The Astrology Lab: Live Webinar Study Group for Beginning Vedic Astrology Students

I’ve started a LIVE Webinar Tutoring/Mentoring Vedic Astrology Study Group for students studying Ernst Wilhelm’s & Ryan Kurczak’s beginning courses. I’m calling it The Astrology Lab for short.

This study group class is an online, weekly, live webinar format (video, audio and with screen-sharing so you can see the charts under discussion). Get the details below.

The Beginner Classes at

Tutor/Mentor Study Group_Divine Time AstrologyWe are starting with Ernst’s beginner courses at If you are a student in Ryan Kurczak’s Astrology Apprenticeship Program, or if you are buying his individual beginning astrology courses, you are welcome too. 

We will go through all the courses under the Beginner Courses tab (see snapshot to the left). If you are a member of Ryan’s Apprenticeship Program or if you are taking his individual beginner classes, you are welcome as well.

After we have done that, we will thoroughly study the AVASTHAS so you have a complete technique you can use to give an excellent reading.

The Avasthas of the planets is a ‘bread and butter’ technique used regularly in natal chart readings. We will practice using this technique on plenty of natal charts. 

Mastering this technique will significantly increase your confidence in giving a helpful and transformational natal chart reading.

What You Will Get in The Astrology Lab

  • You will get your questions answered in real time
  • Quizzes in class to gauge your depth and breadth of understanding
  • Study materials too, such as short video demos and Technique Reference Sheets
  • Community with other students leading to friendships and collaborations
  • Hands-on application and lots of practice reading charts (this is where your wisdom and own unique experiences in life make the astrology your own)
  • The confidence and skill you need to read natal charts 

Bring your charts to the study sessions so everyone can learn from your questions. Being part of a live study community will accelerate your knowledge of astrology whether you decide to become a professional astrologer or not.

If you plan to be a professional astrologer, I will discuss the business side of astrology (the mentoring part) too. As of this March 2019, I will have been a full-time astrologer for eight years. There is much to share about working with clients and making a living as an astrologer. Including what I would and wouldn’t do if I could do it over!

Privacy & Security

If you want to use your own birth chart in class, I will blur out your birth data in the class session recordings so future students can’t see it. You have the choice of being on video live, or just using audio if you don’t want your face to be seen in the class. To view the recorded class sessions, you receive an email from me via YouTube with the highest security setting. No one but you and your fellow students will be able to view the videos.

A Friendly Learning Environment

If you have been in learning environments with judgmental teachers who ridicule your questions and are too dry and abrupt with you, know The Astrology Lab is not like that. Bring a curious mind and a sense of humor, and we will have a great time while we learn.

I will do all that I can to encourage and support you on this fantastic journey. I mean, how lucky are we to get to study this incredible knowledge?! 

What You Need to Join the Study Group

You’ll need to be enrolled at Ernst’s site, and starting the Beginner Classes. Or, you need to be enrolled in the Astrology Apprenticeship Program at Asheville Vedic I won’t be teaching these classes from scratch; I will be tutoring and providing a live webinar study format based on these classes – you bring your questions, charts, etc. We will be going in the order of the courses as they are listed. If you’ve already taken a few of the beginning classes, you will get a chance to review, test your knowledge, and contribute your experience. 

Saturn YantraYou need to get Kala software if you don’t already have it. You will also need a computer with a reasonably updated operating system and a fast internet connection. If you can watch Netflix and YouTube videos, your system is quick enough.

We will use the ZOOM platform, and I will send you the Zoom invitations each week. All you’ll have to do is follow the prompts and Zoom will download an app to your computer that will allow you to get into the live webinar class. Your computer will need a camera so we can see each other face-to-face (and the other students in the class too).

If we get a lot of people joining the class, we will split the group into two, and I will open up an additional day in the week to meet.



The group will start on February 16th at 11:00 am, Pacific Time, though you can join at any time. The Moon will be bright, nearly full, and in the fertile sign of Cancer on that day. All designed to support your growth!  You can register for the class between now and then by emailing me at

Your Investment

It is a MONTHLY subscription for $97 for 60 to 90 minute weekly sessions – a good deal because you will be getting at least four live sessions a month for this price. I charge $67 for 60-90 minute individual tutoring sessions which would come to $268 a month for weekly meetings. We will take a periodic break about every eight weeks or so and on major holidays too. I don’t know how long it will last yet. It depends on how quickly we progress through the courses. It will likely go faster for the simple stuff and a little slower with the more complex concepts.

If you can’t always make it to the class sessions live, there will be recordings available so you can catch up. You can send me your questions before the class, but class attendance and participation are required to get your questions answered. 

YOU CAN EMAIL if you have questions. I’m excited to get started and hope to see you there! 

“You are an excellent teacher. Nobody teaches how to do the consultation, how to deliver bad news to the client. You are teaching that and that is the most important part. You can learn astrology from books, you cannot this part from books. You have years of experience and you giving it out to the students. This is invaluable. You are also very patient with the students and patiently explain things when they have a question. I highly recommend you to any astrology student.” –Chitra


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