“A Little Known Secret” to Get MORE From Your Favorite Horoscope Column

We all do it, we read our Sun sign horoscope in the newspaper, in the back of magazines, or on-line. Sometimes it seems relevant, (if we were born at sunrise there’s a better chance it will be), but unless it directly addresses something we are going through, we forget it a few minutes after reading it.

Sun sign columns are NOT MEANT to give a comprehensive picture of your life, because your Sun sign is something you share with millions of other people. Even so, it’s a fun to spend a few minutes checking into the divine dimension of our lives through a horoscope forecast.

Though we know that Sun sign astrology is astrology “lite”, we keep reading our horoscopes anyway. Even I do it, and I’m a professional, traditional Western and Vedic astrologer (Sun sign columns are typically modern Western astrology). Whether we read them seriously, or just for fun, there is a way to get a LOT more out of it.

The Secret to Getting More from Horoscope Columns

When you read your favorite horoscope, don’t just read your SUN sign, but read your MOON sign, and your ASCENDANT sign too. Here’s why:

Your Ascendant Sign

From the position of your Ascendant sign, the constant cycles of the transiting planets are in the right “houses,” of your PERSONAL birth chart, bringing to light the right areas of life for you to focus on. The forecast information from the Ascendant is still much more general than a personal reading would be (you are not always affected by the transits of the planets for various reasons), but from your Ascendant sign, is much more personal than just the Sun sign information would be.

If your Ascendant sign turns out to be the same as your Sun sign, this means that your Sun is in the FIRST “house” and you were born sometime around sunrise in your part of the world. If your Sun sign is Taurus, for instance, this would make you a “double-Taurus”, and you would only need to read the forecast for Taurus and for your Moon sign.

Determined by what TIME and PLACE you were born, the Ascendant, or first house, is the most important house because it represents YOU in general, your body, your temperament, and how you appear to others. The sign of the Ascendant is a big part of your true path in life, and the current transits of the planets are more likely to make a deeper impact on you from this point.

What Your Moon Represents

The Moon is the emotional part of you, how you FEEL about everything in your life, where your “heart” is. The Moon is your senses, memory, and the part of you that “just knows” the truth about situations. The Moon is adaptable by nature, so by reading the forecast for your Moon sign, you can see where you are willing to ADAPT to what the environment is presenting in order to have what your heart REALLY wants (which is often very different than what we think we want).

From the Moon position, you see where all the “drama” is in your life, and where you are not willing to adapt or do all the work necessary to have something, or someone, in your life. That’s just fine, because we can’t constantly juggle EVERYTHING our heart truly desires anyway, and some things that we don’t really want, that we’ve been grudgingly putting effort into, needs to be let go of.

What Your Sun Represents

The Sun is the part of you that is connected to the Universal Soul, your physical vitality, your career in only a very general way, (unless the Sun is at the highest degree compared to the other planets in your birth chart, but this is a different topic), your basic purpose and your ambitions. Your basic purpose is your innate abilities, or the aspect of the Divine as described by the characteristics of your Sun sign, that you’re learning to understand and express in the world.

Your Sun represents what you’re willing to sacrifice in order to maintain a consistent and steadfast effort to follow your inspirations and/or ambitions. It could be re-organizing your desk at work, adding a new service to your business, getting a promotion, or going back to school to change your career. Any of these can require a change of priorities, resulting in something having to be sacrificed in order for your inspirations or ambitions to be fully realized.

To Find Out What Your Ascendant and Moon Signs Are

First, you will need this data from your birth certificate. It’s worth the hassle of finding it, because once you do, you’ll know your Ascendant, Moon, AND Sun Signs for the rest of your life (besides, you’ll know where your birth certificate if you want to run for president):

TIME and PLACE,  (a must to find out your Ascendant sign).

Then, using the Chart Calculator at my website, get a free print-out of your birth chart.

If your birth certificate doesn’t say what TIME you were born, just put in 12:00:00 (noon), in the time section of the Chart Calculator. You’ll still be able to find out what your Moon sign is (and the signs the rest of the planets are in too), but you won’t have an accurate Ascendant sign (unless you happened to have been born at noon).

In that case, just read your Sun sign and Moon sign in your favorite horoscope column, and you will still get a LOT more out of it than you would if you were just reading your Sun sign.

A Few Fun Places On-Line to Read Your Horoscope

Here are a few links to a couple of really fun sites to read your horoscope (I don’t get paid or anything for this):

Michael Lutin– He can be pretty outrageous (he makes me laugh), but he always has something relevant to say. Check out the video on the Horoscope Alley page, it’s funny!

Rob Brezsny-You’ve probably read his astrological forecasts in the newspaper before, he is a pretty famous astrologer. If you haven’t, I think you would like his totally unique forecasts that often include bits of poetry or excerpts from books he’s read, or written.


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