How to Determine if You Are More Dynamic or Magnetic

Your Birth Chart “Describes” Your True Nature

Every planet, except for the Sun and the Moon, rules either a masculine
or feminine sign. All the signs, except for Leo and Cancer, are one half
of the masculine/feminine (Dynamic/Magnetic) polarity:

Signs ruled by Mercury: Gemini (masculine), Virgo (feminine)
Signs ruled by Mars: Aries (masculine), Scorpio (feminine)
Signs ruled by Venus: Libra (masculine), Taurus (feminine)
Signs ruled by Jupiter: Sagittarius (masculine), Pisces (feminine)
Signs ruled by Saturn: Aquarius (masculine), Capricorn (feminine)

The Sun is masculine (Dynamic) by nature, and is most comfortable
in the sign of Leo. The Moon is feminine (Magnetic) by nature, and is
most comfortable in the sign of Cancer.


Look at your birth chart and ADD up the number of masculine and
feminine PLANETS, including Rahu and Ketu even though they
are not planets.


If you have two or three more of feminine or masculine planets, then
that is your predominant energy. If the feminine and masculine sign count
is very close in number, then you are more balanced between Magnetic
and Dynamic. (If you need a copy of your birth chart, get it here).

Note: The Ascendant (Lagna), is the “house” with the double-diagonal
lines through it and is house number one.


For further refinement, if the Lagna ruler, the Sun, or Mars is in the 10th
house (count clockwise from the Lagna), this adds a great deal of dynamic
energy to the chart (regardless of the sign they are in).

If Mars, or the Sun is in the Lagna, regardless of the sign, it adds more
Dynamic energy to the chart.

Whether you are a man or a woman, if your Lagna, Sun and Moon are in
masculine signs, you are  more Dynamic.

If the Ascendant, Sun and Moon are in feminine signs, then you are here
to be more Magnetic.

If Venus or the Moon is in the Ascendant, regardless of the signs they are
in, you are more Magnetic.


There are other, more technical considerations too, but this is a general
guide you can use, for yourself, or other people in your life, even if you’re
not an astrologer.

If you want a comprehensive evaluation, plus info on when to PUSH toward
your goals if you’re dynamic, and when the best times are to PULL your
opportunities to you if you’re magnetic, then email me and we’ll set up an

May the stars bring you hope, healing, and happiness!

Karen White

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