Ancient Vedic Compatibility Technique

The ancient Vedic Compatibility Technique is unlike any other astrological relationship compatibility technique you will ever find. Used in India for centuries to arrange successful lifelong marriages, it is now available to us in modern times.

Why is this WONDERFUL? Because some things never change, no matter how long humans have been around. Having a soul mate and being happy in love is still incredibly important to us and always will be.

Would you be HAPPY together?

  • Understand why you feel the way you do with someone
  • Know the COST of being in a particular relationship (every relationship has a cost)
  • Forgive yourself, and the other person, for a past relationship that didn’t work
  • Find the peace of mind you’ve been seeking that therapy and reading self-help books haven’t given you
  • Learn how to deal with your partner in a way that works
  • Find out if ‘the one that got away’ was a good match or not (usually not)

Do You Wonder If the Passion and Chemistry will last a lifetime?

Will the ‘WOW!’ feelings last and become something to build on? Or will the sizzle and spark you feel now die out after the honeymoon period is over? You can SEE this in the birth chart with the ancient Vedic Compatibility Technique!

Vedic Compatibility Graphs Showing Areas Measured

Do You Wonder Why You Feel So Insecure in the Relationship?

Insecure in a way that you’ve never felt before, so much so that you are considering going into therapy because you hardly recognize yourself? Or maybe you are already in treatment, and the relationship still isn’t improving? Some people you are with will bring out all your worst behavior, and you will bring out the worst action in them. Why? Because of the energetics of the position of your natal Moons from each other. Your astrological compatibility shows this clearly with the ancient Vedic Compatibility Technique. 

The good news is that it may not be your fault or your partner’s fault! It could be because there is an excess of air, water, or fire between you that is causing the problem – not that he is stupid or you are crazy. To know this is incredibly healing.

Do You Feel Desperate & ‘Needy’?

You feel that he/she is THE ONE for you – that you’ve GOT to be with this person because you’ve never felt such an irresistible attraction before. If you’ve been together for a while, but it’s just not working, do you think if you just changed yourself enough, it would work? Do you try to change your looks, the way you talk, your sexual skills, and your ‘desirability quotient’?  

Do You Often Feel Stupid, Pathetic, and Insecure?

You’re sure there is something wrong with you. Here you are, doing what you vowed you would NEVER do; be the loser who goes back to the ‘jerk’ or ‘the witch’ who has broken your heart – again.

It may be that you DO need to do some work on your self-esteem, but did you know it could be that you have a ‘magnetic’ attraction to the ‘wrong’ person created by a star pattern between your Moon and theirs?

When there is a magnetic attraction and not enough compatibility in other areas of your relationship, you can feel crazy or weak. You break-up and get back together over and over again. You’ve tried to let go. You’ve even been in therapy to help you end the relationship.

But, you try one more time, HOPING that if you do things differently, it will finally work. Discovering that you have a ‘magnetic attraction’ to someone who is not right for you, can be just what you need to break the spell.

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Will we stay together?

This ancient Vedic compatibility technique will be an investment in yourself if you are in the wrong relationship, but a boost to the relationship if you’re in the right one. Just like it is when you are in therapy. If it’s not the right relationship, then treatment is an investment in yourself, but if it is the right relationship, then it makes it better. Either way, the Vedic compatibility technique can be enormously helpful as a complement to therapy!

The Vedic Compatibility Technique Has Been Working For a Long Time

This technique is over 5,000 years old and has been used to arrange long, successful marriages in India, sometimes between people who hadn’t even met before their wedding day. This astrological technique was given to us by the holy men of ancient times, who were totally in tune with the divine. While the times and customs may have changed since then, people and relationships have not.

If you have had a compatibility or “synastry” chart done before, you will be amazed at how different and how much more comprehensive this Vedic technique is. If you’ve never had a synastry chart done before, you are fortunate to have found this first because it addresses fundamental aspects of the relationship that other synastry techniques can’t. Knowing the truth brings peace of mind.

Two Ways You Can Find Out About Your Relationship.

You can have an in-depth consultation with me (the Ready-for-Love reading). In this reading, I look at the Moon and all of the other planets between the two you. Plus, the timing factors involved (the relationship can be right, but the timing be wrong). Mars in both of your charts is considered to see if one of you is more forceful than the other (this can be a good thing depending), and the relationship capacity of each individual.

To get a Live reading with me (the Ready-for-Love reading), click here.

OR, GET THE Vedic Compatibility Report for only $14.95! (The report tells you 90% of what I would say to you in a reading)

Either way, each Moon is compared to the other to see how you will feel together. Love relationships are about how we are emotionally together, which is ruled by the Moon. The Moon rules our destiny, and when the Moons are compatible, then our destinies can be fulfilled together. If the Moons are incompatible, you interfere with each other’s destiny. Then it becomes a “learning relationship,” costing you a fortune in time and emotional investment. You can save yourself the trouble if you know this in advance.

If You Are in a Difficult Marriage

Then the Vedic Compatibility Technique can identify what is causing the problem. Knowing what the problem is will feel like a huge weight has been lifted off.  It takes the blame out of a relationship and makes it a whole lot easier to either work things out or to let it go.

How the Vedic Compatibility Technique Works

Each Moon sign has three divisions called Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions. There are 27 Nakshatras in total, and this is one of the reasons why a person who has the same Moon sign as yours can still be quite different than you emotionally.

Each Nakshatra is approximately 13 degrees and 20 minutes wide and consists of:

  • a ruling planet
  • an animal symbol (for instinctual and sexual compatibility)
  • another symbol which may or may not be an animal (such as a razor, antelope’s head, chariot, or teardrop)
  • your temperament (angel, human, or demon)
  • your quality or nature (fixed, movable, sharp, soft, mixed (sharp and soft), fierce, swift)
  • your caste (Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, or Sudra)
  • a mode of energy (fixed, moveable or dual)
  • a gender (male, female, neuter)
  • your deepest activating motivation (action, inspiration, prevention)
  • your humoural temperament (windy, watery, fiery)
  • life goal (achievement, attainment of desires, meaning and purpose, spiritual liberation)
  • a ruling Hindu deity
  • an extraordinary power (or Shakti)
  • the potential of the power

The Vedic Compatibility Technique incorporates all of these qualities of the Nakshatras into 15 categories of compatibility measurements. The 15 categories reveal the most critical ways that two people will FEEL together, as well as the DESTINY of the relationship itself.

Eight of the 15 categories gives a series of possible points. You want to have a total value of 16 points or higher out of a possible 30 points. This number is a reflection of your “wavelength” or how easily things flow between you. The higher the number, the more you and a significant other will be able to be yourselves and want the same things.

Sixteen points to 19 points are average, and anything over 20 is ideal for marriage. When you have 15 points or less is when you have insurmountable problems that can wear you down over time or prevent a relationship from ever landing in the first place.

The score you get is not enough to indicate if you should break up or marry. However, it can be enormously helpful in understanding the “cost” of the relationship and in what areas you will have to compromise, do without, or require you to learn strong relationship skills to make it work.

You may decide to stay in spite of the negative factors if there are enough positive factors that make worth it to you. You may also want to look at your birth chart to see if you have elements that cause you to believe that love is supposed to be difficult and painful (this would be a single topic birth chart reading) and that is why you are willing to stay in a relationship that costs you so much.

All relationships are sacred, and it’s often the difficult and painful relationships that we learn the most from, making us able to be in a good, and most likely, more comfortable relationship later on. If you find you have a pattern of complicated relationships, this technique can save you from having to go through the same problems yet again.

The 15 Categories of Relationship Compatibility

RESPECT: one of the most important measurements, the respect level, is based on the numerical position of the lunar Mansions from each other. Does the creative energy flow from the man to the woman or from the woman to the man? It is always better for the woman’s (or feminine energy person) sign to follow the man’s (or masculine energy person) as this best allows her to feel loved and him to feel respected. When it is set up like this, the energy between the two people will flow well, and both people will feel valued and loved.

Men and women tend to feel loved and respected for different things. Generally, the feminine energy person feels most loved when their feelings are respected, and for who they are. The masculine energy person feels loved when their thoughts and actions are appreciated.

Of course, both the masculine and the feminine person wants respect for their thoughts, feelings, actions, and who they are. Still, each has a preference, and a healthy relationship will flow in such a way that both people will most often feel respected for what is most important to them.

This principle works the same way for gay couples. Usually, one person is predominately the masculine energy person, and the other is the feminine energy person. We are all both, but we each have a predominant energy overall.

To create Respect, it is best if the Nakshatras are in the following positions from each other:

  • In the same Nakshatra (EXCEPT for eight particular Mansions)
  • 7th from each other (this one is a “special happiness” position)
  • 3rd and 11th from each other
  • 4th or 10th from each other
  • It is more difficult if they’re 2nd and 12th, or 6th and 8th from each other. With the 2nd and 12th position, some major sacrifice will be required to be together
  • With the 6th and 8th position, it’s tough to agree on how your everyday life will go because your needs and desires are so different
  • When the masculine energy person’s Moon is 5th from the feminine energy person’s Moon, there is a competitive, or “teacher/student” energy that interferes with romantic love.

WAVELENGTH: measures how in-tune you are to each other’s words or feelings, and if you feel like doing, having, or eating, the same things at the same time. The Moon represents nourishment and what one needs to feel nourished.

If these are not compatible between two people, then continually being in each other’s presence can become draining. It is essential that if the points are low that flexibility and compromise are allowed so that both people can fulfill their needs. Also, if the scores are low, the couple usually needs more sleep when they are sleeping together. So it may be wise for these couples to sleep in separate beds most of the time. Sleeping apart will help keep the “chemistry” alive and your energy at normal levels.

EXCESS: measures whether there is an excess of the elements wind, fire, or water. The elemental balance affects the health of the individuals and the health of the couple. If both partners have the same element, then it is in excess, which disturbs the relationship and can even affect the man or the woman’s health negatively. If there is too much fire, then the man suffers more (persistent heartburn and small quarrels that suddenly turn into big arguments is a common symptom)., If there is too much wind or water, then the woman suffers more. With excess water, she may become much more emotional, sluggish, or overweight, and need a lot more sleep than usual. With excess wind, the couple will be ungrounded and lack shared goals making the woman feel insecure, and thus she suffers more.

CONSTRUCTIVISM: Shows whether you can build a home together and decorate it harmoniously or if there will be lots of disagreements and arguments. This aspect will determine if you develop good habits together or indulge in things that are destructive (remember Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown?) and if you can compromise without resentment.

TEMPERAMENTWomen of the demon race, however, are considered happy when only with a demon man because demons are the most sensitive with the strongest emotions and are the least traditional or refined (they may have extreme attitudes and a more “colorful” sense of humor). Women of this race are considered to be more argumentative and more unwilling to conform to the confines of a full relationship, so only another demon man can understand and comfort her without becoming overwhelmed himself. Yes, you fabulous demon women, some men will appreciate you precisely the way you are, and will not try to change you! You will be a lot happier if you hold out for demon man.

FRIENDLINESS: Determines if you like to do a lot of the same kinds of things together and share similar interests–the friendship factor.

INSTINCTIVE COMPATIBILITY: How each of you will react in an emergency and whether you are sexually compatible. Will you have sexual chemistry, making it easy and enjoyable, or will it be painful and disappointing? 

Sexual compatibility may not seem significant by itself, but speaking from personal experience, when sex is problematic, it slowly ruins a relationship. Over time, you can feel genuinely defective unless you understand what is going on in your compatibility!

An attitude of acceptance and curiosity, with lots of open and honest conversation (frequently), is the only thing that will work if you are already married and have this issue. 

Unless sex is not that important to you, if you are single, I strongly recommend marrying someone with whom you are instinctively “neutral or friendly.” The ‘instinctive’ compatibility is especially important if either of you has had any sexual abuse issues in your pasts.

COMFORT: Measures if the man’s temperament is comfortable or threatening to the woman. This means if the woman is pleased with the way he manages his time, money, relationships with others, and if he takes care of himself and his possessions. 

For example, how he handles the neighbor with the excessively loud music or the person on the freeway who cuts him off in traffic. More importantly, if he comes up with other options when he meets a wall or resistance of any kind, especially from her.

INNATE GIVING: Some Nakshatras are more relationship-oriented than others and can intuitively know what their partner needs.

MUTATION: This aspect determines if your relationship can cause you to change for the better and whether your relationship can grow and continually improve.

For instance, if you want to spend more time meditating and exercising to improve your mind and body, can you do that in this relationship, or does it somehow prevent you from doing these things?

Have you learned new and better ways of doing something or gained an improved perspective on life because of your mate?

INNATE SENSE OF PURPOSE: This is one of the “extra special” measurements.

If you have this, then you feel good together even when things are tough and even when some of the other points of compatibility are not there. Sometimes it’s not apparent what that innate sense of purpose is, but you feel it anyway.

With some couples, this innate sense of purpose can be evident such as it is with the President of the U.S. and the First Lady.

OBSTACLES: Some relationships will never progress or “land” because there are constant external obstacles outside of their control. Such as job responsibilities, having to move to another state, family interference, one person wants children, and the other doesn’t, religious or lifestyle differences, etc.

This is the most serious blemish on a relationship. If this affliction is present, it will destroy the couple even if there are other strong compatibilities. There are no exceptions to this affliction, but if you find yourself in a committed relationship with this blemish, your relationship isn’t necessarily doomed.

You will, however, have to develop some solid relationship skills and a high degree of emotional independence to make it work. You may be apart from each other most of the time, or it will FEEL like there is an unbridgeable distance between you and that something is always preventing you from being together.

MISFORTUNES: Sometimes, no matter how much you love each other, your combined energies cause trouble to come into your lives. The Misfortunes measurement is the most painful, turbulent, and chaotic combination a couple can have.

This one can interfere completely with your ability to think clearly in each other’s presence. Even if you rehearse what you are going to say, for instance, when you are in each other presence, you CAN’T get the words out!

Neither one of you is to blame for this, but it’s a clear indication that your destinies are not with each other.

Misfortunes cause extreme difficulties that most couples are unable to overcome; because even the smallest amount of co-dependence triggers a considerable problem.

It is not recommended to marry if this measurement is present, but if you’re already married, then the man, or the masculine energy person, will need to learn a particular skill when it seems that suddenly everything is going crazy between you.

That skill is the ability to LEAVE when things start blowing up. First, affirm the relationship verbally, state when he will return specifically and then LEAVE for a time. No matter how much the feminine energy person wants or demands that he stay to ‘fight it out’ or how much she begs him not to ‘abandon’ her!

For instance, he can say, “I love you (affirming the relationship), and I’m sorry we seem to be going crazy right now (no blaming), but I will come back in two hours (it’s NOT forever), and then we can go to dinner (or whatever) as we had planned.”

Doing this is not easy to do, but it’s the only thing that works to interrupt the chaos and the escalation of negativity.

The man, being of a consistent Sun-like nature,  is more able to do this because of his innate ability to stay focused in spite of how he feels. The woman (typically), with an unpredictable Moon-like nature, has a much harder time even thinking to do this.

When you come back together again, both of you will be more clear-headed and can enjoy your time together.

MAGNETIC ATTRACTION: this is one of the extra- special, powerful, and “magical” measurements a couple can have. You can have it for each other mutually or just one for the other.

If there are other essential compatibilities present, this can make for a blissfully happy relationship.

But, if there are blemishes present, such as Obstacles and Misfortune, for the person Magnetically Attracted (if it’s not both parties), it’s tough letting go, leading to a potential ‘fatal attraction’ situation.

The Magnetic Attraction measurement will make you feel like you are head-over-heels, madly in love!

But if there are other problems like Obstacles or Misfortunes as I said above, this will be the relationship where you keep going back to ‘the jerk’ or ‘the witch.’ Precisely as if a ‘magnetic’ force is pulling you!

I had this experience with my first love. We had two of the extra-special measurements between us, Mahendra and Magnetic Attraction. Plus, the “special happiness” Rasi measurement of having our Moons in the 7th sign from each other, and the same temperament (friendship).

He told me once that he had never experienced such joy and fun in a relationship before, which was exactly how I felt too.

However, we also had the blemishes of Obstacles, Misfortune, and Excess (of the fire element).

We kept trying to make it work because of the MAGICAL feelings we had at the beginning of our relationship, but these blemishes caused us to break up and get back together countless times over the next 13 years! (watch this clip from Airplane II to see what it was like for our friends!).

We even went into therapy together at one point because we loved each other so much, but it wasn’t powerful enough to overcome the blemishes of Obstacles, Misfortune, and Excess.

If only we had known about this fantastic Vedic technique, it would have saved us a LOT of pain, because of course, we took turns blaming each other and ourselves for the relationship problems we had. So many of our problems were nobody’s fault!

If we had known that all he had to do when we would suddenly be in a crazy fight (the typical effect of Excess fire), was to affirm the relationship, tell me when he was coming back, and THEN leave, it would have prevented much pain.

As it was, when we would suddenly be in a fight, I freaked out if he left in the middle of things because I didn’t know if he would ever come back. I felt he was deserting me instead of trying to save us.

We would have broken up eventually anyway (Obstacles and Misfortune destroy everything). But, if we had known the reasons WHY it couldn’t work for us, walked away with only love, instead of anger, bitterness, and worst of all, hope.

Trust me; hope kills when it keeps you in a loop that never produces anything worthwhile. I’ve learned a LOT about relationships since then (it’s been 30 years now). But, I didn’t find total peace about this relationship until I discovered the Vedic Compatibility astrological technique!

If this sounds like a relationship you’ve had, do a relationship autopsy and get the Vedic Compatibility Report (ONLY $14.95 Click here) and see what was causing the problems. More importantly, you can finally truly forgive yourself and the other person.

ASSERTIVE PRESSURE: If you both can assert your needs in the relationship equally then the relationship will flourish. If one person is much more assertive than the other, however, then the other person feels pushed around. The more assertive person feels let down and that they have to do everything to further the relationship.

CONCLUSION: When it comes down to it, the right relationship is the relationship that we feel right about being in, precisely the way it is. A relationship in which we love a person but hope for the partner to be different or to change, cannot really be the right relationship.

While you may not ever be able to understand your partner fully, it can still be a great relationship if you can accept your partner as they are.

Finally, Understand Your Past and Present Relationships!

What About the Other Planets, Don’t They Matter in Compatibility Too?

This technique can be applied to each planet (as well as the Moon) in the chart for both people. Sometimes it’s the clue that explains why a relationship manages to limp along even when they have little in common.

Often a couple will be using one planet almost exclusively because it provides enough pleasure and hope that both people keep giving the relationship another chance.

For instance, this is often the case with Venus. If the couple is highly compatible between their two Venuses, then they can’t help but be romantic with each other. Even though they can’t make the relationship work!

They may try to transform their relationship into a friendship, but the romantic feelings will creep back in, rekindling a hope that, sadly, can’t work out.

It can also reveal what planets give an excellent relationship some trouble. Say you feel good together in your everyday life because you agree on your basic philosophy of life (Jupiter).

You communicate well and enjoy a friendship (Mercury); you have successfully endured long-term difficulties together (Saturn), and you share similar ideas on what makes life pleasurable and romantic (Venus).

Yet, every time you try to go hiking together or solve a knotty problem moment, you end up fighting!

This would be because Mars is not a compatible planet between you. Knowing this helps you to avoid negatively triggering Mars.

Knowing what your partner’s deepest needs are (one partner may be much more highly-sexed, for instance) will help the other partner to either detach and not take things so personally. Or figure out how to help their partner get their unique needs met.

Everything we talk about in a reading is entirely confidential. I will not share your charts or any of your personal information with anyone else. If I need to use one of your charts for an article, a class, or research, I will ask you for permission to do so.

Want to find out how compatible the two of you are?

To see an example of the report, GO HERE to get the sample Compatibility Report about Prince Phillip and Princess Diana’s relationship. Find out why their marriage went so wrong.


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