How to Flirt!

Flirting is a learnable skill if you’ve forgotten your natural inborn ability to be playful with the object of your desire. 

In Junior high school and high school, we usually instinctively know how to signal our interest with our eyes, body language, and smiles. 

Somehow, over time we ‘forget’ how to do this. Dr. Patirica Allen, the author of Getting To ‘I Do,’ has created a series of free Flirting and Relationship audio files.

Enjoy Dr. Pat Allen’s classic, “profound and profane” lectures on flirting. Pat is clear, earthy, and hilarious.

P_Allen_1_Masculine and Feminine Energies

P_Allen_2_Sex and Commitment

P_Allen_3_Conflicts and Communication

P_Allen_4_Sex and Obsessions

P_Allen_5_Phases of a Relationship

P_Allen_6_Flirting to Attract

P_Allen_7_Ten Secrets of Getting and Keeping the Right Partner

P_Allen_8_Guidelines for Returning to the Dating Scene


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