Are You a Writer? Bill Clinton & James Patterson “The President is Missing”

TBill Clinton & James Patterson- The President is MIssinghis week, I will show you the writing yogas of former president Bill Clinton and novelist James Patterson. Then I will show you their compatibility and how they were able to collaborate on writing the book The President is Missing (VIDEO BELOW).

You will see what you need in your birth chart to write fiction and what you need to write non-fiction. The President is Missing is an action and adventure thriller novel. Bill had never written fiction before collaborating with James Patterson. This article continues under the video.

President Bill Clinton’s Writing Yoga

In order to be an author, you need to have the Moon ruled by, aspected by, or with, Venus, Jupiter, or Mercury.

First, I start with each individual chart and look at the Jaimini requirements for authorship, beginning with Bill Clinton’s chart because he has never been involved in writing fiction before (to see his chart, see the video).

Bill Clinton & The President is Missing novelWe see that President Clinton’s Atmakaraka (Self-Producer Planet) is the Sun in Leo, aspected by a strong Venus in Libra. In order to rise in the government, you have to have the Sun and Venus as career planets. Bill has both planets in their own signs aspecting each other. Since he is the former president of the U.S., we see that those two planets produced for him.

His Moon, the planet that must be involved in writing, is also in a good sign, the sign of Taurus, and is ruled by and aspected by Venus. Bill’s Moon is also aspected by Jupiter, one of the other required planets.

Some of the President’s Houses Are Missing

(To see Bill’s chart, please watch the video).

Now, can we connect the writing planets with the 3rd, 5th, and 9th houses? The 3rd house of writing is ruled by Jupiter, and yes, it aspects his Moon. Can we connect the 5th house ruler of creativity to his Moon? No, we can’t. The 5th house is especially important for fiction writing, and it’s ruled by Saturn in his chart. Saturn is in Leo and so ruled by the Sun. The Sun is in his own sign and so it ends with the Sun.

President Clinton has written several non-fiction books about politics, and it’s interesting that he has Mercury, the natural planet of writing, with the Sun, his AK.

How Much of the Book Did Clinton Write?

Now for the 9th house connection. The 9th is ruled by Mercury which is with the Sun AK, but it doesn’t aspect the Moon. Remember, the Jaimini sign aspects are that the dual signs aspect only each other, and the fixed signs aspect the moveable/cardinals signs and vice versa, except when they are right next to each other. His Moon in Taurus is aspecting the moveable signs of Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, but not Aries.

The ruler of his Moon, Venus, does aspect Mercury, but we want Mercury’s ruler to aspect the Moon and it doesn’t.

This leads me to believe that it was James Patterson that did most of the actual writing and Bill provided all the details that only a president of the U.S. could know for the story in The President is Missing. Now, let’s look at James Patterson’s birth chart and his writing yoga.

Thriller Writer James Patterson’s Writing Yoga

James Patterson The President is Missing

(To see James’ chart, please watch the video).

Here we see James Patterson’s AK is Jupiter. Jupiter is occupying the 5th house of creativity, and it’s aspected by the Moon. Jupiter is one of the planets that has to rule, be with, or aspect the Moon. He also has Venus, one of the other necessary planets aspecting his Moon. The Moon is the ascendant ruler, so it’s a self-factor (self-factors are career indicators) in his chart, meaning, the Moon is a career planet for him.

He has had many of his books made into movies, which is shown by Venus aspecting the Moon and the ascendant. Venus rules the entertainment industry. He has surprisingly also written some romance books, something I didn’t know about him before I did this video. Jupiter rules children and does the 5th house that Jupiter is in, and James has written books for children too. He is amazingly prolific!

The Houses For Writing in James’ Chart

The 3rd house of writing is in Virgo so ruled by Mercury. Mercury is in Pisces, so ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter aspects the Moon. We have the 3rd house requirement met. Jupiter is in the 5th and aspected by the Moon and Jupiter also aspects the Moon in return. The 9th house is also ruled by Jupiter and again, Jupiter aspects the Moon. Jupiter, the 9th lord is also aspecting the ascendant, another self-factor which means it’s a career indicator.

James has more than what he needs to be a fiction writer. Let’s go look at his official site and see how many books he’s written. It’s insane!

The Compatibility Between Bill Clinton & James Patterson – Why it Worked

Book Cover of The President is Missing

(To see their compatibility chart, please watch the video).

Okay, now for the compatibility between Clinton and Patterson. I’m looking at the compatibility because this technique can be used for any kind of relationship.

Since Bill and James successfully completed the book and it was published, and because James is the fiction writer of the two, I think James was the leader energy in this collaboration. Normally, we would take President Clinton to be the leader energy in most situations because he is a former president.

But, in this case, it would not have worked out if Bill was the one determining how the project would go.

Why I Don’t Think President Clinton Was the Leader in This Book Project

Let’s put Bill as the leader (masculine) energy person first and see what happens. The energy is reversed between them (the Stree Deerga measurement), causing both of them to feel disrespected. James would have to sacrifice his experience and knowledge in this situation. 

Plus, we see that they have zero points in the Bha Kuta area with no exceptions to make it easier. Bha Kuta represents the ability to be constructive and create something together, such as a book.

The Collaboration Works Much Better With James as the Leader

(To see their compatibility chart, please watch the video).

Now, let’s look at it with James as the leader. We see right away that the energy flows easily from James to Bill, and while they still don’t have any points in the Bha Kuta area (the ability to be constructive together), they do have an exception.

When the Tara Kuta (Luck & Longevity) and the Nadi Kuta (Balanced Elements keeping things on an even keel) are favorable, which they are, poor Bha Kuta is overcome.

They also earn one more point for their compatibility bringing it up from 19 with Bill as the leader, to 20, which is suitable for marriage. Since this is not a romantic relationship, the 20 points helped them to write the book and publish it.

In Conclusion

There is much more that can be said about both of these writers, but today we are just showing their writing yogas and their collaboration compatibility.

I read the book, The President is Missing, and it was a fun read. The action was pretty much non-stop and the pace was fast. It was fascinating to learn what the president can and cannot do as president. However, he had to break those rules in order to save America from a malicious hacker.

The book pointed out how much our government needs to make technical security a top priority to stay ahead of enemy hackers.

I enjoyed the book and I hope that former president Bill Clinton and James Patterson write more books together in the future. Showtime will produce The President is Missing as a TV series according to several articles I found online. How fun that’s going to be!



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