and the Moon to function at their best).

What to do about this??

JournalWritingMy favorite remedy for the Moon/Rahu conjunction, or Moon/Rahu aspect, or Rahu in the 4th house from the ascendant, is a stream-of-consciousness writing practice.

Why a stream-of-consciousness writing practice? Because it forces the mind to focus. Once the pen touches the paper and you begin writing, there is no stopping until 10-15 minutes have gone by, or three pages have been written, front and back. Every single thought and/or feeling that passes through the mind goes down onto paper, even if it makes no sense at all.

Spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, none of that matters. The only thing that matters is getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper in a continous stream. If your mind goes blank, then you write “my mind is blank right now and I can’t think of a thing to write” and before you’re even finished writing that sentence, something will come into your mind.

The first time I tried this technique was when I was in a six-week course called The Artist’s Way. The stream-of-consciousness writing was called “The Morning Pages,” and we were supposed to write like this every morning for six weeks, for the duration of the course. We were not to go back and read anything we’d written until the six weeks were up.

What really struck me, and was unexpected, was how completely this technique helped me to work my way through difficult emotions. It was so effective, that if I was upset about something in the morning, I’d do my writing, and by the evening, I couldn’t even remember what I had been upset about in the morning.

That was impressive to me. It was a great boon to my then new relationship. It meant that my new relationship in the fragile first stages didn’t have to bear the burden of all my passing feelings, especially the negative feelings that come with insecurity. I have Rahu aspecting my Moon, so I know a thing or two about insecurity and how it can wreak havoc on a relationship.

I’d kept a journal on and off most of my life and have benefitted greatly from the practice by deepening my relationship with myself to the extent that it was rare for me to feel lonely, even when I was not in a relationship, because I always had someone to talk to.

TheArtistsWayThe “morning pages,” however, really relaxed me too and helped me to clear out the noise in my head and make it possible to feel emotionally strong even if I was also feeling emotionally vulnerable. This is why I now recommend this writing technique in my astrology practice, especially for Moon/Rahu challenges.

Try it. You’ll be amazed at the connection to feel to yourself, how much more grounded you feel in your body, and how clear-headed you feel after writing continously for 10-15 minutes about everything stuffing up your brain, even if you don’t have Rahu with, or aspecting, the Moon.

Don’t read anything you’ve written for six weeks in a row, then when you go back and read your writing, patterns will pop out at you and you will see something important about yourself and your relationships.

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