Astrological Forecasts 2013 Jupiter from the Natal Moon

Good grief, another year starting! Here are the Forecasts for each Sign of the Zodiac. They are specifically about the placement of transiting JUPITER from your natal MOON sign. You can also read it for your SUN sign too, but it works better if it’s from the Moon.

These forecasts are different from the forecasts of Jupiter from the Moon I did back in June 2012, because they include the the second half of 2013 after Jupiter goes from transiting through Gemini to transiting through Cancer.

If you don’t know your Moon sign, you can find out what it is by using the FREE Birth Chart Horoscope creator here. Once you look it up, put it on a sticky and stick it on your computer monitor, that way you don’t have to keep looking it up.

Why Jupiter from the Natal Moon?

Why forecasts for Jupiter from the Moon? Because Jupiter is one of the two main destiny planets, and because Jupiter changes signs end of June 2013.

Jupiter is our happiness, wealth, children, husband if you’re a woman, teacher, and he brings some sort of harvest when he is in a favorable position from the Moon (or Sun).

The Moon represents the mind, the ego, and our feelings about our lives. This is why the Moon is considered to be the most important planet in your birth chart in Vedic Astrology.


ARIES: Well, Aries moon, if you’ve been itching to start your own business, or work for a different company doing something different than you’ve been doing, this is the time to do it. It has been since the end of June 2012, actually. Don’t cling to your present circumstances, exit now while your reputation and relationships are still good.

At the end of June 2013, Jupiter goes into the sign of Cancer until July 16, 2014. Your relatives may become a cause of worry, but you don’t have to solve their problems, just be available to listen and give advice. If you have money to spare, then maybe you can help out that way too (one of the best reasons to acquire wealth is to be able to help family and friends when you want to).

The good thing about this is that it will only last for a year until Jupiter changes signs again. It just feels like an eternity sometimes. This is a good time to examine just what happiness and wealth really means to you and how much of it depends on the strength of your spiritual practices and/or your state of mind.

TAURUS: Since June of 2012 until the end of June 2013 is a great time period for you, Taurus moon. Your wealth will increase and you’ll be free from the people who usually seem to wish you ill, and your love life should heat up too. The old language puts it like this: “The native will sport with the mouth of their beloved, as does a bee with the lotus.” Nice, huh?

Starting from the end of June 2013 until end of June 2014, there may be a change in profession. You can plan for it and make it your idea, so it doesn’t have that terrible feeling that unwanted change has, especially for fixed energy signs like you. Roll with it, Taurus, as best you can, it will turn out to be for the best.

GEMINI:  Strangely, when Jupiter is in the same sign as the moon, it is not supportive of clear thinking and can lead to quarrels and mental dejection. I wish I understood exactly why it is this way so I could explain it in a way that would satisfy the logical nature of the Gemini moon, but I can’t at this point in my astrological understanding. Acceptance is always a smart option when understanding isn’t possible anyway. Jupiter has been in the same sign as your Moon since June of 2012. You may have lost some of your money since then.

No worries, however, as of end of June 2013, this changes when Jupiter goes into the sign of Cancer where it will be in the second sign from your Moon. Again, I don’t know why this is, but I know it’s true that Jupiter in the second sign from the natal Moon sign is a position of “harvest.” Not only will your wealth increase in some way, but your love life will heat up too!

For some strange reason, I personally have four female friends with the Moon in the sign of Gemini, and all of them are single and ready to meet their true love, so to speak. Well, it’s much more likely to happen during the second half of this year when Jupiter, the planet that rules husbands, is supporting this part of your life!

The old language puts it like this: “The native will sport with the mouth of their beloved, as does a bee with the lotus.” I think our conversations about men, my dear Gemini Moon friends, are going to be a lot more about happiness in love!

CANCER: Since June of 2012 until the end of June 2013, you will question whether you are on the right path, so see a good astrologer to make sure you are not going down a dead end. When Jupiter is in the 12th position from your natal Moon sign, it’s harder to access your sense of purpose because it’s like it’s being “hidden” from your conscious mind.

A consistent meditation and/or prayer practice (or whatever gets you in touch with your inner Divine) will help you to be in touch with your sense of purpose and meaning.
When Jupiter goes into the sign of Cancer at the end of June 2013, I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t get much better, so do whatever you can to feed your faith and be “happy for no reason.”

Actually, that is the name of the book Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out by Marci Shimoff.  Starting July 16, 2014, will be harvest time for you, so just know that easier times are coming.

LEO: Life has generally been good, and you’ve been inspired since June of 2012 and will continue to be until the end of June 2013. This is a harvest period for you Leo Moon, so really allow yourself to experience the fruits of your labors and the grace that comes with the planetary cycles of Jupiter. It’s wonderful to be around a Leo Moon, or Leo Sun person who is inspired and happy!

When Jupiter goes into the sign of Cancer end of June 2013, it moves to the 12th position from your natal Moon. That means you have to dig a bit deeper into your consciousness for inspiration and happiness. If you have a hard time accessing it on your own, it’s a great time to join a spiritually oriented group so you can be supported by many during your time of doubt.

VIRGO: From June 2012 until end of June 2013, Jupiter is in the 10th position from your natal Moon. It’s likely that you’ve been struggling with your health, your wealth, and perhaps your position at work too. You may feel that nothing you do produces what you intend it to, or that you’ve been swimming against the stream (you have). Don’t give up, the harvest time just around the corner!

When Jupiter goes into the sign of Cancer end of June 2013 until August 2014, you will be in a grace period, or time of harvest and the old language says it best, Jupiter in the 11th position from the natal Moon, “Bestows position, health and wealth. Favors, success in all actions, and elevation to a distinguished station in life.” Much of your struggle during Jupiter’s transit through the sign of Gemini will pay off now. Take full advantage of this time, Virgo Moon! It’s your turn even if you don’t think you’ve “earned” it, you have – enjoy your year of easy inspiration and happiness!

LIBRA: From June 2012 until end of June 2013, Jupiter is in the 9th position from your natal Moon. You may have had a promotion at work and/or gained in authority, skill, and had general success in your undertakings. If married, you’ve been happier with your spouse and children.

Starting at the end of June 2013 until August 2014, there may be some challenges at work, you may not get a raise you were expecting, or you may feel unappreciated for all you do. Realize that you are the only one who has to appreciate what you do and your rewards will have to be self-given. Make sure to acknowledge all of your wins, past and present, no matter how small. Write them all down, and review it regularly. Halfway through 2014, when Jupiter goes into Leo, others will notice too and you may advance even farther than you had hoped you would.

SCORPIO: Okay, you’ve been really tired and overworked for too long. You’ve been on an arduous journey for the past six months and feeling like all your sweat has too little return, but hang in there, it will all pay off starting at the end of June 2013, and it will all be a whole lot easier. You will be recognized for your skill and will gain in authority with yourself and others. You’ll make more money too, and if single, you are more likely to meet someone special.

SAGITTARIUS: I like the old language for this position, Jupiter in the 7th sign from the natal Moon: “Confers fine couches, erotic pleasures, wealth, tasty food, flowers, vehicles, elegant speech and intellectual eminence. Accomplishment in all actions.” Even if it hasn’t been all wonderful, Jupiter has made the hard stuff at least a little bit easier.

End of June 2013, when Jupiter goes into Cancer, others will notice too and you may advance even farther than you had hoped, plus your love life will pick up and if you have children, they will do well too.

CAPRICORN: Even though you have everything you really need, you may have been feeling kind of disenchanted anyway. Jupiter in Gemini since June of 2012 has been in the sixth position from your natal Moon, not one of the best positions for happiness. It’s an “out of sorts” position. Watch more funny movies, read something uplifting about people winning at something, and study the art of happiness. What you learn will help you to maximize the great energy from Jupiter in Cancer starting at the end of June 2013 until August 2014.

Jupiter in Cancer will rev up your love life, and you’ll enjoy great food and flowers. You will either make more money or realize how wealthy you are in other ways. You’ll easily find the words for whatever situation you’re in and you will accomplish a lot. Nice!

AQUARIUS: The ancient language is pretty interesting for the time period you’ve been enjoying since June of 2012 and will continue to enjoy until end of June 2014. Jupiter in the fifth position from the natal Moon says: “Bestows servants, meritorious acts (or auspicious rituals), children, elephants, horses, bulls, gold, houses in town, marriage with a young woman (or man), garments, gems and a number of virtues such as learning and valor. Acquisition of vehicles.

A friend of mine with the natal Moon in Aquarius told me that she bought a new Toyota Corolla, is in college and taking a class about the ethics on the treatment of animals, specifically about the harvesting of the ivory tusks of elephants, and she got a new bracelet with a gorgeous turquoise gem! As of this writing, it’s only seven months into the transit of Jupiter in Gemini, there will be more good stuff to come…maybe a baby?

End of June 2013 to August 2014, Jupiter goes into the sign of Cancer, the sixth position from Aquarius, and you may find yourself in a funk for no good reason that you can figure out. There is a tendency to feel unhappy even though you have everything to make one comfortable.

It probably means that it’s time to reevaluate what makes you truly happy, and what would make you feel truly wealthy. You could make a study of this, and dig deep inside to see what surprises are waiting for you. Maybe a new spiritual practice, such as a gratitude practice would help. This is when you give thanks for every good thing, great or small, in your life on a daily basis, and your ability to recognize, and receive, even more good things, will grow.

PISCES: You’ve been worrying about your family for the past six months and probably will continue to do so until end of June 2013. I think that when Jupiter is in the fourth position from our natal Moon, the spiritual lesson is to learn to let people walk their own path and make their own mistakes, especially those closest to you.

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End of June 2013, Jupiter goes into the sign of Cancer, the fifth position from your natal Moon bestows servants, meritorious acts (or auspicious rituals), children (or creative projects), vehicles, gold, clothes, gems, maybe a more to a more desirable place to live, and much growth in knowledge. Yeah, sounds good to me.


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